GA 10k 2019 – Break The Record

Limited runners took part in a private run invited by Guardians Alive organiser Adonza Harrison over the 10k course. the course is from Public Beach and up and down the Esterley Tibbitts By-Pass using the roundabouts as turning points. 

This event was an opportunity for runners to run a decent 10k and hopefully get a pb, with the faster boys trying the break the course record. The group at the front in the beginning were Pablo, Esmond, Wyatt, Victor and James and off they went out of the car park and on to the busy hioghway. After a mile Victor and Esmond broke away whilst James and Wyatt decided to make a detour and added an extra 600 meters on to their run, which would explain why they were so far behind at the finish. Levi, back after a month off took it easy and set off near the back, whilst Lauren Hogan went off at a very quick pace leaving Ava and Laura trailing behind her.

After a couple of miles, the runners were spread out and each one having their own pacing battles. At the front, Esmond had put in a surge and Victor maintained a good pace but did not go with him, giving Esmond all the confidence he needed and finished 80- seconds ahead in a new course record 36.37.

Lauren was also never challenged and kept her focus whilst running the entire distance on her own and for her effort she smashed the course record completing the distance in 42.02.

For the purists, it turns out the course was slightly short (6.09 miles), which was probably because the car park was closed off due to construction work and a new start and finish line had to be worked out last minute.

Well done to all who took part and thanks to Adonza and the volunteers for their time

PosnFirst NameLast NameBibTimeM/F Place
9Juan PabloValerio8444.447
Pacers – Support
1Abraham Whittaker 41.09 
2DerekLarner 43.20

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