2021 Guardians 5K/10K Break the Record!

What a great morning and records were indeed broken! Previous 5k record holder, Victor Maghaeles, broke his own course record this year but it was not quite enough as we now have a new course record of 17:32 by Gregley Gayle. The women’s 5k record was also broken by Michelle Vinton in a time of 21:13.

In the 10k race, Esmond Brown broke his own course record by 7 seconds, finishing in 36:30.

The only record not to fall this year was the women’s 10k, that is still held by Lauren Hogan in 42:02. But congrats to Caroline Laing for winning this years 10k in a time of 48:35.

Guardians 5k
PlaceNameM/FM/F PlaceTime
1Gregley GayleM1/1517:32.48
2Victor MaghaelesM2/1517:56.36
3James CrooksM3/1519:23.89
4Abraham WhittakerM4/1520:09.10
5Eduardo MontalvoM5/1520:12.30
6Aleksei MawdsleyM6/1521:02.67
7James RobinsonM7/1521:03.74
8Michelle VintonF1/521:13.60
9Mercyline ChenutaiF2/521:20.35
10Paul WilliamsM8/1521:42.38
11Rafael ParedesM9/1521:42.62
12Maxim KazacovM10/1522:06.07
13Emily HarrisonF3/522:26.28
14Ava HiderF4/522:33.48
15Sharmin DurantF5/522:59.70
16Jackson ThuoM11/1523:00.73
17Eamon McerleanM12/1523:34.36
18Richard LawteyM13/1525:37.91
19Hugo TysonM14/1530:30.89
20Xavian EbanksM15/1532:05.06
Guardians 10k
PlaceNameM/FM/F PlaceTime
1Esmond BrownM1/1136:30.98
2Jason MawdsleyM2/1138:23.44
3James HayesM3/1142:17.68
4Ismael TorresM4/1142:49.54
5Goncalo AlvesM5/1146:47.83
6Desmond MutavaM6/1147:36.62
7Ephantus ThumbiM7/1147:51.99
8Caroline LaingF1/548:35.08
9Heather FrancisF2/548:35.93
10Liam FlemingM8/1148:51.62
11Leanne ThorneF3/548:53.64
12Jennifer ColemanF4/548:57.73
13Lenin PerumalsamyM9/1150:00.57
14Emmaculate MutukuF5/553:19.68
15Campbell TysonM10/1154:18.24
16Levi SupervilleM11/1159:40.15

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