Pirates Week 5k 2019

Almost perfect conditions in Grand Cayman for the annual running of the Pirates’ Week 5k which starts the full weekend of festival activities. A cool breeze and the sun going down is a welcome positive for those on the start line at 5.30pm. The course starts and finishes on Harbour Drive next to Bar Crudo with runners heading along South Church Street passing Sunset House, Grand Old House and Smith Barcadere before taking a turn up Websters where the half-way turn was located. Around the cone and pass the timing panels that provided the Half-way Split times, then all the way back – and if you were quick it was still daylight.The race started on time and once the pace settled down it was last year’s winner Patrick Harfield who stormed off into a healthy lead setting a fast pace and reaching 2.5k in 8:25. A group of young athletes were running together with Juan Pablo Valerio, Abraham Whittaker and Levi Superville around 26 seconds behind Patrick by the turn. Wyatt Bodden and James Crooks were running together and turned in 9.09. In the ladies race, visitor Jenna Parker was some distance ahead of her nearest rival and reached 2.5k turn in 9.46. Ava Hider was 32 seconds behind at the Turn with Kirsten Cellier and Doireann Lynch turning around 12 minutes for 3rd and 4th spots.The key to running well in any race is knowing how to pace and try to feel strong on the second half of the race, hopefully running the second 2.5k the same speed or even quicker than the first, which we runners call ‘Negative Splits’. James Crooks did this perfectly running marginally quicker on the second half which pulled him ahead of Wyatt and moved him past Juan Pablo and finishing in fourth place but not quite enough to pass Abraham who finished third. Meanwhile, Levi also had the bit between his teeth as he could see Patrick who had slowed a little on the way back, and although Levi’s splits were almost identical he could not catch Patrick but he did finish very strong in second place in a time of 17:46, whilst Patrick did what he had to do for a comfortable win in 17:33.No change in the ladies race as Jenna stayed consistent and won in 19:42, whilst Ava was second in 21:17. The battle for 3rd and 4th was tight but Kirsten just managed to stay ahead of Doireann, who after all is only 11 years old.Thanks to Pirates Week office for all they do, thanks of course to all the volunteers who turned out to help, thanks also to the sponsors and most of all, thanks to the participants who support this race.

Pirates Week 5k 2019 Results

PosnBibNameAve 1kSex PlaceLap 1Lap 2TimeClub
1555Patrick Harfield3:30108:25.209:08.217:33.4345AC 
2554Levi Superville3:33208:51.808:54.417:46.2345AC
3550Abraham Whittaker3:38308:52.309:20.318:12.6345AC 
4517James Crooks3:39409:08.909:06.418:15.3345AC 
5571Juan Pablo Valerio3:39508:52.909:25.618:18.5345AC 
6530Wyatt Bodden3:47609:09.209:48.218:57.4345AC
7578DJ Evans3:54709:42.109:51.419:33.5345AC 
8447Wes Heistand3:55809:30.110:09.919:39.9 
9540Jenna Parker3:56109:46.809:55.319:42.1 
10542Joshua Weaver4:03909:34.210:43.920:18.1345AC 
11525Mike Kenna4:131010:22.210:47.421:09.5 
12532Culainn Lynch4:151110:38.210:38.121:16.2345AC
13476Ava Hider4:15210:18.510:58.721:17.2345AC
14528Mark Browne4:181209:51.311:43.821:35.0 
15544Josh Conen4:261310:42.311:30.022:12.3345AC 
16556Luke Dodson4:261411:12.311:00.922:13.2345AC
17541Adam Godfrey4:321510:46.911:56.422:43.3345AC
18484Tyron Oettle4:331611:05.011:42.822:47.8 
19590Kim Eckart4:331710:42.012:07.522:49.4 
20589Johann Prinsloo4:341811:17.111:37.522:54.6 
21488Paul Connolly4:401910:45.712:38.323:23.9 
22587Piotr Sokoluk4:412011:10.612:18.923:29.4 
23575Anthony Grannon4:432111:37.312:01.523:38.7 
24494Oscar Hernandez4:432211:10.012:30.023:39.9 
25561Brian Oshaughnessy4:472311:22.612:34.323:56.8 
26577Kirsten Cellier4:50311:59.012:14.824:13.8 
27531Doireann Lynch4:52412:05.612:16.124:21.7345AC 
28496Giles Parker4:522412:00.112:23.924:24.0 
29548Lenin Perumalsamy4:572511:48.712:58.024:46.6 
30543Martin Tedd4:582612:07.512:44.524:51.9 
31573Luke Almond5:022711:50.313:20.725:10.9 
32580Jeff Jakubiak5:032813:16.512:01.425:17.8345AC 
33576Rob Whelan5:062912:35.212:59.225:34.4 
34547Connor Childs5:083011:12.814:28.225:41.0 
35551Sophie Nocton5:09512:39.513:07.325:46.7 
36579Danny Kish5:143112:55.413:15.126:10.4 
37487James Lunn5:243213:31.213:30.727:01.8 
38519Alex Howard5:243312:40.514:22.527:03.0 
39549Craig Bodden5:253413:05.114:03.527:08.5 
40539Sandy Hew5:34613:51.614:00.727:52.3 
41574Steve Ali5:373513:33.214:32.528:05.6 
42582Danielle Holzbauer5:38714:03.814:09.628:13.4 
43558Natalie Oberembt5:43813:43.214:56.228:39.3 
44586Maria Leonce5:50914:05.215:08.529:13.7 
45524Calum Whiteside5:533614:01.315:24.529:25.8 
46529Macdonald Whiteside5:533714:01.815:25.229:26.9 
47521Mike Money5:543814:34.314:58.729:32.9 
48581Behzad Alimoradian5:583914:30.815:21.329:52.1 
49477Alexandra Ebanks5:581013:53.416:01.229:54.6 
50520Zena Howard6:001114:13.615:50.930:04.4 
51523Michael Simko6:044013:59.716:21.130:20.8 
52567Rachel Baxendale6:051215:17.315:12.330:29.6 
53545Alexandra Raut6:111315:30.715:27.730:58.3 
54588Gavin Baxendale6:174114:55.016:32.831:27.8 
55507Michael Penner6:184215:02.516:29.431:31.8 
56569Darryl Greer6:194315:10.216:25.731:35.9 
57505Lara Connolly6:331413:26.119:22.132:48.2 
58526Liam Whiteside6:444416:22.617:19.433:42.0 
59527Mark Whiteside6:454516:27.817:21.033:48.7 
60536Ashley Estrada6:461517:03.316:47.733:51.0 
61585Corinne Glasgow6:541617:12.017:18.934:30.8 
62510Theresa Hanks6:591717:50.917:06.634:57.4 
63513Tim Warren6:594616:30.718:28.634:59.2 
64489Nana Paul7:021817:09.018:04.035:12.9 
65557Matthew Dodson7:084716:59.318:44.035:43.2345AC
66553Alyssa Dodson7:081916:58.618:45.035:43.6345AC
67566Megan Williams7:122017:06.218:55.536:01.6 
68565Brian Williams7:124817:05.018:56.736:01.6 
69509Jon Costell7:164917:50.818:33.836:24.6 
70511Miranda-Clare Iddon7:222117:34.019:16.936:50.9 
71546Stephen Kowalczyk7:225017:10.419:41.936:52.3 
72552Marita Superville7:272218:14.419:02.837:17.2345AC 
73522Melanie Simko7:282317:45.019:37.437:22.4 
74572Luke Burgess-Shannon7:285118:15.619:08.937:24.4 
75537Amber Yates7:292418:32.818:56.637:29.4345AC 
76481Nicole Connolly7:362517:34.120:29.938:04.0 
77512Jim Macallum7:365218:44.719:19.638:04.2 
78504Chloe Connolly7:372617:28.920:39.038:07.9 
79570Lucinda Burgess-Shannon7:542718:13.921:20.939:34.8 
80560David Jackson8:095317:33.323:13.140:46.3 
81455Ben Leung8:1254  41:03.7 
82568Cherish Duty8:172818:50.922:34.841:25.6 
83492Louie Reed8:265520:10.022:00.942:10.9 
84493Phil Reed8:265620:14.921:57.242:12.0345AC 
85562Noemi Diaz8:412920:00.623:27.843:28.3 
86538Drielle Farley8:593021:38.623:18.844:57.4 
87495Janet Cordero9:173123:40.522:44.946:25.3 
88518Cira Olmo9:183223:47.622:43.246:30.8 
89559Melanie Ebanks-Jackson9:533324:22.025:05.149:27.0 
90533Emily Burrows10:013424:44.025:22.350:06.3 
91535Beth Burrows10:013524:42.725:24.050:06.6 
92534Scott Barton10:015724:41.225:25.550:06.6 
93564Kendy Cordero10:303625:38.326:53.852:32.0 
94563Luis Colon10:305825:41.826:51.652:33.3 
95583Lyndsey Mann12:143730:30.630:44.461:15.0 
96584Shanin Abreu12:153830:27.730:47.661:15.2 
97497Paul Romlewski13:065932:08.533:23.765:32.1 
98506Tony Romlewski13:066032:14.033:18.165:32.1 

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