SDA Conference 10k

Overcast with the threat of rain greeted the runners/walker for this morning’s SDA Conference 10k. The race started on Walkers Road (near Websters) and headed South turning left at the end to South Sound Road. Continuing to the end and turning left to Old Crewe Road and passing half-way (5k) which was marked by timing panels giving mid-way splits. At the end of Old Crewe Road turn left on to Linford Pierson By-Pass and continue to the end, turning right on Bobby Thompson Way and then left at the traffic Lights to Smith Road, which was followed until the finish line at SDA.

Walkers wearing red bibs set off just after 6am whilst it was still dark, with the runners (in green bibs) starting promptly at 6.30am. In the walk it was Keeble Knight who stormed off in front reaching the mid-point in 33:13. Lennox Dennis was next passed in 37:48 with Lyndon Nelson a minute behind in 38:54. The first lady to reach 5k was Icylin Kerr in 39:01. Ann Frater was next in 40:57 and closely followed by Patricia Blake just 5 seconds behind. These remained the positions at the finish line for top three male and female walkers.

In the running race it was Gregly Gayle that reach 5k in 18:31 and closely followed by Abraham Whittaker in 18:36. Wyatt Bodden was third runner through in 19:14. The first female was Maria Leonce in 28:01. Angeline Li-Liang next in 29:15then Caroline Reid in 32:39. The battle at the front was competitive and Gregley remained ahead winning in 37:19 with Abraham 9 seconds behind. Wyatt came home in third spot in 39:32. There was no change in the order of ladies which had Maria winning, Angeline second and Caroline third.

Meanwhile there were three shorter kiddies races. In Race 1 it was Shanaya Amador who was the quickest girl and Kylen McLean the fastest boy. Kiddies race 2 was between two girls with Zelecia Ewart winning ahead of Trianna Richards. Kiddies Race 3 had Reynaldo Godoy the winning boy with Martine McKenzie the first girl. Well done to the 20 youngsters who entered these races.

Thanks to Merle Answer-Watkins and her team of volunteers from SDA for organizing the annual run/walk.

PlaceBibNameSexAge GroupAG Rank1st 5k Split2nd 5k splitTimeClub
SDA Conference 10k Walkers
1.96Keeble KnightmMale 41-50133:13,635:21,91:08:35.61 
2.75Lennox DennismMale 51+137:48,337:53,21:15:41.56 
3.930Lyndon NelsonmMale 51+238:54,837:25,21:16:20.11 
4.72Jeffrey GonzalesmMale 41-50239:25,939:45,81:19:11.88 
5.71Icylin KerrwFemale 51+139:01,041:54,21:20:55.27 
6.86Donielo MooremMale 51+340:12,641:19,71:21:32.39 
7.91Ann FraterwFemale 41-50140:57,942:39,91:23:37.96 
8.79Patrica BlakewFemale 41-50241:02,242:40,81:23:43.10 
9.93Romero NasmythmMale 51+4  1:25:44.47 
10.76Valerie KingwFemale 51+242:46,343:52,81:26:39.16 
11.77Fenslie SmithmMale 31-40141:35,145:04,11:26:39.31 
12.89tanya JacksonwFemale 41-50343:02,944:21,21:27:24.19 
13.932Omar MarshmMale 31-40243:39,243:52,71:27:31.90 
14.80Lizan EbankswFemale 51+343:49,045:03,91:28:53.02 
15.82Sandra ValientewFemale 51+444:31,844:49,61:29:21.53 
16.98kem-ann Benjamin-CampbellwFemale 41-50447:10,143:51,81:31:02.03 
17.92Doreen HindswFemale 41-50545:45,047:30,21:33:15.32 
18.1099Cira OlmowFemale 41-50647:51,645:49,81:33:41.47 
19.936Nicole Durrant-ThompsonwFemale 41-50748:46,546:07,81:34:54.44 
20.935Anthony ThompsonmMale 51+548:47,646:07,41:34:55.13 
21.928Efren FajardomMale 21-30147:35,747:38,11:35:13.90 
22.78Kim MillerwFemale 51+547:41,147:49,41:35:30.58 
23.933Marcia James-SmithwFemale 51+649:26,748:52,91:38:19.70 
24.99Sashoye BrownwFemale 31-40149:29,448:50,51:38:19.95 
25.97Anderson TaylormMale 41-50348:11,450:38,91:38:50.34 
26.94Tevin TaylormMale 12 and under148:14,150:36,31:38:50.47 
27.84Adelina ReyeswFemale 51+749:38,850:06,61:39:45.56 
28.927Michelle Ebanks-BarneswFemale 41-50851:17,349:18,21:40:35.61 
29.87Shakina EdwardswFemale 21-30154:11,552:02,41:46:14.03 
30.931Dorrett Francis-MelbournewFemale 51+850:43,156:17,61:47:00.75 
31.934Carlos GrantmMale 51+650:45,056:16,01:47:01.05 
32.74Melissa KingwFemale 31-40251:37,756:11,51:47:49.23 
33.929Juvi-Anna ClementewFemale 21-30253:56,754:55,21:48:52.02 
34.73Arish PlazawFemale 31-40353:56,754:56,61:48:53.43 
35.81Jennifer SiblalwFemale 51+951:05,658:33,61:49:39.29 
36.95Tracy-Ann TaylorwFemale 41-50953:19,757:37,21:50:57.02 
37.83Olga JuarezwFemale 51+1058:30,062:37,02:01:07.10 
38.85Merna DuartewFemale 41-501058:24,162:42,92:01:07.15 
39.100Claudette RobinsonwFemale 51+1179:10,471:49,52:30:59.99 
40.90Mercedes ScottwFemale 51+1279:13,171:47,22:31:00.37 
SDA Conference 10k Runners
1.126Gregley GaylemMale 31-40118:31,718:47,737:19.45 
2.172Abraham WhittakermMale 21-30118:36,118:52,137:28.31345AC
3.201Wyatt BoddenmMale 13-20119:14,320:18,039:32.40 345AC
4.164Toby BowlesmMale 31-40222:01,121:36,243:37.32 
5.127Paul WilliamsmMale 51+123:29,023:57,547:26.59 
6.129Trevor JonesmMale 41-50122:39,326:23,049:02.31 
7.137Martin DaviesmMale 41-50225:20,625:15,550:36.25 
8.183Almond LukemMale 31-40325:24,325:51,251:15.69 
9.167Nicardo StandburymMale 41-50325:15,831:06,056:21.87 
10.177Shane StevensonmMale 41-50426:41,630:22,557:04.23 
11.139Elvis CrossmMale 31-40427:59,029:45,657:44.76 
12.174Raul FunasmMale 41-50528:36,329:30,658:07.04 
13.205Maria LeoncewFemale 51+128:01,330:24,858:26.13 
14.128Roger DaviesmMale 51+231:44,030:00,81:01:44.92 
15.179Angeline Li-laingwFemale 41-50129:15,133:39,61:02:54.79 
16.176Emmet WilkinsonmMale 21-30228:27,834:37,41:03:05.24 
17.207Carlon NyackmMale 21-30329:03,534:32,91:03:36.56 
18.138Edgar BennettmMale 31-40530:31,133:26,31:03:57.45 
19.163Caroline ReidwFemale 41-50232:39,031:55,01:04:34.07 
20.132Pedro CalzadomMale 51+330:13,335:12,41:05:25.76 
21.169Christian SemillamMale 31-40631:56,633:57,41:05:54.11 
22.203Christianette AmidowFemale 31-40130:59,435:08,51:06:07.96 
23.170Melbourne WilliamsmMale 51+433:21,937:16,41:10:38.40 
24.134Ceila HydeswFemale 41-50335:00,235:54,21:10:54.46 
25.162Nathally GirvanwFemale 31-40235:29,339:04,81:14:34.19 
26.133Sammy CalzadomMale 21-30433:27,841:08,11:14:36.05 
27.171Osiris ShibliwFemale 41-50436:45,738:09,41:14:55.18 
28.159Percy GodoymMale 41-50635:41,839:21,21:15:03.14 
29.181Franklyn GrantmMale 51+538:57,439:37,71:18:35.16 
30.156Rowena Amos-WilliswFemale 51+238:35,640:11,21:18:46.95 
31.165Gloria Reid-MowattwFemale 51+338:39,240:23,81:19:03.12 
32.204Sarah GodfreywFemale 51+438:29,341:08,81:19:38.20345AC
33.135Martinez McKenziemMale 13-20229:39,454:20,21:23:59.70 
34.182Francisco GrantmMale 21-30538:40,047:35,81:26:15.82 
35.173Ramon MartinezmMale 51+642:12,344:07,51:26:19.90 
36.208Heidi Ordaz-NyackwFemale 21-30143:06,145:11,31:28:17.53 
37.158Cluie DesoueamMale 51+742:11,846:10,11:28:22.00 
38.131Edward HakimmMale 12 and under146:00,050:16,51:36:16.57 
39.130Nitza HakimwFemale 31-40346:00,850:16,51:36:17.43 
40.157Jennifer DesoueawFemale 51+546:10,956:19,31:42:30.29 
Kiddies Race 1
PlaceBibNameSexAge GroupAG RankTime
1.937Shanaya AmadorwFemale 12 and under107:17.90
2.168Roxandy GiscombewFemale 12 and under207:43.03
3.938Kylen McLeanmMale 12 and under107:47.11
4.140Caleb ColleymMale 12 and under208:21.01
5.117Mariah KingwFemale 12 and under309:24.24
6.161Joseph SmithmMale 12 and under309:24.36
7.175Javier MarchmMale 12 and under411:22.89
8.160David SmithmMale 12 and under511:33.54
9.184Omari MarshmMale 12 and under612:01.10
10.939Kenardenio HenrymMale 12 and under712:01.15
Kiddies Race 2
1.941Zelecia EwartwFemale 12 and under103:57.64
2.940Trianna RichardswFemale 12 and under204:36.35
Kiddies Race 3
1.155Reynaldo GodoymMale 12 and under108:38.39
2.206Mikael HallmMale 12 and under210:48.65
3.136Martine McKenziewFemale 12 and under112:31.77
4.166Jared MorganmMale 12 and under312:32.10

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