The evening was ideal for a 5k with a light breeze and temperature dropped for the kick-off of Pirates’ Week with the fun run/walk starting the long weekend of activities.

The race as always sets of on Harbour Drive in front of Bar Crudo, Guy Harvey’s Restaurant and Harley Davidson (who also contributed by way of sponsorship) with runners heading out of town to South Church Street with a left turn to Websters around the cone and back to town the way they came.

Initially it was Will Edwards, Patrick Harfield and Sam Kepford in the leading group as the pace went out very quickly leaving the rest of the pack in their wake. At the turn round these three were 12 seconds ahead of the next runner Juan Pablo Valerio who was 45 seconds clear of Toby Bowles with Matthew Harkness another 15 seconds behind and all there were there in less than 10 minutes. A bunch of runners turn just over 10 minutes include Dale Avery, Roberts Schloegel, James Crooks, Charles & Pierre Sokohl and first female runner Kiara McLaughlin. The next two females were running together Molly Kehoe and Ava Hider and pushing each other for a quick time.

On the way back is a real test of strength as runners push into the headwind and aim to return in a faster time than they went out; this is called running a negative split and trying to achieve this into a wind is very tough and is often where those who went out too hard in the first half are found wanting on the way back.

An so it was for Will who was the one setting the pace but in his own words he was more focused on running a quick time rather than the race. Realising the pace was tough, he decided to ease back and save his energy for another day. This left Patrick Harfield in the lead and he was able to pull away from the next runners and win in an impressive time of 17:13. Meanwhile, behind him Juan Pablo gradually closed the gap with Sam Kepford and they had a ding-dong battle resulting in a final sprint through the finish-line that Mo Farah would have been proud of. Sam managed to fend off Juan Pablo with just 3 tenths of a second between them for second and third place both finishing in 17:58 seconds. Toby Bowles earned 4th with Matthew Harkness 5th place. Very well done to Rowan McLean who had very consistent splits and his very strong finish earned him 6th place.

In the ladies race, it was Kiara McLaughlin who won and fended off any challenge from Ava and Molly who she would have seen how close behind they were at the turn-round, and both worked together back to the line but this time it was Molly who pipped Ava for second and third place. Every improving Mikaeyla Dacres ran very consistently moving up the field on the way back to earn 4th ahead of Emily Harrison in 5th place. For the full results, please see below.

In addition to the companies listed above who contributed towards this event, we would like to thank the Sports Department of Government (the official title is much bigger, but you know who I mean), Island Supply, Red Sail Cayman, Pirates’ Week Office, Tourism Attraction Board, 345 Athletic Club and all those wonderful volunteers that give up their time for your benefit.

Finally, on day registration increases the risk of data error and we apologise to the couple of runners who were not placed in an age group. We checked with the registration team and sometimes one simply forgets to mark their entry form indicating their age group, or human error entering data under time pressure and consequently the results system could not place in an age category. Pre-registration minimizes this and I urge more people to register via for future events.

Pirates’ Week 5k 2017 Results

PlaceNameBibPaceSex PlaceLap 1Lap 2Time
1Patrick Harfield4563:26108:21.108:52.217:13.3
2Sam Kepford4063:35208:21.409:37.117:58.4
3Juan Pablo Valerio4233:35308:33.909:24.917:58.7
4Toby Bowles4443:50409:15.209:55.419:10.5
5Matthew Harkness3973:58509:33.210:19.119:52.2
6Rowan Mclean4174:04610:13.210:10.520:23.6
7Robert Schloegel4294:06710:09.510:23.020:32.4
8Dale Avery4804:07810:10.210:25.920:36.1
9James Crooks4244:08910:09.810:32.220:42.0
10Kiara Mclaughlin4844:08110:09.110:34.920:43.9
11Phill Thompson4334:081010:22.410:21.720:44.1
12Charles Sokohl4684:081110:11.810:32.320:44.1
13Adam Godfrey4264:111210:22.810:36.620:59.4
14Pierre Sokohl4674:131310:12.610:54.221:06.7
15Molly Kehoe4724:13210:26.710:40.121:06.7
16Ava Hider4594:13310:26.210:41.821:08.0
17Johann Prinsloo4904:171410:28.910:57.621:26.5
18Will Edwards4584:191508:20.413:15.121:35.5
19Mark Reed4514:221610:46.811:05.521:52.2
20Wyatt Bodden4554:251710:26.511:40.322:06.7
21David Shibli4764:261811:13.011:01.822:14.8
22James Trundle3984:271910:42.111:36.122:18.1
23Cade Chiazza4314:322011:10.811:32.822:43.6
24Marcus Hallan3994:332110:54.811:53.922:48.7
25Evin Johnson4504:362211:10.711:50.423:01.1
26Hayden Packer4854:372310:43.812:22.923:06.6
27Craig Isaacs4414:382410:31.612:40.123:11.7
28Marco Miranda4774:402510:54.812:26.323:21.1
29Sateesh Singh4284:442611:02.612:38.823:41.4
30Luke Dodson4604:452712:02.011:44.623:46.5
31David Airey Franco5004:452810:55.912:52.523:48.4
32Andrew Peene4964:462912:12.511:41.323:53.8
33Mikaeyla Dacres4304:46411:51.612:02.723:54.2
34Emily Harrison4914:50511:22.512:48.524:11.0
35Mike Scott4624:553012:40.311:55.824:36.0
36Martin Davies3964:573112:35.412:11.824:47.1
37Sian Hawkes4924:58612:01.712:50.724:52.3
38Gabriela Zilio4945:02712:28.012:42.125:10.1
39Nick Kepford4075:023211:49.813:24.525:14.3
40Martin Tedd4615:023312:31.112:43.925:15.0
41Richard Mansi4755:033411:54.413:22.925:17.3
42Jeff Rose4155:053512:24.913:01.125:25.9
43Joshua Hayden4145:103612:38.913:14.825:53.6
44Fraser Inglis4655:183712:41.713:52.826:34.5
45Bernice Schubert4575:22812:48.814:01.626:50.4
46Toni Pinkerton4975:26912:49.514:21.527:11.0
47Daryl Aleman4955:273812:51.514:26.827:18.3
48Alexandra Ebanks4645:281012:40.014:45.027:24.9
49Matthew Godfrey4275:323913:03.914:39.527:43.3
50Williams Taylor4015:334012:08.415:36.727:45.1
51Ana Lazgave4875:351113:12.214:44.127:56.2
52Caroline Courtis4435:351213:36.514:20.927:57.4
53Davin Bowerman4835:414113:59.014:26.528:25.5
54Valla Dadkhah4705:431314:07.414:32.328:39.7
55Tiffany Johnson Bussberg4345:451413:53.214:52.728:45.9
56Jerry Bussberg4355:454213:55.214:51.528:46.6
57Mathew Adam4935:484314:41.414:20.429:01.7
58Erik Mossberg4715:524414:33.614:50.029:23.6
59Jena van Den Bergh4885:531514:23.315:06.629:29.8
60Gareth van Den Bergh4895:534514:25.215:04.729:29.8
61Piotr Sokoluk3925:584617:53.612:00.129:53.6
62Jen Strangeway4795:591614:52.315:03.529:55.8
63Jessica Halley4255:591714:54.315:02.129:56.4
64Maggied Tamlin4735:591814:55.015:04.229:59.2
65Karen Towriss4456:051914:32.215:56.930:29.1
66Craig Morgan4116:074714:23.616:13.730:37.3
67Maria Leonce4996:102014:50.716:00.330:51.0
68Danielle Huggins4226:152114:17.416:58.131:15.5
69Barbara Knoop4036:172215:06.216:19.431:25.5
70Rachel Kratzer4746:182315:19.916:10.231:30.1
71Rosalie Mcbride4696:192415:19.716:18.331:37.9
72Katherine Chiazza4326:212515:23.916:26.131:50.0
73Alain Cappeluti4136:234814:55.916:59.831:55.6
74Joe Foti4496:234914:08.017:51.431:59.4
75Charity Epp4986:262615:12.116:58.632:10.6
76Wendy Kepford4086:372715:16.817:50.233:07.0
77Jillian Caines4816:402816:02.817:22.033:24.7
78Stephanie Webster4866:402915:45.017:39.933:24.9
79Lisa Kemp4826:403016:04.117:20.833:24.9
80Ross Davies4546:465015:24.418:29.533:53.8
81Chris Knoop4026:475116:32.417:25.033:57.3
82Chuck Kepford4096:525214:40.019:42.934:22.9
83Lauren Robinson4536:523117:44.216:40.134:24.3
84Jason Robinson4526:565317:43.516:57.334:40.8
85Paul Smith4187:065415:42.719:52.335:35.0
86Kate Tasch4387:083217:35.118:08.735:43.7
87Michele Kennedy4397:083317:35.418:08.635:43.9
88Mary Lou Rose4167:203417:39.619:05.236:44.7
89Samantha Taylor3937:243519:18.917:42.437:01.2
90Louie Reed4367:265518:12.219:01.037:13.2
91Phil Reed4377:265618:11.019:02.637:13.5
92Lucy Mclaughlin4637:343617:52.419:58.737:51.1
93Matt Southgate4667:345717:50.520:01.037:51.4
94Lyz Best4207:433717:36.321:03.238:39.5
95Addison Best4197:443815:41.822:59.138:40.9
96Kate Huggins4217:443914:17.624:23.738:41.3
97Charmane Dalhouse4058:254020:52.421:16.142:08.5
98Samantha Thistle4488:314121:07.421:31.742:39.1
99Tanya Foster4478:594221:11.923:45.244:57.0
100Anne Bowers4788:594322:07.822:52.244:59.9
101Amity Tivis Tivis3959:044421:28.223:56.845:24.9
102Katya Weikel3949:054521:29.723:56.145:25.7
103Gail Mcleod44010:154625:48.625:27.951:16.5
104Lachlan Mcleod44210:155825:49.825:26.851:16.6
105Norman Linton40010:525926:33.727:48.054:21.6
106Jenny Morgan41210:574726:52.727:54.754:47.4
107Martie Morgan41010:574826:46.728:01.754:48.4

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