The second Pirates Week road race of the weekend took place without 2016 winners Sarah Ellis or Dominic Dyer present to defend their 10k titles so 2017 would see two new champions. Cayman’s runners were quite spread this morning as there were two more road races taking place at the same time, one of which was also set up at the Public Beach car-park and confused some of the 10k runners who entered the wrong race by mistake! I can understand that many organisations want to put on a race but Cayman is very small and it really needs a better system so that dates don’t clash as all it does is dilute each race. The running community does want to support these events but have not yet mastered the art of competing in two races at the same time so come on Race Directors out there, please review CaymanActive’s calendar first before selecting your date. That said, we still had 100 people on the start-line and all runners seem to enjoy the event.

The RCIPs were present and are probably the best safety marshals to have on the course; let’s face it, only a moron would be speeding in the presence of a police car! So with the thumbs up from Steve, the timers were also ready and Race Director Phill Thompson had completed his course brief and all runners were called to the line on time. The start of the 10k was on Raleigh Quay near St Matthews and the Seafire Hotel, runners head down towards the sea and turn right and run past Tikki Beach up the old West Bay Road. Continuing past Fosters and to the four-way stop, straight over and head towards John Cumber Primary School. When reaching the school, hang a left and ‘Go to HELL’ where the turn around point is at the Hell post office. Back the way they came but continue through the starting point and around the Seafire on the side of the Esterley Tibbitts Bypass. Sticking to the right and eventually entering the Public Beach car-park and running to the finish-line at Calico Jacks.

Patrick Harfield was fresh from his 5k win on Friday evening and was feeling on fire as he raced straight to the front and set the pace. Tim Schuler and Will Edwards were running together on the outbound part of the route and not that far behind on the turn around. However, Patrick continued to press ahead and completed in a very impressive time of 35:54 to become the 2017 Champion to go with the 5k he won two days earlier. Will had been feeling under the weather this weekend and decided to pull out leaving Tim to press ahead on his own and he ended up completing the distance in 39:07, which for a Masters athlete in his 50’s and in Cayman’s hot and humid conditions is quite impressive so well done Tim. The 14 year old Juan Pablo Valerio equaled his third place in the 5k on Friday evening by also earning 3rd place in the 10k in a decent time of 40:19, with Matt ‘Stick’s Volkwyn in fine form himself and through the line in 40:56 for 4th. Matt Harkness also ran in the 5k on Friday but this time went one place better romping home in 5th place.

In the ladies race it was Tiffany Cole who dominated from start to finish winning impressively in 42:54. Nadine Grey and Natalie Daum were 2nd and 3rd both easily breaking 50 minutes. For the full results please check below.

Thanks to all sponsors RedSail Cayman, Bar Crudo, Guy Harvey’s Restaurant, Harley Davidson, Calico Jacks, Island Supply, Tourism Attraction Board, Pirates’ Week Office, Governments department of Youth and Sport. A big thanks also to 345 Athletic Club for organising the race and of course a huge pat on the back to all those who volunteered.

Hell N’ Back 10k 2017

Overall PlaceBibNameAGAG PlaceSex PlaceAve 1k PaceTimeClub
1456Patrick HarfieldM30-39113:3535:54.4
2224Tim SchulerM50-59123:5439:07.5
3423Juan Pablo ValerioM12-14134:0140:19.7345AC
4209Matt VolkwynM30-39244:0540:56.6345AC
5397Matthew HarknessM30-39354:1642:42.3
6206Tiffany ColeF20-29114:1742:54.4345AC
7227Ryan HalleyM30-39464:2143:34.9
8208Alexander MorrisonM30-39574:2444:00.3
9268Jp HanekomM40-49184:2744:31.3
10273Adam Mcsharry-DownieM20-29194:3345:31.8
11253Yazzer AbdulahM30-396104:3445:41.8
12264Goncalo AlvesM50-592114:4247:01.7
13229Alex LacombeM30-397124:4447:20.3
14241Ronan O’keeffeM30-398134:4547:30.5345AC
15392Piotr SokolukM30-399144:4547:37.9
16247Nadine GrayF40-49124:4647:44.6
17279Kendall EbanksM20-292154:4848:03.1
18265Josh WeaverM15-191164:4848:03.3345AC
19490Johann PrinslooM40-492174:5048:27.7
20242Natalie DaumF20-29234:5148:36.8
21246Gavin GrayM40-493184:5248:49.6
22211Rebecca WallF30-39144:5248:49.7
23399Marcus HallanM30-3910194:5849:42.0
24261Keith DoyleM40-494204:5849:44.4
25277Ian GariochM20-293214:5949:54.5
26424James CrooksM12-142225:0250:23.1345AC
27459Ava HiderF15-19155:0250:23.7345AC
28249Nora BowmanF30-39265:0450:47.2
29219Shane DonovanM40-495235:0550:51.7
30252Doris AvalosF40-49275:0550:59.2
31267Jason DeamerM20-294245:0651:04.5
32266Nicola FreethF20-29385:0651:04.9
33262Oddy GrullonF40-49395:0851:20.1345AC
34398James TrundleM30-3911255:0951:35.7
35210Amy DyerF20-294105:0951:38.9
36288Jordan HayeM20-295265:0951:39.2
37248Michelle BoyleF30-393115:1252:05.2
38396Martin DaviesM40-496275:1352:15.1
39205Andrew KirbyM40-497285:1652:45.5
40243Shane DelaneyM30-3912295:1752:55.3345AC
41223Miho OdagiriF40-494125:2253:46.7
42216Walker WillseM40-498305:2454:04.1
43237Kyle PietersM20-296315:2454:04.2
44232Mike PadarinM40-499325:2554:17.7
45187Natalie MallinsonF30-394135:2754:38.0
46491Emily HarrisonF40-495145:3255:23.6
47272Emmanuela QuesadaF40-496155:4357:15.9
48269Peter StaffordM50-593335:4557:34.9
49496Andrew PeeneM12-143345:4557:35.3345AC
50278Richard MansiM40-4910355:5058:25.5
51233Ashley GummingM50-594365:5258:47.6
52257Liam FlemingM30-3913375:5459:00.2
53457Bernice SchubertF50-591165:5559:10.6
54263Michael HarringtonM50-595385:5559:16.6
55415Jeff RoseM60+1395:5659:24.6
56443Caroline CourtisM60+1175:5659:28.8
57430Mikaeyla DacresF12-141185:5859:40.6345AC
58256James ShaplandM40-4911405:5959:53.4
59225Kathleen SnukisF50-592196:091:01:32.6
60239Kelsey van GrinsvenF20-295206:091:01:39.9
61228Rachel FunkF30-395216:111:01:56.3
62230Ciaran MorganM30-3914416:161:02:42.9
63215Alexandra EbanksF20-296226:161:02:43.0
64213Grabe van HuyssteenM20-297426:191:03:15.6
65212Laurie CopelandF50-593236:311:05:11.3
66231Jim MillerM50-596436:351:05:59.7
67214Janine van HuyssteenF20-297246:401:06:49.6
68259Traci BradleyF40-497256:431:07:15.0
69260Janet DoyleF40-498266:451:07:31.3
70251Nitya MehraF15-192276:461:07:48.1
71221Kylie FitzgibbonsF20-298286:481:08:04.1
72258Christopher HumphriesM50-597446:481:08:08.9
73222Jodi LaderbergF20-299296:531:08:50.7
74217Susan WilcoxF50-594306:531:08:58.8
75274Mim Mcsharry-DownieF30-396316:581:09:46.1
76234Deann WhiteF30-397327:001:10:07.1
77276Jenny ChambersF20-2910337:011:10:17.5
78445Karen TowrissF40-499347:031:10:32.7
79244Theresa LangF30-398357:041:10:41.1
80498Charity EppF30-399367:041:10:46.5
81220Megan RoweF20-2911377:101:11:40.0
82481Jillian CainesF40-4910387:101:11:48.4
83446David TowrissM40-4912457:111:11:50.0
84238Eric PietersM20-298467:141:12:27.4
85275Emily Foster1397:151:12:39.8
86250Reena BansalF30-3910407:231:13:58.1
87393Samantha TaylorF20-2912417:391:16:34.7
88240Becca KenneterF20-2913428:101:21:42.5
89218Prashart BansalM30-3915478:201:23:26.4
90226Tarah WilliamsonF40-4911439:011:30:19.5
91245Amrut SelokarM20-299489:071:31:16.8
92235Kathryn PietersF50-595449:371:36:14.1
93236Ashley PietersF30-3911459:371:36:17.5
94207Len LaymanM60+2499:431:37:13.4
95270Jackie TearleF40-49124610:001:40:06.9
96271Charlotte WrightF40-49134710:001:40:07.8
97255Tracy ShanholtzF50-5964810:161:42:49.2
98254Sandra HainlineF50-5974910:171:42:51.1

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