Cross Island Relay 2020

Really great weather conditions this morning for the 46th Annual Hash House Harriers Cross Island Relay, where teams of 6 runners each complete a 4 mile Leg of the race which starts near Colliers Beach in the East of Grand Cayman and finishes 24 miles later at Smith Barcadere. The race started promptly at 6am with 3 teams’ first runners missing (but who later turned up and were allowed to run) from the 89 total entries.

Leg 1 – The leg has runners heading past Tukka, through Gun Bay and finishing the Blow Holes side of East End. From the get-go it was Esmond Brown (Appleby AC) who bolted off at a rapid rate of knots leaving a group of 6 running together vying for second position, and the rest of the runners spread out in his wake. Esmond barely let up his pace, increased his lead each mile and by the end of the first leg had completed in an impressive time of 22:09, which ended up being the fasted leg of the day. In the chasing pack, it was Wyatt Bodden and Abraham Whittaker (both from 345AC teams) who forged ahead with Wyatt’s track speed pulling him away in the last mile and finished the leg in 23.32 just 83 seconds adrift of Esmond. Abraham finished the leg in a time of 23.39 for third team. Wesley Cullum (CUC Striders 1) also completed in under 24 minutes. Unfortunately, one of the runners collapsed with about 1km to go and thanks to Ben StrangewayDoug Anderson and Neal Ainscow who stopped to check he was ok and forfeited 1-2 minutes. A big thanks to these guys for ensuring a fellow runner’s safety came first (sorry if I missed anyone else) before continuing. Having spoken with a team mate of the fallen runner we understand the runner said he feels much better but will get a medical check-up.

Laura Hicks (345AC Gurls) was the fastest female runner completing in 28.17 with Mercyline Chemutai (that name sound Kenyan to me!!) from the ‘Movers for Life – Conquerors’ team the second quickest female in 30:47.  

Leg 2 – Runners pass Shetty Hospital and the Lovers’ Wall and continue until Frank Sound. 345AC and a Mustang’s Levi Superville had the daunting task of chasing experienced vet Conrad Proud (Appleby AC) to try close the gap to give his team a fighting chance of challenging the pre-race favorites. Levis’ chase was successful and he ran the quickest Leg 2 of the day in 23.58 reducing the gap between the top two teams to around 40 seconds by the end of the leg. Elaine Anderson ran a very quick leg in 25.56 (fastest female of leg 2) which had Walkers Running now in third place by the end of leg 2. Fourth team through was KPMG Six Sybols with Adam McSharry-Downie passing a three teams. The youngest runner in the entire event was 10 year old Doireann Lynch completed the leg in 33.14, so the future of distance running looks great.

Leg 3 – from Frank Sound, runners continue along the same direction, passing the Lighthouse Restaurant and continuing towards Bodden Town, where the leg ends next to Kipling Street. The quickest performer of leg 3 was Gregley Gayle in 23.33 bring his team from 79th to 55th place (always great fun when you are constantly passing other runners and I’m sure Gregley had a blast). In the top half the next best fastest runners were both ladies, Olivia Shanks in 25.15 pushing Appleby AC further ahead and Tiffany Cole (345AC Gurls) in 25.26 ensuring their all-female team title was all but secured. The overall top three places of Appleby AC (Olivia), 345AC and a Mustang (Sherlock Brooks), and Walkers Running (Colm Dawson) remained the same positions although the gaps were much larger and short of a disaster, these three places were as good as done by the end of leg 4. That said, a lot can happen in 12 miles, so you never know.

Leg 4 – Runners go through Bodden Town and continue on Shamrock Road, with a left turn at the end of the leg (so the changeover was not on a dangerous bend in the road). Last week’s Stride Against Cancer half-marathon winner Jason Trautman ran a storming leg in 22.25 which was only bettered by team-mate Esmond on leg 1 and very impressive considering it was hotter and humid as the skies threatened to drop some heavy rain. Half-mile track specialist Michael Smikle (345AC and a Mustang) was outside his comfort zone but still managed a decent time of 23.17 to retain second spot, with Blake Egelton bringing Walkers Running in next, so still no change between the top three.  Wes Heistand (Movers Inspirational) had the third quickest time on leg 4. Luariane Gowers (I Thought They Said Rum), Charlotte Cloette (Intertrust and a Diva) and Charlotte Kerr (345AC Gurls) were the three quickest ladies.

Leg 5 – on to Shamrock road, in Savannah, passing Country Side and onto Old Prospect Point and finishing the leg on the old road where Durty Reid used to be. At this stage of the relay, most of the runners are spread out and often runners find themselves on their own for most of the 4 miles. During leg 5 Appleby AC’s dominance continued as Adam Newman ran 23.12 and easily quicker than any  nearest challenger, which was Theo Lefkos (Walkers Running) in 25.20 and Paul Henry (WNRC Quads of Fury) in 26.35. Michelle Vinton ((Harmonic 1), Sherry Fleming (PWC Partners & Directors) and Kirsten Cellier were the top three ladies.

Leg 6 – final leg is straight down South Sound and all the way to Smith Barcadere. Easily the quickest last leg was Juan Pablo Valerio in 23.25 ensuring 345AC and a Mustang were second with Graham Blyth second fastest leg time but his team Appleby AC easily outclassed their rivals winning in 2:22.20, with second place 7 minutes behind them. Walkers remained in third and took the winners prize for first Corporate Team. Brandon Dale (Over Confident and Under Trained) was third quickest leg runner in 25.19. Marlie du Toit (KPMG Six Symbols) was fourth quickest but fastest female with Ava Hider (345AC Gurls) and Olivia Shanks (Harneys Transactional) second and third quickest leg 6 females.

Hope you all enjoyed the day. Thanks to sponsors Fidelity Bank for its continued support. Thanks goes to the Hash Hash Harriers and its volunteers and to all other water stops and timing volunteers who make this all possible.

Overall team places

Female top 3 – MDR Gurls (Laura Hicks, Doireann Lynch, Tiffany Cole, Charlotte Kerr, Kiara McLaughlin and Ava Hider), Movers for Life Conquerors (Mercyline Chemutai, Pam Abbott, Tracey Walker, Megan Webb Saunders, Elaine Gomez and Melanie Johnson), F45 Girls (Jayme Thompson, Leane Thorne, Sarah Ryan, Kinsey Joiner, Katy Bayles and Lisa Kemp)

Corporate top 3 – Walkers Running (Hugh Anderson, Elaine Anderson, Colm Dawson, Blake Egelton, Theo Lefkos and Peter Kendall), KPMG Six Symbols (Christian Henning, Adam McSharrie-Downie, Theo Louw, Justin May, Kobus Minaar and Marlie du Toit), Harmonic 1 (Nish Vora, Alex Johnson, David Bennett, Jason Keating, Michelle Vinton and Ian Ballard.

Open Div top 5 – Appleby AC (Esmond Broan, Conrad Proud, Olivia Shanks, Jason Trautman, Adam Newman and Graham Blyth), 345AC and a Mustang (Wyatt Bodden, Levi Superville, Sherlock Brooks, Michael Smikle, James Crooks and Juan Pablo Valerio), Over Confident and Under Trained (Ben Strangeway, Nick Yale, Phill Thompson, Tom Cowling, Toby Bowles and Brandon Dale), Intertrust and a Diva (Warren Keens and Charlotte Cloette), 345AC – Muppets(Cullainn Lynch, Breannach Lynch, Sean Leon, Josh Conen, Luke Dodson and Jordan Wright)

Hash House Harriers 46th Annual Cross Island Relay 2020

PosnBibTeam NameLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6TimeDivision
178Appleby Athletics Club22:09.8024:33.5325:15.2622:25.0623:12.1224:45.122:22:20.87Open
230345AC and A Mustang23:32.0623:50.9527:30.7723:17.0627:46.0923:25.072:29:21.97Open
325Walkers Running24:20.6225:56.8127:58.2126:51.0725:20.8726:11.002:36:38.56Corporate
470Over Confident And Under Trained27:04.1128:27.9126:28.5327:44.2627:39.1025:19.402:42:43.28Open
547Kpmg: Six Symbols24:43.3627:29.6330:32.6226:43.5528:00.7525:27.102:42:56.98Corporate
642Intertrust And A Diva27:57.8430:12.0228:47.5330:03.1928:58.2530:58.002:56:56.82Open
724345AC The Muppets28:39.8328:46.2929:50.6931:33.3030:55.3128:25.702:58:11.10Open
838345AC Gurls28:17.2333:14.0325:26.6430:16.3833:25.1528:11.952:58:51.36All Female
934Harmonic 131:18.0732:43.7430:14.9630:47.2228:20.3227:27.413:00:51.69Corporate
1036F45 230:02.6530:24.6329:46.7131:05.8133:39.2827:08.213:02:07.26Open
1154Wnrc Quads Of Fury39:31.5329:11.7930:04.2431:09.0426:35.8427:02.713:03:35.12Open
1284Red Sail Sports A27:08.0130:40.9231:49.2832:56.9732:17.9428:44.453:03:37.55Corporate
1415Movers Inspirational50:38.4330:13.3526:05.9525:16.3128:50.3626:52.793:07:57.17Open
1527Movers For Life Conquerors30:47.9330:03.6733:02.5631:49.0030:37.2131:52.463:08:13.25All Female
1660Wnrc Chafing The Dream27:05.6825:09.0239:15.3930:59.1931:51.5834:18.753:08:39.58Open
1766EY Triad Mike Matt James31:26.5931:46.0229:35.6232:27.2732:39.3131:33.983:09:28.77Corporate
1951345AC Beauty And Two Beasts23:39.8835:52.2133:53.1739:19.1631:00.4126:53.253:10:38.05Open
205Pwc Partners & Directors28:36.4234:38.0834:35.4934:22.9229:15.5130:03.013:11:31.41Corporate
2189Easier Said Than Run31:58.5232:25.6829:28.2631:55.4231:08.6935:05.383:12:01.92Open
2228Maitland Six Pac33:41.2730:43.8733:50.2233:44.7331:18.3129:11.873:12:30.25Corporate
2348Kpmg Wildehonde35:05.8534:02.7330:18.4630:48.1028:56.7334:18.693:13:30.55Corporate
2635F45 Girls31:45.9933:13.3531:11.2131:48.7335:42.1631:52.853:15:34.27All Female
2729Maples Pace Makers31:41.9832:35.9232:33.6032:25.6630:39.1136:00.213:15:56.46Corporate
3146Harneys Litigation27:34.2236:54.3330:17.2734:20.8633:43.3435:12.003:18:02.00Corporate
3222Wnrc Cirque Du Sore Legs32:11.2731:17.9730:18.2434:09.3341:01.1529:05.903:18:03.84Open
3312Fun Runners36:33.5646:42.9323:33.9527:53.0028:09.0335:49.673:18:42.12Open
349Maples Been There, Run That26:31.7928:58.9235:09.6742:14.6931:49.2333:59.353:18:43.62Corporate
3572Hyperion Heroes31:25.9534:35.8433:52.5237:44.5330:42.2631:10.723:19:31.80Open
3673Glug Glug37:59.0230:13.0230:47.7631:31.1233:08.2636:10.823:19:49.98Open
3783Team Pappagallo34:20.3833:27.3934:35.2834:57.5032:27.0830:49.433:20:37.05Corporate
3977I Thought They Said Rum32:25.9436:29.7033:59.0228:38.1741:15.8628:57.333:21:46.00Open
4014Aon Team South Africa32:10.1534:42.2041:55.8332:26.6729:58.7530:48.173:22:01.75Corporate
417Pwc Advisory31:40.1529:04.2237:22.9533:24.6733:37.2837:19.273:22:28.52Corporate
4264Cuc Striders 123:50.8637:46.7337:09.7632:34.6035:43.4936:33.073:23:38.49Corporate
4345Harmonic 228:02.7842:28.4930:30.2344:02.6431:43.4428:29.713:25:17.26Corporate
4467It’s Accrual World33:42.7930:08.3733:55.7034:14.8038:20.3235:18.253:25:40.22Corporate
4555Rum Runners40:02.4032:43.4635:02.3235:27.1932:21.7731:00.703:26:37.83Open
4613Aon Team Ireland31:57.6032:50.8538:24.9635:01.1133:51.3134:54.693:27:00.50Corporate
4749Team Maples34:53.8827:54.0437:02.8229:05.5244:56.1533:29.383:27:21.78Corporate
4839Deloitte Fa35:44.4444:12.1531:03.2636:09.4930:19.0429:59.623:27:27.98Corporate
4963Swiftly Fifity36:52.6832:51.7637:31.9834:03.4735:56.0130:48.153:28:04.02All Female
5057Soon Come35:35.20  33:11.1131:57.7936:42.483:28:45.63Open
5119Rawlinson And Hunter35:16.6336:58.6229:30.4829:18.2835:37.2942:07.173:28:48.44Corporate
5285Red Sail Sports B33:04.9233:52.4735:15.8142:57.1133:27.0231:28.513:30:05.82Corporate
5388Red Sail Sports Ladies37:27.1833:16.6337:13.7338:10.2635:10.5729:24.213:30:42.56Corporate
5453Movers For Life Kenya36:15.6034:49.9338:40.3231:42.5133:39.2738:25.663:33:33.27Open
5644Grumpy Old Men30:34.5533:58.0240:20.2335:11.2941:06.4133:23.323:34:33.80Open
5721Run So-Far-Ians Dart35:56.7036:08.2633:40.5032:41.1532:08.6844:10.803:34:46.08Corporate
582Pwc Maddy Made Me Do It36:57.1137:49.2033:13.1135:40.6535:32.8435:45.993:34:58.89Corporate
5981Six Pack35:35.2233:35.9240:02.4435:01.4935:07.8636:20.833:35:43.74Open
6018Evolving Steps31:18.5734:33.4243:16.8230:37.6543:39.5032:39.403:36:05.34Open
614Pwc The Dark Nike Rises36:39.9542:55.2238:06.2633:15.7832:41.3232:27.613:36:06.12Corporate
6331Harneys Transactional41:04.8346:07.0941:32.5527:05.4434:13.8628:28.153:38:31.90Corporate
6543Hash House Harriers Elite30:10.6336:58.5043:43.9737:52.0233:01.7137:11.003:38:57.82Open
6610Ritz Lions34:10.0040:09.8040:50.5541:38.9632:38.0130:21.953:39:49.25Corporate
6737F45 131:49.1238:12.9143:38.4844:03.0730:48.9031:33.593:40:06.05Open
6826Mufg Force30:23.1943:24.3840:09.0934:31.1837:31.9334:50.743:40:50.47Corporate
6933Long Distance Relay-Tionship32:01.5540:23.3934:04.9848:38.4136:57.6132:17.303:44:23.22Open
7076Mufg 232:50.2432:19.7533:03.9339:54.7039:51.6847:21.283:45:21.55Corporate
7171What Is The Super Bowl30:10.8134:30.9332:08.5137:44.4946:36.3547:55.783:49:06.84Open
721Pwc Globetrotters38:45.6335:24.6644:30.2836:50.6036:22.4440:20.983:52:14.56Corporate
7316Grant Thornton Cayman Islands36:29.6832:20.3435:19.2435:13.8836:43.1258:07.693:54:13.93Corporate
7423Cais Brazil32:17.2638:41.8842:33.6338:56.8544:45.9137:25.903:54:41.41Open
7511Ritz Runners35:33.7447:24.3041:09.5443:49.4533:15.8434:10.663:55:23.50Corporate
7750Movers For Life Imagination.42:13.7935:39.7641:15.3239:13.3438:32.4239:17.973:56:12.59Open
7841Knockout Fitness Woman’s Power37:21.8144:04.7936:07.9538:29.7943:42.6839:32.223:59:19.21All Female
7968Grand Runners40:37.4347:01.0843:16.3442:03.5933:57.7933:19.084:00:15.29Corporate
8065Cool Runnings39:53.1640:41.8946:55.5434:50.2635:24.4242:45.304:00:30.55All Female
8158Road Warriors36:15.4441:40.2838:47.0939:33.3844:36.7348:26.784:09:19.68All Female
8282They See Me Rollin’40:11.0950:18.5441:53.9430:22.9740:52.9147:31.954:11:11.38Open
833Pwc Scrambled Legs37:44.2536:49.4640:04.8050:22.4250:06.5536:44.964:11:52.41Corporate
8475Only The Two Of Us40:54.2938:34.1541:51.1044:40.5044:37.3942:53.924:13:31.32Open
8580McGrath Tonner Dream Team40:09.0941:15.5842:13.3952:02.9334:40.7745:54.674:16:16.41Corporate
866Pwc Purple Turtles54:27.2532:19.4546:37.2636:36.2048:53.3740:24.634:19:18.13Corporate
8762CUC Striders 240:38.0046:15.3342:02.0536:59.1949:16.4046:30.944:21:41.89Corporate
8852Carey Olsen31:50.1651:37.7852:44.0650:45.7935:45.4440:47.314:23:30.51Corporate
8940MFL Never Give Up51:57.2543:09.9938:50.5350:14.0845:37.5043:50.774:33:40.10All Female
Runner 1Leg 1
Esmond Brown22:09.80
Wyatt Bodden23:32.06
Abraham Whittaker23:39.88
Wesley Cullum23:50.86
Hugh Anderson24:20.62
Christian Henning24:43.36
Sebastian Scholz26:31.79
Ben Strangeway27:04.11
Neal Ainscow27:05.68
Doug Anderson27:08.01
William Peake27:34.22
Warren Keens27:57.84
Eben Nel28:02.78
Laura Hicks28:17.23
Ric Agrella28:36.42
Cullainn Lynch28:39.83
Rogerio Pitta29:39.81
Johann Prinsloo30:02.65
Paul Schreiner30:10.63
Paul Schreiner30:10.81
Markus Kruger30:21.80
Kent Pearce30:23.19
Evert Brunekreef30:30.67
Eamon McErlean30:34.55
Mercyline Chemutai30:47.93
Nish Vora31:18.07
Rhiannon Woodrow31:18.57
Rebert Roodbol31:24.14
Kieran Donovan31:25.95
Mike Jankowski31:26.59
Ryan Murray31:40.15
Mark Mugglestone31:41.98
Jayme Thompson31:45.99
Stellarie Noyons31:49.12
Graham Stoute31:50.16
Chris Palmer31:53.02
Derek Shanahan31:57.60
Jacqui Retief31:58.52
Shane Delaney32:01.55
Yvonne Conradie32:10.15
Paul Belson32:11.27
Susan Nickason32:17.26
Tim Austin32:25.94
Zach Brooks32:26.97
Davidson Ruwende32:50.24
Genevieve Georgiades32:55.08
Chris Thomas33:04.92
Keegan Delport33:41.27
Jeffrey Short33:42.79
Luis Guillen34:10.00
Gordon Procter34:10.80
Jamie Lawlor34:16.91
Iulian Davidof34:20.38
Rodney Graham34:29.54
Giles Butcher34:53.88
Juan-Claude Delport35:05.85
Julie Proud35:16.63
Ibraham Odundo35:33.74
Paul McGeough35:35.20
Karina McDermot35:35.22
Ivan Gonzalez35:38.72
Mike Green35:44.44
Jan Feik35:56.70
Maria Leonce36:15.44
Zenobia Badley36:15.60
Harriet Hennelly36:29.68
Lizzette Yearwood36:33.56
Patrick Ball36:39.95
Toni Pinkerton36:52.68
Amanda Schultz36:57.11
Theresa Obispo37:21.81
Adam Johnson37:25.34
Valerie Randrianasolo37:27.18
Adedegi Olaleye37:44.25
Lee-Ann Coetzee37:59.02
Jeremy Hadley38:45.63
Michelle Veldhoven39:31.53
Anna Boughey39:53.16
Katie Bondy40:02.40
Claire Hutchinson40:09.09
Mercy Watler40:11.09
Uliana Sadovnycha40:37.43
Randy Mellaneo40:38.00
Erno Virag40:54.29
Ally Clynes41:04.83
Patricia Muschette42:13.79
Silah Kibet50:38.43
Charmane Dalhouse51:57.25
Deborah Mao54:27.25
Runner 2Leg 2
Levi Superville23:50.95
Esmond Brown24:23.99
Conrad Proud24:33.53
Paul Henry25:09.02
Elaine Anderson25:56.81
Adam Mcsharry-Downie27:29.63
Neil Randell27:54.04
Mark Reed28:15.87
Nick Yale28:27.91
Annalet Kruger28:29.65
Breannach Lynch28:46.29
Scott Somerville28:58.92
Scott Harrison29:04.22
Marco Miranda29:11.79
Thomas Dillon29:51.00
Pam Abbott30:03.67
Chris Gauk30:08.37
Charlotte Cloete30:12.02
Lourika De Waal30:13.02
Paul William30:13.35
Morgan Shelver30:19.26
Gill Gordon30:24.63
Jack Golbourn30:40.92
Kegan Fisher30:43.87
Shonari Gow31:17.97
Mike Jankowski31:46.02
Saxe Norton32:19.45
Heather Francis32:19.75
Michal Segal32:20.34
Lauren Christie32:25.68
Jose Lete32:35.92
Jaco Smit32:42.10
Steve Sparks32:43.46
Alex Johnson32:43.74
Howard Byrne32:50.85
Michelle Bailey32:51.76
Leanne Thorne33:13.35
Doireann Lynch33:14.03
Natasha Sopow33:16.63
Ben Hatt33:22.61
Alex Menegon33:27.39
Radames Tognazzo33:35.92
David Steemson33:52.47
Marcelo Magalhaes33:58.02
Gerda Delport34:02.73
Warren Goosen34:05.04
Isobel Tomkinson34:14.27
Tracey Smith34:16.37
Justine Plenkiwitz34:30.93
Imogen Hall34:33.42
Martin Cooke34:35.84
Peter Small34:38.08
Ghislain Ghyoot34:42.20
Joan Mburu34:49.93
Rafael Paredes35:00.96
Caitlin Mathiassen35:24.66
Richard Jones35:39.76
Sharmin Durante35:52.21
Jacqueline Thomson36:08.26
Jane Ebert Hakonsson36:29.70
Deborah Adesanya36:49.46
Anna Krendzelakova36:54.33
Ronaldo Last Name36:58.50
Vivian Morahan36:58.62
Alvin Calub37:46.73
Jason Powers37:49.20
Mike Scott38:12.91
Violetta Pusztri38:34.15
Cathy Houtts38:41.88
Zeljka Nedeljkovic40:09.80
Katie Devlin40:41.89
Ben Tonner41:15.58
Maria Leonce41:40.28
Pa Dawson42:28.49
Marique Cloete42:55.22
Heidi Anderson43:09.99
Valentine Ball43:24.38
Iraisis Pitta44:04.79
Erica Green44:12.15
Ally Clynes46:07.09
Shawn Myles46:15.33
Gina Argenzio46:42.93
Britt Viljoen46:46.19
Lisa Palfinger47:01.08
Racquel Moreau47:24.30
Iñaki Watler50:18.54
Anika Conolly51:37.78
Lesley Slocuunknown
Runner 3Leg 3
Gregley Gayle23:33.95
Olivia Shanks25:15.26
Tiffany Cole25:26.64
Jeromini Kimario26:05.95
Phill Thompson26:28.53
Sherlock Brooks27:30.77
Colm Dawson27:58.21
Warren Keens28:47.53
Nick Quin29:28.26
Martin Trott29:30.48
James Robinson29:35.62
Louise Carroll29:46.71
Sean Leon29:50.69
Oddy Grullon30:01.18
Allison Murphy30:04.24
David Bennett30:14.96
Anita Warhurst30:17.27
Jalene Cruz30:18.24
Sarah Wium30:18.46
Mylene Menard30:30.23
Theo Louw30:32.62
Samantha Taylor30:47.76
Kruger de Waal31:03.26
Troy Matarazzo31:10.52
Sarah Ryan31:11.21
Giovann Muller31:49.28
Justine Plenkiewicz32:08.51
Onson Mukwedeya32:33.60
Claude Plamondon32:39.39
Scott McCarty32:59.74
Paul Njogu33:03.93
Jezzel De Lara33:12.69
Emmet Wilkinson33:12.83
Jason Buckle33:13.11
Vikram Dookhy33:31.96
Dominic Williams33:40.50
Dumisani Jonas33:50.22
Chris Lennon33:52.52
Fabian McCallum33:53.17
Lauren Nelson33:55.70
David Walshe33:59.02
Kim Dennison34:04.98
Kate Bosman34:21.23
Andrea Bonfante34:35.28
Marlon Bispath34:35.49
Daniel Johnson35:02.32
Peter Huber35:09.67
Kevin Bartlett35:15.81
Niall McAuliffe35:19.24
Zach Sheridan35:39.93
Josh Richardson36:04.36
Marita Naz36:07.95
Daniyar Sagatov36:27.77
Tara Thompson37:02.82
Karan Andrew37:09.76
Becky Catterall37:13.73
Ben Henshilwood37:22.95
Claire Lloyd-Hickey37:31.98
Kurtis Yorke38:06.26
Fearghal O’Riordan38:24.96
Charmaine Thomas38:40.32
Carlos Pimentel38:44.25
Maria Blandford38:47.09
Yensi Leticia Contreras – Romero38:50.53
Daryl Greer39:15.39
Julie Cumber40:02.44
Benjamin Olayinola40:04.80
Kendell Pierre40:09.09
Tom Gammage40:20.23
Alexandra Anitoaie40:50.55
Logan Graydon41:09.54
Yanelis Connor41:15.32
Michelle Bolingbroke41:32.55
Erno Virag41:51.10
Dean McGlynn41:53.94
Maggie Papadopoulos41:55.83
Sylvester Coleman42:02.05
Ben Tonner42:13.39
Lenin Perumalsamy42:33.63
Anna Farkas43:16.34
Shanen O’Leary43:16.82
Felicia Wight43:38.48
Lily Gammage43:43.97
Stephon Wright44:30.28
Mark John Gueta46:37.26
Kerrie Beattie46:55.54
Ashleigh Dixon52:44.06
Derek O’Brienunknown
Tracey Walkerunknown
Runner 4Leg 4
Jason Trautman22:25.06
Michael Smikle23:17.06
Wes Heistand25:16.31
Justin May26:43.55
Blake Egelton26:51.07
Thomas Gray27:05.44
George Gorham27:24.28
Tom Cowling27:44.26
Lucas Christian27:53.00
Ernest Sokobe27:56.49
Lauriane Gowers28:38.17
Edward Pimentel29:01.70
Lukas Schroeter29:05.52
Kevin Huys29:18.28
Charlotte Cloete30:03.19
Charlotte Kerr30:16.38
Josh Brown30:22.97
Jason Signora30:37.65
Jason Keating30:47.22
Craig Pascoe30:48.10
David McIntyre30:59.19
Gergana Lyutskanova31:05.81
Jalene Cruz31:09.04
Alex Moroney31:12.64
Chris Palmer31:13.36
Richard Harwood31:17.11
Jacques de Swardt31:31.12
Josh Conen31:33.30
MacDonald Machingura31:42.51
Kinsey Joiner31:48.73
Claire Pattimore31:55.42
Jaxon Cover31:56.20
Tapiwa Manyikwa32:25.66
Yohann Regnard32:26.67
James Robinson32:27.27
Corey Miller32:34.60
Keenan Ebanks32:41.15
Will Dzib-Mena32:56.97
Lisa Espinosa33:11.11
Geoff Butler33:15.78
Iain McCallum33:24.67
Lenin Perumalsamy33:44.73
Chantal Incledon34:03.47
Stacey Stewart34:09.33
Darren Jack34:14.80
Brian Eden34:16.42
Paul Madden34:20.86
Damian Petney34:22.92
Paul Van Galder34:31.18
Cindy Hew34:50.26
Andrea La Rocca34:57.50
Jojo Besano34:58.91
Gill McMahon35:01.11
Conrad Gough35:01.49
Derek Haines35:11.29
Matthew Lawson35:13.88
Katrina Le bar35:27.19
Tanner Manning35:40.65
Erica Newman36:09.49
Chene Jacobs36:31.89
Elbert Megino36:36.20
Semir Jandric36:50.60
Philip Alexander36:51.17
Paul Romlewski36:59.19
Dave Lilley37:15.30
Garcia Kelly37:44.49
Shane Roberts37:44.53
Gary Redfern37:52.02
Chantalle Blume38:10.26
Yensi Contreras38:29.79
Fleur Coleman38:56.85
Laura Connolly39:13.34
Fabian McCallum39:19.16
Maria Blandford39:33.38
Philippe Kopp39:54.70
Crystal Marshall41:38.96
Saige Bancroft42:03.59
Zoe Du Bois42:14.69
Liam Killian42:57.11
Julie Rudeen43:49.45
Devina Singh44:02.64
Kevin Ashworth44:03.07
Violetta Pusztri44:40.50
Jessica Lopez48:38.41
Noemi Diaz Kelly50:14.08
Zoren Mungal50:22.42
Danielle Connolly50:45.79
Alex Davies52:02.93
Megan Webb Sandersunknown
Runner 5Leg 5
Adam Newman23:12.12
Theo Lefkos25:20.87
Paul Henry26:35.84
Toby Bowles27:39.10
James Crooks27:46.09
Kobus Minaar28:00.75
Eddie Gooden28:09.03
Michelle Vinton28:20.32
Danny Lyne28:28.78
Yazzer Abdullah28:50.36
Van Zyl Fourie28:56.73
Warren Keens28:58.25
Sherry Fleming29:15.51
John Carey29:16.60
Morgan Shelver29:21.89
Nitish Bajaj29:38.31
Jaryd Moore29:58.75
Kirsten Cellier30:19.04
Elaine Gomez30:37.21
Michael Oldfield30:39.11
Mark Chapman30:42.26
Dave O’Driscoll30:48.90
Luke Dodson30:55.31
Abraham Whittaker31:00.41
Dayron Munoz31:08.30
Scott Boase31:08.69
Barry Goude31:18.31
Robert Dixon31:35.32
Louise Neilson31:43.44
Emma Byrne31:49.23
Robin Lowe31:51.58
Carlos Espinosa31:57.79
Matt O’Keeffe32:08.68
Tom Bridgewater32:17.94
Brandon Copico32:21.77
Amada Hurst32:26.01
Massimo Tirotta32:27.08
Doris Avalos32:38.01
Matthew Cilliers32:39.31
Hugh Turner32:41.32
Derek Haines33:01.71
Marc Halley33:05.06
Henno Viljoen33:08.26
Tobias Muchene33:15.84
Kiara McLaughlin33:25.15
Chris Torrie33:27.02
Simon Conway33:37.28
Jackson Thuo33:39.27
Ian Smith33:39.28
James Elliott33:43.34
Derek Stenson33:51.31
Henry Gather33:57.79
Derek Bolingbroke34:13.86
Sally Bowler34:40.77
Alicia Robinson35:07.86
Melissa Mobius35:10.57
Sandy Hew35:24.42
Sabine Schommad35:32.84
Mark Edmunds35:37.29
Katy Bayles35:42.16
Richard Hew35:43.49
Peter Sherwood35:45.44
Jane Magis35:56.01
Leon Rhule36:19.88
Yomi So36:22.44
Joy De roiste36:43.12
Laura McGeever36:57.61
Matthew Walker37:31.93
Hayley Dryer38:20.32
Policarpo Nune38:32.42
Simon Hall38:49.90
Marvin Gordon39:51.68
Adam Passmore40:03.70
Allie DiMauro40:52.91
Wendy Clarke41:01.15
Rodger Yoemans41:06.41
Rizlaine D’Ouissi41:15.86
Lucas Byrnes42:34.76
Hannah Foreman43:39.50
Helen De La Cruz43:42.68
Celia Cid44:36.73
Erno Virag44:37.39
Niko Whittaker44:45.91
Brennan Ebanks44:56.15
Claire Deeny45:37.50
Elisabeth Schreiner46:36.35
Precy Dyan Montealegre48:53.37
Tony Hancock49:16.40
Geisa Cerqueira50:06.55
Runner 6Leg 6
Juan Pablo Valerio23:25.07
Graham Blyth24:45.12
Brandon Dale25:19.40
Marlie Du toit25:27.10
Peter Kendall26:11.00
Winston Sobers26:52.79
Abraham Whittaker26:53.25
Ben Strangeway27:02.71
James Murray27:08.21
Ian Ballard27:27.41
Ava Hider28:11.95
Jordan Wright28:25.70
Olivia Shanks28:28.15
Cathal McGrath28:29.71
Carl-Lyle Young28:44.45
Harvey Gowers28:57.33
Martene Fitzgerald29:05.90
Tyron Oettle29:11.87
Katy Kennedy29:24.21
Kelsey Halley29:55.29
Jason Trautman29:59.62
Liam Fleming30:03.01
Alexandru Magheran30:21.95
Pat McCallum30:48.15
Sjoerd van der Westhuizen30:48.17
Andrea Lupo30:49.43
Evert Brunekreef30:58.00
Simon Crompton31:00.70
Scott McCarty31:06.88
Mark Chapman31:10.72
Joe Palone31:28.51
Gill Gordon31:33.59
Matthew Cilliers31:33.98
Michael Almendarez31:35.47
Melanie Johnson31:52.46
Lisa Kemp31:52.85
Danny Kish31:57.77
Sastry Dookhy32:17.30
Emma Swinyard32:27.61
Chris Sutton32:39.40
Mark Miranda32:59.83
Daniel Hayward-Hughes33:06.66
Sandy Chinian33:19.08
Marco Last name33:23.32
Ivan Jones33:29.38
Nicole Gordon33:59.35
Dexter Bangilan34:10.66
Charl Grobler34:18.69
James Lunn34:18.75
Paul Skinner34:50.74
Conor O’Dea34:54.69
Sandipan Bhowmik35:05.38
Lachlan Greig35:12.00
Wendy Lennon35:18.25
Jordan LaRue35:41.24
Emma Draffin35:45.99
Gregley Gayle35:49.67
Warren Hartley36:00.21
Paul Jooste36:10.82
Jean Crossan36:20.83
Stephen Baker36:33.07
Gordon Tull36:42.48
Leandro Oliveria36:44.96
Dax Johnson37:11.00
Jess Shakespheare37:19.27
Tanesha Simpson37:25.90
Eva Adam38:10.62
Ephantus Thumbi38:25.66
Sayda Hernandez39:17.97
Kristina Miranda39:32.22
Alfred Sakyn40:20.98
Michael Guo40:24.63
Briana Bodden40:27.00
Nigel Smith40:47.31
Rajay Reid42:07.17
Vesna Simmons42:45.30
Violetta Pusztri42:53.92
Matthew Southgate43:33.07
Grecia Hernandez43:50.77
Jamie-Lauren McTaggart44:10.80
Helen Lakeman45:54.67
Joel Ganeshan46:29.76
Demesio Frederick46:30.94
Andrew Bowie47:21.28
Rob Hancock47:31.95
Toyin Saliko47:55.78
Celia Cid48:26.78
Mika Hlungwani58:07.69
Karabo Letsoala59:23.56

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