Apologies to those runners who believed the start of this run was 6.45am, as advertised on CaymanActive. The Timers were asked to start the runners and walkers at 6.30am and consequently a bunch of runners missed the official start time. This caused a bunch of problems for the Timers; some bibs were given out quickly at the start and we did not know to whom each bib belonged to, whether male of female or what age group, so we apologies if any awards given out incorrectly immediately after the race.

Fortunately, we were able to be creative with the system and were able to reprogram to provide both Gun-Times and Chip-Times, which is the difference between the official start and when those crossed the mat at the start line.  This was not as easy as it sounds and Theo and Derek spent a couple of hours after the race had finished going through all the race chip data.

We also had to track down a number of people for those unknown bib numbers to confirm age groups, gender etc but we believe the results below accurately reflects everyone’s chip-time and gun-time 

PlaceBibNameAge GroupM/FM/F PlaceGun TimePaceChip TimeClub
1243Abraham WhittakerMale 20-29M1/2718:14.535:52 / mi18:13.88345AC 
2223James CrooksMale 12-19M2/2718:45.226:02 / mi18:44.46345AC
3245Yazzer AbdulahMale 30-39M3/2720:12.566:30 / mi20:11.80345AC
4218Ben StrangewayMale 30-39M4/2721:14.016:50 / mi21:08.83 
5238Nathan RobnettMale 40-49M5/2723:13.187:28 / mi23:11.83 
6274Emily HarrisonFemale 40-49F1/2623:55.407:42 / mi23:54.32 
7225Melanie JohnsonFemale 40-49F2/2624:14.697:48 / mi24:13.70Hash
8242Liddy MurphyFemale 30-39F3/2624:53.298:00 / mi24:48.79 
9248Yolande LopezFemale 40-49F4/2625:18.378:08 / mi25:16.81 
10226Ephantus ThumbiMale 30-39M6/2726:42.358:35 / mi26:40.30 
11205Craig BoddenMale 20-29M7/2727:12.608:45 / mi27:04.63 
12234Zenobia BradleyFemale 30-39F5/2627:22.418:48 / mi27:21.05 
13217Laura McgeeverFemale 30-39F6/2627:31.578:51 / mi27:25.65 
14212Maria LeonceFemale 50-59F7/2628:32.679:11 / mi28:30.30 
15221Sogol LohiFemale 40-49F8/2629:03.559:21 / mi28:52.40 
16237Lara ConnollyFemale 40-49F9/2629:07.239:22 / mi29:03.17 
17247Janet GardnerFemale 50-59F10/2629:17.999:25 / mi28:40.10 
18216Suzanne SadlierFemale 30-39F11/2629:32.379:30 / mi29:26.97 
19278John DabbsMale 20-29M8/2730:07.259:41 / mi27:34.69 
20214Fernando AgudoMale 20-29M9/2730:11.989:43 / mi30:08.61 
21232Carlos de Serpa PimentelMale 50-59M10/2730:14.529:44 / mi30:11.92 
22219Sam AgyemangMale 30-39M11/2730:21.999:46 / mi30:07.23 
23211Maria BlandfordFemale 40-49F12/2630:24.719:47 / mi30:22.34 
24235Julie CuarteroFemale 40-49F13/2631:00.029:58 / mi30:56.50 
25236Diarmuid MceleneyMale 30-39M12/2731:04.4610:00 / mi31:02.22 
26281Jeffrey ShortMale 40-49M13/2731:04.9610:00 / mi24:34.58 
27241Corrine GlasgowFemale 60-69F14/2631:19.0210:04 / mi31:15.73 
28244Ben LeungMale 40-49M14/2731:20.9210:05 / mi31:19.07 
29209Luis RodriguezMale 20-29M15/2731:43.5610:12 / mi31:39.05 
30246Lauren NelsonFemale 50-59F15/2631:45.3910:13 / mi25:14.84 
31240Anne KirkwoodFemale 40-49F16/2632:44.2710:32 / mi32:26.87 
32227Robert SzalkMale 30-39M16/2733:22.7210:44 / mi19:22.48 
33224Claire MurrayFemale 20-29F17/2635:12.9011:20 / mi29:39.03 
34215Sophia AlleyneFemale 40-49F18/2635:31.8411:26 / mi35:28.99 
35210Francisco SanchezMale 30-39M17/2735:51.2411:32 / mi35:47.32 
36275Ell ConollyFemale 30-39F19/2635:55.7911:33 / mi35:38.62 
37276Brad ConollyMale 40-49M18/2735:55.7911:33 / mi35:39.54 
38204Jason AbrahamMale 30-39M19/2736:05.5111:37 / mi36:02.82 
39206Ileana EbanksFemale 20-29F20/2636:07.8511:37 / mi36:00.75 
40277Annice ConollyFemale 40-49F21/2636:40.3611:48 / mi36:23.92 
41203Jezzel de LaraMale 30-39M20/2736:50.9011:51 / mi36:45.10 
42282Aniko IvesMale 20-29M21/2737:44.6512:08 / mi32:10.78 
43213Celia HydesFemale 40-49F22/2637:45.6912:09 / mi37:40.12 
44239Daisy GalindoFemale 50-59F23/2637:50.3812:10 / mi37:45.50 
45208Artemio LopezMale 30-39M22/2737:58.2112:13 / mi37:53.56 
46233Eva ByrneFemale 50-59F24/2639:01.2112:33 / mi38:57.38 
47280James RobinsonMale 20-29M23/2739:06.3912:35 / mi34:29.35 
48279Christina FengFemale 20-29F25/2639:06.6412:35 / mi34:29.42 
49250Patrick SakowskiMale 20-29M24/2740:14.3312:57 / mi24:24.52 
50231Kurt MckenzieMale 40-49M25/2748:57.8415:45 / mi35:59.32 
51251Damari GreenMale 20-29M26/2750:27.8416:14 / mi35:12.10 
52201Tracey JackmanFemale 50-59F26/2650:44.4916:19 / mi50:32.33 
53229Brennan EbanksMale 30-39M27/2751:13.6216:29 / mi38:41.22 
54207Cira OlmoFemale 40-49F*52:38.4616:56 / mi43:31.80 
55249Amity TivisMale 20-29M21/2754:20.2317:29 / mi41:16.01 
56228Tara ThompsonFemale 40-49F*57:45.0218:35 / mi55:09.39 
57222Judith ColebankFemale 40-49F*57:45.2218:35 / mi55:17.82 
58202Shara RoseFemale 40-49F*60:01.3819:50 / mi53:58.14 
*230Antonio ChristianMale 30-39M*DNF DNF

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