Off The Beaten Track 2020

Booking the weather worked a treat this year as Race Caribbean requested a breezy overcast morning for the benefit of the local runners and got exactly that. Unfortunately, the wind and rain did not help us with the tent, sponsor banners and race equipment as we battled all morning trying to make it all work. However, onwards and upwards we role and at the end we are happy that it turned out to be another well received race from both runners and the volunteers.To make the race more interesting, Race Caribbean provided real-time results as teams and individuals crossed each timing mat for the first time – we admit it is still in its development stages but it worked well enough and enabled race management to see what was going on, whilst also allowing leg runners to estimate where their teams were during the race.We are aware some people took the wrong turn, which becomes obvious when comparing well established runners who claim not to have gotten lost nor been overtaken with some very suspect times from others not known for running sub-seven minute miles. However we won’t dwell on that… or maybe i will mention something later and you know who you are… we all do.Start was 6am prompt from Smith Cove; if you were not at the start you missed it. Get out of bed earlier if you don’t want to give the others a head start I say to the runner who was bimbling his way up the road as the mass of runners sped by him. Ronan saved his bacon by waiting a few minutes after 6am to hand him his baton so his team could continue with the race.Leg 1 saw the 47 teams and 14 individuals head down South Church Street in the darkness and turning up Denholm Thompson Way. A water stop at Cayman Prep and weaving through town to the end of leg as Little Darlings’ car park on Shedden Road. The first runner through was Abraham Whittaker of 345AC KRyS Global in 34.07, the next was Ben Strangeway (Over Confident and Under Trained (“OCUT”) almost 3 minutes behind with TiffanyCole (345AC Brown Rudnick) close behind Ben in 37:06. In the Individual race a group of four (Esmond Brown, Phil Reed, Graham Blythe and Pete Kendall) crossed over the mat together, and with only two ladies doing the whole thing, it was Jalene Cruz first in 44:15 and Charlotte Cloette behind in 46:08. Leg 2 was exactly 5 miles long, that is if you did the route correctly. The end finished at Britannia and it was Levi Superville who extended the lead of 345AC to almost 5 minutes from OCUT as Nick Yale brought his team through over a minute and a half quicker than third team runner (SarahWium) to reach the mat for KPMG Lite The Fuse.  Charlotte Kerr (345AC BR) fourth through with F45 Cayman moving into the mix thanks to a strong run by Gill Gordon. On Leg 3 it was quite an amazing performance by Gina Argenzio whose time suggested she had set a new Caribbean (and possibly the world) record for 5.5 miles off-road race by running sub 5 minute miles all the way in difficult terrain and moving Easier Said than Run from 32nd place to 1st. I would not blink at immediately making a recommendation to the Cayman Island Athletics Association’s Selection committee for the Tokyo Olympics in the summer, but alas, all evidence suggests she did not complete the route correctly. It could be that the other runners could not see her because she was moving so quickly, or, as seems to be the more logical explanation is that she did not complete the entire route. In Gina’s defence, it appears that some of the maps handed out at packet pick-up were incorrect and did not match the actual route on the website, so as a result, no penalties awarded for leg 3. Also, for some odd reason, the decoder box at the Calyco Jacks location did not send all data although the boxes did record passings and times below are correct.Leg 4 – This meant that Gregley Gayle was now the new leader and as he is one of the quickest runners in Cayman it is no surprise that he had a 10 minute lead by the end of the leg. The orders had changed as team runners were getting lost and clearly did no recci of routes beforehand, especially the 345AC youth athletes who had started off so well. Second place at the end of leg 4 was KPMG Sparks Will Fly whilst OCUT were now in 4th. KPMG Lite The Fuse 5th and the 345AC KG back down to 6thLeg 5 – The end of this leg finished at The Shores and had runners weaving all over the Republic of West Bay. If you got lost, it is no exaggeration to say you could en up in Hell. Orders had changed dramatically over the last leg and the first runner to go through the final changeover was Kobus Minaar of KPMG – Sparks will Fly, who was one minute ahead of Dan Tindall of OCUT.  A gap of 6 minutes before the third team runner as Ernest Sokobe of KPMG – Lite the Fuse with Jason Trautman of Deloitte Wild Dogs fourth and yet another KPMG team Hive Alive in fifth meant it was the Corporate teams who were battling for the top spots. The four individual runners were clearly using OTBT as a training session and had agreed to go around the course together, which really means that only one of them could map read.

Leg 6 – by now one can appreciate that OTBT is not just about one’s ability to run but about one’s ability to read the maps, plan ahead and more importantly the art of not getting lost has always helped me in these type of races.  The final leg made its way out of West Bay and finishing near Bacaro Restaurant at the Yacht Club. Orders did change over this leg and the first runner to cross the finish-line was Mihali Grispos (KPMG – Sparks Will Fly) in a winning time for the team of 4:04:38, about 2 minutes ahead of second through Toby Bowles (OCUT) and a gap of over 10 minutes to third runner James Birkett (Deloitte Wild Dogs) for the top three places. The first All-Female team was 345AC Brown Rudnick as Ava Hider crossed the line in 7th overall.

In the individual race there was a change of fortunes as Charlotte and Jalene changed places as Charlotte is the OTBT 2020 ladies champion. Meanwhile in the men’s race the four Musketeers crossed over the line together, but fortunately for the timers, the system is sensitive and was easily able to determine the top four (split by 6 tenths of a second), which were Phil, Peter, Graham and Esmond.

Thanks as always to Ken Krys who started the race and continues to support as KRYyS Global has been the Title sponsor for all 11 years. Other major sponsors include Tower and Brown Rudnick with supporting sponsors Mourant, BDO, Harneys, Campbells, Island Heritage and sponsors in kind Cricket Square, Bacaro, DART and Simply Computers.

As always a huge thanks to the many volunteers along the route and at the finish line. Look forward to your continued support. Full results below  

Runner 1Leg 1
Abraham Whittaker0:34:08
Ben Strangeway0:37:00
Tiffany Cole0:37:06
Lance McField0:41:33
Phil Reed0:41:35
Graham Blyth0:41:36
Esmond Brown0:41:36
Peter Kendall0:41:37
Markus Kruger0:41:38
Tashil Mohanlall0:42:43
Daniel Jones0:43:12
Robert Powell0:43:28
Jenny Coleman0:43:29
Pedro DaSilva0:44:11
Jalene Cruz0:44:15
Jalene Cruz0:44:15
Enrico Carmassi0:44:20
Enrico Carmassi0:44:20
Rogerio Pitta0:44:22
Rogerio Pitta0:44:22
Yazzer Abdulah0:44:22
Alex Last0:44:24
Antony Wafola0:44:32
Nick Evans0:44:41
Payten Wight0:44:50
Lucas Henson0:45:04
Bill Fluery0:45:04
Simon Artuch0:45:22
Leanne Thorne0:45:33
Warren Keens0:46:08
Charlotte Cloette0:46:08
Luca Minasola0:46:24
Dan Russell0:46:33
Amanda Hurst0:46:37
Michal Segal0:46:56
Denis Olarou0:47:20
Caleb Bennett0:48:02
Juan Claude Delport0:48:05
Michael Green0:49:26
Cynthia Hew0:49:49
Luis Guillen0:49:50
Ivan Jones0:49:52
Gautam Ganeshan0:49:54
Bianca Brown0:49:56
Corey Miller0:50:54
Richard Kerr0:51:32
Karina McDermot0:51:33
Tunde McDonald0:52:29
Chrissy Drewe0:52:40
Kuda Chinake0:53:30
Sandy Chinian0:53:55
Adrian Christian0:54:55
Bill McFarland0:55:13
Philippe Kopp0:55:14
Erno Virag0:56:54
Marique Cloete0:59:44
Shanique Newman-Brooks1:03:53
Tresha Hydes1:05:05
Natalie de Freitas1:05:12
Jacques de Swardt1:05:17
Janeth Bodden1:13:05
Runner 2Leg 2
Sarah Wium0:34:42
Annalet Kruger0:35:05
Levi Supeville0:37:15
Gill Gordon0:39:14
Nick Yale0:39:18
Wes Cullum0:39:19
Peter Kendall0:39:25
Graham Blyth0:39:25
Esmond Brown0:39:26
Phil Reed0:39:26
Megan Webb Sanders0:41:00
Shonari Gow0:41:13
Sarah Farquhar0:41:40
Alan Shek0:41:48
Scott Lohmeyer0:42:13
Warren Keens0:42:21
Charlotte Cloette0:42:23
Stewart Kasu0:42:26
Rogerio Pitta0:42:34
Rafael Paredes0:42:36
Mickael Roux0:42:36
Jalene Cruz0:42:39
Yazzer Abdulah0:42:49
Enrico Carmassi0:42:52
Lucas Henson0:43:02
Judy Wight0:43:17
Charlotte Kerr0:43:34
Mohamed Alaidah0:43:48
Marc Brunet0:44:04
Denis Olarou0:44:04
Kirsten Cellier0:44:15
Saxe Norton0:44:33
Warren Hartley0:45:35
Simon Artuch0:45:38
Bill Fluery0:46:08
Davidson Ruweende0:46:41
Andrea Bonfante0:46:59
Rennie Khan0:47:06
Heather Francis0:47:24
Briana Bodden0:48:12
Chris Bailey0:48:13
Conrad Gough0:48:13
Lizzette Yearwood0:48:29
Myron Blair0:49:03
Alex Garcia0:49:18
Sharmin Durant0:49:22
Kirsty MacGeoch0:49:51
Nikolett Nagy0:51:08
Jaclyn Jones0:51:20
Sabine Schommarz0:51:32
Martin Trott0:53:14
Felicia Wight0:53:28
Sheri Fleming0:57:39
Lisa Palfinger0:58:33
Liat-Leah Segal0:59:07
Yensi Ebanks0:59:36
Rafael Hasburn1:00:26
Scott Towler1:04:41
Andrea Rankin1:10:40
Arditch James1:53:59
Sharnette Samuels2:03:12
Runner 3Leg 3
Gina Argenzio0:24:33
Sanuia Henry0:36:46
Monique Cherrington0:38:20
Christian Henning0:40:31
Adam McSharry-Downie0:44:16
Kym Bailey0:47:06
Brandon Dale0:50:11
Esmond Brown0:50:17
Phil Reed0:50:18
Peter Kendall0:50:18
Graham Blyth0:50:20
Jeromini Kimario0:51:20
Johann Prinsloo0:51:52
Doireann Lynch0:52:39
Caitlin Mathiassen0:53:21
Michael Carnahan0:53:38
Vikasraj Bhatt0:53:47
Sonny Powell0:53:51
Kruger de Waal0:54:42
Kent Pearce0:54:46
Eimear Devlin0:54:47
Michelle Bailey0:55:46
Charlotte Cloette0:56:08
Warren Keens0:56:08
Ivan Vazquez0:56:24
Lucas Henson0:56:33
Gerda Strydom0:56:35
Chris Sutton0:56:50
Jarrod Moore0:56:55
Massimo Tirotta0:57:58
Sam Semito0:58:01
Metthew Lawson0:58:36
Hugh Turner0:58:53
Yazzer Abdulah0:59:01
Enrico Carmassi0:59:01
Janro Paderam0:59:05
Jalene Cruz0:59:16
Shailer Thomas0:59:44
Spencer Valentine1:00:18
Tova Wolinsky1:01:26
Shashank Singh1:01:56
Maria Leonce1:02:05
Simon Artuch1:02:57
Rumone Stone1:04:19
Denis Olarou1:04:42
Angelo Solimmando1:05:26
Saige Bancroft1:05:34
Radames Tognazzo1:05:35
Gabrielle Mesquita1:05:51
Stephen Chin1:05:58
Charl Grobler1:06:06
Kalyn Klaess1:06:29
Rogerio Pitta1:07:01
Emma North1:07:15
Wyatt Bodden1:07:45
Nora Dosa1:09:00
Dave Lilley1:09:44
David Ramsaran1:10:09
Geoffrey (Kitchen)1:10:39
Bill Fluery1:11:27
Sheena Esmeria1:33:07
Runner 4Leg 4
Theo Louw0:35:54
Joshua Weaver0:36:43
Michael Smikle0:38:08
Tom Cowling0:38:57
Chad Horwitz0:39:08
Gregley Gayle0:39:36
Jacques Adam0:42:03
Vin Zyl Fourie0:42:11
Andrea Lupo0:42:16
Kiel Donahue0:42:37
Istvan Nagy0:42:41
Ricky Crisontomo0:42:57
Chris Burke0:43:29
Guy Dilliway-Parry0:43:37
Paul van Galder0:44:54
Thomas Grey0:45:28
Lisa Kehoe0:45:45
Tom Shehan0:45:52
Genevieve Georgiades0:45:54
Jean Crossan0:47:34
Charlotte Cloette0:47:43
Warren Keens0:47:43
Lucas Henson0:47:58
Kristy-Anne Leith0:48:32
Jojo Besna0:48:45
Kinsey Joiner0:48:49
Jeremy Hadley0:48:56
Emmet Wilkinson0:49:11
Kiara McLaughlin0:49:16
Matthew Forbes0:49:24
Joel Gustafeson0:49:30
Leo Oliviera0:49:39
Karl Burburan0:50:15
Lee-Ann Pienar0:50:37
Jorge Prieto0:50:45
Phil Reed0:50:52
Graham Blyth0:50:52
Peter Kendall0:50:52
Esmond Brown0:50:52
Jalene Cruz0:50:55
Jared Joiner0:51:20
Mark Bakker0:52:59
Matthew Varendorf0:53:11
Eva Smith0:53:57
Sean Murphy0:55:40
Akshey Kapuria0:55:49
Carina Ploch0:57:01
Anna Farkas0:57:11
Maralynn Mulvihill0:58:57
Yazzer Abdulah0:59:31
Simon Artuch0:59:37
Denis Olarou1:00:16
Enrico Carmassi1:01:35
Rogerio Pitta1:05:52
Philip Smith1:06:03
Celia Cid1:11:06
Sabrina Walton1:20:49
Lydia Karori1:21:03
Laine Salaber1:21:29
Bill FlueryN/A
Georgianna BirchN/a
Runner 5Leg 5
Jason Trautman0:35:38
Sam Agyemange0:43:50
Kobus Minnaar0:44:52
Dan Dennhart0:45:34
Dan Tindall0:45:38
Ernest Sokobe0:45:47
Scott Harrison0:47:09
Denise de Swardt0:47:22
Taylor Wight0:48:16
Bernardo Lopez0:48:47
Marlie du Toit0:48:49
Marcus Rowe0:49:01
Lance Darius0:49:12
Roy Ebanks0:49:50
Isabella McGeough0:50:00
Giles Hobday0:51:19
Charlotte Cloette0:51:51
Paul Mal0:53:00
Warren Keens0:53:46
Phil Reed0:54:20
Graham Blyth0:54:20
Peter Kendall0:54:20
Esmond Brown0:54:22
Uliana Sadovnycha0:54:24
Ryan Murray0:54:41
Laurence Aiolfi0:54:55
Ian Smith0:55:32
Carole Stewart0:55:34
Mike Scott0:55:49
Matthew Walker0:56:39
Patrick Kathiari0:56:42
Chantel Incledon0:57:19
Melvin Hodgson0:58:26
Lucas Henson0:58:43
Issy Tomkinson0:58:55
Jalene Cruz0:58:56
Alicia Robinson0:59:31
Baty Bayles1:00:42
Hiran Putta1:02:15
Joshua Zimmer1:02:44
Julie Cumber1:03:24
Barry Yetton1:03:40
Brian Wong1:03:55
James Crooks1:06:10
Samantha Taylor1:07:16
Omar Grant1:08:45
Simon Artuch1:09:14
Mark Miranda1:12:23
Clarizza Labaco1:12:25
Denis Olarou1:13:24
Yazzer Abdulah1:17:33
Rogerio Pitta1:22:54
Joan Ebanks1:24:03
Enrico Carmassi1:29:35
Yomi So1:34:38
Rebecca Reid1:37:45
Shay MillerN/A
Stephanie CastilloN/A
Bill FlueryN/A
Sasha-Gaye OsborneN/a
Runner 6Leg 6
Juan Pablo Valerio0:28:48
Dave O’Driscoll0:33:57
Mihali Grispos0:34:36
Ava Hider0:34:57
Toby Bowles0:35:36
Jason Trautman0:36:05
Eduardo Montalvo0:36:16
Gill Gordon0:36:43
Simon Crompton0:36:47
Craig Pascoe0:36:48
Mike Kenna0:38:06
Parick Dunton0:38:07
Jerry Mastica0:38:44
James Birkett0:38:47
Keith O’Shea0:39:32
Marco Flores0:39:41
Delano Eksteen0:39:46
Williams Lucien0:39:53
Iulian Davidoff0:40:49
Finn Howie0:40:59
Henno Viljsen0:41:09
Hussain Alhasani0:41:35
Nicole Gordon0:42:58
Giorgio Pescetto0:43:11
Olaleye ‘Deji0:43:37
Mary Martin0:44:12
Phil Reed0:44:25
Graham Blyth0:44:25
Esmond Brown0:44:25
Peter Kendall0:44:26
Marco Gaspar0:44:50
Cameron Porter0:45:48
Charlotte Cloette0:46:24
Luis Sanchez0:47:03
Henri Ireri0:48:05
Marvin Gordon0:48:36
Warren Keens0:49:39
Yensi Contreras0:51:08
Maria Blandford0:51:18
Emma Draffin0:51:31
Ivan Gonzalex0:51:34
Ben Strangeway0:51:58
Jalene Cruz0:52:23
Lucas Henson0:53:19
Sharon Faner0:54:24
Hugh Delprat0:55:11
Denis Olarou0:57:23
Sharon Taiy0:57:46
Yazzer Abdulah1:02:00
Simon Artuch1:02:28
Rogerio Pitta1:03:11
Viola Pusztai1:03:41
Mika Hlungwani1:06:44
Enrico Carmassi1:08:31
Petric Bissan1:09:05
Jodiann Jackson1:17:25
Osmond Lynch1:19:44
Shay MillerN/A
Maria DeSilvaN/A
Bill FlueryN/A
Mirasol AlvarezN/a
Off The Beaten Track 2020 Results
All Female Teams
PlaceNameTotal TimeLeg1Leg2Leg3Leg4Leg5Leg6
1345AC Brown Rudnick Mdr Gurls4:27:34.20:37:060:43:340:52:390:49:160:50:000:34:57
2Girls On The Run4:46:58.40:43:290:41:400:55:460:45:450:57:190:42:58
Individual 50k runners
PlaceNameTotal TimeLeg1Leg2Leg3Leg4Leg5Leg6
1Phil Reed4:40:59.70:41:350:39:260:50:180:50:520:54:200:44:25
2Peter Kendall4:40:59.80:41:370:39:250:50:180:50:520:54:200:44:26
3Graham Blyth4:40:59.90:41:360:39:250:50:200:50:520:54:200:44:25
4Esmond Brown4:41:00.30:41:360:39:260:50:170:50:520:54:220:44:25
5Charlotte Cloette4:50:38.70:46:080:42:230:56:080:47:430:51:510:46:24
6Warren Keens4:55:47.70:46:080:42:210:56:080:47:430:53:460:49:39
7Lucas Henson5:04:42.50:45:040:43:020:56:330:47:580:58:430:53:19
8Jalene Cruz5:08:26.10:44:150:42:390:59:160:50:550:58:560:52:23
9Yazzer Abdulah5:45:17.60:44:220:42:490:59:010:59:311:17:331:02:00
10Simon Artuch5:45:17.70:45:220:45:381:02:570:59:371:09:141:02:28
11Denis Olarou5:47:10.30:47:200:44:041:04:421:00:161:13:240:57:23
12Enrico Carmassi6:05:56.80:44:200:42:520:59:011:01:351:29:351:08:31
13Rogerio Pitta6:05:57.30:44:220:42:341:07:011:05:521:22:541:03:11
DNFBill FlueryDNF0:45:040:46:081:11:27   
Mixed Team
PlaceNameTotal TimeLeg1Leg2Leg3Leg4Leg5Leg6
1F45 Superstars4:34:03.20:49:490:48:130:47:060:39:080:55:490:33:57
2Pizza Hut Trailblazers4:35:48.90:44:500:43:171:05:580:36:430:48:160:36:43
3F45 Gazelles4:38:31.90:45:330:39:190:51:520:45:280:59:310:36:47
4Wnrc Cirque Du Sore Legs4:41:40.90:44:150:41:000:56:500:45:540:55:340:38:06
5I Just Felt Like Running4:47:47.80:44:410:42:130:59:440:51:200:45:340:44:12
6Anytime Fitness5:13:29.10:52:400:59:361:01:260:43:290:54:410:41:35
7Easier Said Than Run5:14:30.50:43:280:48:290:24:330:39:36  
8F45 Squad5:18:17.50:54:550:53:140:54:470:48:491:00:420:45:48
9Team Six Pack5:27:29.50:51:330:48:131:05:350:47:341:03:240:51:08
10Grand Runners5:37:45.50:53:550:58:331:05:340:57:110:54:240:48:05
11F45 Cayman5:41:31.90:41:330:39:141:06:290:58:570:55:321:19:44
12Sol Road Warriors5:42:55.00:50:540:49:031:02:051:11:060:58:260:51:18
Corporate Teams
PlaceNameTotal TimeLeg1Leg2Leg3Leg4Leg5Leg6
1Kpmg Sparks Will Fly4:04:38.90:49:540:35:050:44:160:35:540:44:520:34:36
2Deloitte Wild Dogs4:17:04.30:42:430:44:040:53:470:42:030:35:380:38:47
3Kpmg Lite The Fuse4:17:32.50:43:120:34:420:51:200:42:370:45:470:39:53
4Kpmg Hive’s Alive4:24:05.80:41:380:47:060:40:310:49:110:48:490:36:48
5Kpmg Flare 14:35:37.10:44:320:42:260:53:380:49:300:47:220:38:07
6Catch Restaurant4:46:22.10:44:200:49:180:58:010:42:570:53:000:38:44
7Team Westin4:47:03.20:46:240:49:220:56:240:49:240:49:120:36:16
8Kpmg Fusion Elite4:53:56.10:48:050:49:510:56:350:50:370:49:010:39:46
9Deloitte Fa5:01:37.00:49:260:44:150:54:420:53:111:03:550:36:05
10Pwc Easier Said Than Run5:04:41.10:46:370:51:320:58:530:48:560:47:090:51:31
11Mufg Force5:07:36.20:55:140:47:240:54:460:44:540:56:390:48:36
12Kirk Market Couch Potatoes5:07:53.90:52:290:41:131:04:190:45:520:48:470:55:11
13Usa Risk Group5:11:33.61:05:120:45:350:56:550:52:590:51:190:39:32
15Kpmg Hive’s Arrived!5:23:48.00:51:320:51:201:07:150:50:151:02:150:41:09
17Marriott Beach House5:25:05.20:49:500:43:481:10:390:57:010:56:420:47:03
18Maples Group5:27:08.30:49:520:53:281:01:561:06:030:43:500:51:58
19Pwc Thunder Thighs5:32:14.30:53:300:44:331:09:440:53:570:58:550:51:34
20Grant Thornton5:53:48.10:46:560:41:480:58:360:55:401:24:031:06:44
21Kpmg Flare 25:56:38.51:05:170:46:411:06:060:42:111:07:161:09:05
22Pwc Chafing The Dream5:58:39.70:59:440:57:390:53:210:49:391:34:380:43:37
23Kpmg Bright Sparks6:15:22.50:49:560:48:121:05:510:55:491:37:450:57:46
24Water Authority Cayman (wac)6:33:35.20:48:021:04:410:53:511:20:491:08:451:17:25
25Kirk Market Beet It6:33:51.11:13:051:53:590:36:461:21:03  
26Kirk Market Green Milers7:05:40.21:05:050:59:071:33:071:21:291:12:250:54:24
*Kirk Market It’s A Pizza Cake4:25:51.61:03:532:03:120:38:20   
Team Male
PlaceNameTotal TimeLeg1Leg2Leg3Leg4Leg5Leg6
1Over Confident And Under Trained4:06:41.10:37:000:39:180:50:110:38:570:45:380:35:36
2345AC Krys Global4:32:16.20:34:080:37:151:07:450:38:081:06:100:28:48
3Rum Runner4:56:00.50:44:110:42:361:05:260:50:450:49:500:43:11
4Team Pappagallo5:06:57.70:55:130:46:590:57:580:42:161:03:400:40:49
5Knockout Fitness5:12:04.40:44:220:42:360:59:050:48:451:12:230:44:50

Off The Beaten Track 50 K Ultra Marathon Established in 2010 by KRyS Global Founder, Executive Chairman and ultra-marathon runner, Kenneth Krys, Off The Beaten Track continues to maintain its adrenaline-charged reputation with both local and international participation by creating a different route every year.Now in its 12th year, Off The Beaten Track is an annual charitable 50km ultra-marathon designed to emulate the Marathon des Sables. With running enthusiasts designing this course, participants can expect to be pushed to their limits. Taking runners on a route through uncharted, lush, tropical bush, sandy and rocky beaches and through unseen back roads on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.This one-of-a-kind marathon experience offers two challenging options to its runners:• The individual who seeks an intense challenge can tackle this 50 KM cross-country course, demonstrating endurance and conquering the elements of Cayman.• 6 runner relay teams can forge friendships, as they each take on approximately 8km and connect at the finish line.

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