An overcast morning at 5am left one wondering if the weather would be kind to the 26 Ultra-Distance runners geeing up for the 50k of mixed terrain around Grand Cayman, and of course the 60 relay teams making up the vast majority of participants for this year’s OTBT.

Leg 1 – The race started from Patrick’s Island at 6am with runners weaving their way along the streets of Prospect and cutting through to Admiral’s Avenue where they came across the first bit of bush and a little mud, which isn’t too much of a problem ordinarily but it was still dark when they reached so one had to tread carefully so early in the run. Out on to Shamrock Road, passing Grand Harbour and heading down South Sound where they were directed at the water stop to follow the coast line for a while, around a couple of fences, over a pallet and back on to the road until a turn right on to an old dyke road, which was not too pleasant under foot but when you eventually exited, you would work your way to Linford Pierson Hwy where the leg 1 runners would hand their batons over.

The race was led by Abraham Whittaker ‘345Athletic Club’s A-Team’ (sponsored by Harneys) who completed the course in 38:20 and over a minute ahead of next runner, Ben Strangeway of ‘WNRC Scrambled Legs and Achin’ and Nick Rogers of ‘Bitfits’ a very creditable third. The first solo runner was Enrico Carmassi who passed this checkpoint in 46:24 with Phil Reed, Yazzer Abdulah and Olivia Shanks coming through about 30 seconds later.

Leg 2 – was the longest leg with more twisty bits than Chubby Checker. It started off along the trail and turned right into bush and exiting on Outpost road, left then right up and through Leguinea Circle, passing the Truman Bodden Sports Complex, around the school and on to Walkers Road. Back in to Winsor Park, exit on Smith Road, some more twists and on to Goring Avenue, Elgin Avenue (you all with me so far?) around the back of GHAB, Cricket Square, Shedden Road and a straight forward run to Owen Roberts, keep going, onto a trail, pass the gun range across some open ground, passing GTYC and long trail to the end of the leg which was at the back of Progressive Distributors. Phew!

The fastest leg 2 runner was Jason Trautman (53:22) bring his team ‘Deloitte Fas and Furious’ right up the pecking order whilst Van Zyl Fourie (54:23) of ‘KPMG Hivenotors 1’ also pushing the pace on this leg. Lauren Hogan of ‘F45 Ladies’ was quickest female on Leg 2 and pushed her team ahead in the All-Female team category. However, at the front it was Levi Superville who brought the baton through first for 345AC A-Team whilst the Flashy Nation – Armpits had moved into second spot thanks to Kendall Ebanks. In the corporate race it was Intertrust leading the way and third overall after two legs. In the All-Female div it was Kiara Mclaughlin of 345AC Girls (sponsored by Brown Rudnick) who just edged in front of Michelle Bailey of Girls in Limbo for second and third behind F45 Ladies.

In the 50k race it was Phil and Olivia who were running together and had opened up a 3 minutes gap on Mike Kenna, Yazzer and Enrico. Oddy Grullon and Jelene Cruz were running together.

Leg 3 – Less complicated route had runners across the open land to a dyke road that exited at the rear of Camana Bay. Along the dock and around the new development which ended up on the far side of the old Britannia golf course. Passing the old Hyatt and down Snug Harbour and end up cutting through to Clipper Bay.

It was Matt “Sticks” Volkwyn who dominated this leg with an impressive time of 33:22 bring the FN Armpits well ahead of the field. Wes Heistand (Between a Walk and a Hard Pace) also ran quickly with a time of 35:05 with Matteo Manfio of Bitfits third quickest time. At the sharp-end it was Intertrust who moved into second overall as the 345AC team moved out of contention (Jamie assured me he had studied the map!!), whilst another 345AC team (sponsored by Brown Rudnick) moved into third spot. F45 Ladies were still ahead of the All-Female div but closing the gap was 345AC Girls thanks to Charlotte Kerr’s run who had pulled away from Girls in Limbo who were kept in third by Toni Pinkerton.

Phil and Olivia were streets ahead of nearest rival Yazzer, Mike Kenna, Enrico, Jalene, Oddy and Matthew Harkness who, like all the 50k runners were now feeling the heat at half-way – now we will see who has paced it best.

Leg 4 – Probably the easiest and shortest and apologies for the last minute adjustment at the end of North Sound Golf course, but heck it saved you a few hundred meters so who’s complaining!

The FN Armpits remained ahead of the field as Jamie Hughes time of 28:15 kep the pressure on the rest of the field. However InterTrust really wanted this as Warren Keens posted a time of 26:24 for the quickest leg and were closing the gap. 345AC BR Team were also making a thrust for top spot as Javier Perez’s time of 26:43 was quick whilst Tommy Kehoe posted 26:41 to move 345 A-Team into fourth spot. Quickest lady was Michelle Vinton (29:49) whilst 9 year old Doireann Lynch moved 345AC Girls closer to F45 Ladies.

Olivia and Phil stretched their lead and were really enjoying the Sunday morning training run! Yazzer and Mike continued working hard for second and third male place whilst Jalene had pulled ahead of Oddy.

Leg 5 – If you like a 2 mile beach run then you would enjoy leg 5 as if started at Governor’s Beach and headed up to Boggy Sands Road. There was a few tricky turns and if you had not studied the route you could have got lost in West Bay. Up NW Point, Turn on Watercourse Road and weave your way through to Boneventure. To the Turtle Farm, along Boatswains Bay and a turn south to finish the leg in Hell. With the sun’s rays it may have felt as hot as hell.

When Patrick Harfield took the baton he was probably a bit surprised the team were trailing the leaders by 8 minutes and off he sprinted up the beach. When Patrick gets the bit between his teeth and pushes the metal to the floor he is a very capable runner. His speed saw him quickly move in to third, then second and by the end of leg 5 he had taken his team 345 AC A-Team back in to the lead. Patrick had run a storming leg posting an impressive time of 38:53. The second fastest time of the day on Leg 5 was Ava Hider that just moved 345AC marginally ahead of F45 Ladies for the top two spots in all-female div. Josh Weaver (Pizza Hut Trailblaizers) posted the third quickest time of leg 5 with Adam McSharry fourth quickest for KPMG Sparks will Fly. Adam was soon take to hospital and we wish him well and hope he has a speedy recovery.

Leg 6 – Juan Pablo Valerio took the baton from Patrick and instead of relaxing he went out very hard to ensure he ran the quickest Leg 6 (33:53) and that his team were worth winners. Gabe Rabess also pushed the envelope and completed in a time of 36:04  and only just missed out on second overall as Jon Roney held him off as Intertrust came home second overall but winners of the Corporate div.

In the ladies it was Kyra Rabess who held of the challenge of Gill Gordon top ensure the 345AC Girls won this division

We at Race Caribbean enjoyed today and not even the broken down van (Leg 4 runners may have giggled seeing it parked on the side of Esterley Tibbitts Bypass) could dampen our spirits and ruin the day. A huge thanks to the volunteers of course who attended changeover locations and waterstops, to Derek Marshall of 1001.6 Kiss Fm who provided the music and entertainment, to Zulu and team for the liquid refreshments, to Barny and Bacaro for the food, to all sponsors KRyS Global, Tower, Harneys, Brown Rudnick, BDO, Campbells, Mourants. If I have missed anyone I am truly sorry but so far this has been a 17 hour day and I’m knackered!

1Phil Reed4:42:46.10:46:541:00:410:38:390:33:381:00:200:42:31
2Olivia Shanks4:42:46.40:46:541:00:400:38:400:33:381:00:210:42:31
3Jalene Cruz5:41:23.10:50:421:12:140:48:210:40:341:17:070:52:23
4Oddy Grullon5:52:45.30:55:031:07:540:49:500:42:241:20:300:57:02
5Mike Kenna5:55:14.50:47:311:03:490:53:560:46:361:23:201:00:01
6Yazzer Abdulah6:04:41.80:46:561:03:590:49:430:49:091:28:341:06:18
7Nadine Gray6:17:41.21:02:391:13:170:54:500:40:561:23:481:02:08
8Enrico Carmassi6:27:09.20:46:241:04:290:56:030:52:071:35:351:12:29
9Sharnelle Byles6:34:09.70:55:191:11:510:52:320:49:401:34:111:10:35
10Doug Anderson6:34:09.81:02:281:08:160:52:460:43:451:28:191:18:35
11Matthew Harkness6:43:11.00:54:391:09:180:47:560:51:401:44:201:15:16
12Denis Olarou6:46:45.51:02:411:11:240:54:090:47:081:39:591:11:22
13Kerri Kanuga6:52:00.11:03:141:27:430:59:160:50:071:34:020:57:36
14Justine Plenkiewicz6:57:14.41:06:471:24:101:04:390:50:211:28:261:02:50
15Robert Szalk7:27:09.61:02:231:25:301:02:380:49:491:50:011:16:45
16Sam Young7:39:15.80:53:141:08:501:02:231:07:532:07:381:19:16
17Yensi Contreras7:43:59.21:02:261:25:271:03:381:08:201:51:401:12:26
18Yendy Gonzalez7:44:51.91:02:481:25:471:02:471:08:301:49:581:15:01
19Rogerio Pitta7:44:52.11:02:451:25:351:02:301:09:081:49:461:15:06
20Raquel Santoyo7:44:52.31:02:271:25:281:02:451:09:121:49:541:15:05
21Cesar Aparil7:44:52.71:02:491:25:301:03:141:08:261:51:331:13:19
22Jan Robinson Paderan7:44:52.81:02:241:25:311:03:011:08:551:50:171:14:42
23Sharmin Durant7:52:07.71:03:471:28:311:10:430:57:081:50:081:21:47
24Declan Magennis7:52:55.01:02:531:29:421:11:260:55:371:48:161:24:58
*Gavin GrayDNF1:02:391:13:170:58:300:56:35  
*Andrew KeastDNS      
Open Division
1345ac Harneys4:04:39.20:38:200:56:360:50:140:26:410:38:530:33:53
2345ac Brown Rudnick4:20:04.30:45:340:58:250:38:430:26:430:54:330:36:04
3Fn Armpits4:20:48.40:41:101:01:310:32:220:28:150:58:560:38:32
4Pizza Hut Trailblaizers4:55:38.30:47:171:06:560:38:490:37:410:47:430:57:10
5Wnrc Scrambled Legs And Achin’4:59:29.20:39:291:04:190:45:530:37:500:53:350:58:22
6345ac Tower Marketing5:01:23.30:55:031:02:300:40:370:37:031:02:210:43:46
8Blue Lions5:03:38.60:48:11e1:05:32e0:45:440:39:370:59:210:45:14
9Kpmg Fetching Flare5:09:48.30:56:241:05:320:47:570:33:160:53:350:53:02
10Cayman Kinda5:14:07.00:55:031:05:440:43:390:49:571:02:130:37:28
11Fn Bastardos5:19:45.90:54:081:03:580:55:400:34:361:10:060:41:16
12345ac Krys Global5:23:18.30:47:241:05:180:51:220:40:341:07:280:51:10
13Between A Walk And A Hard Place5:32:29.10:47:451:12:480:35:050:34:261:11:531:10:30
14Long-Distance Relay-Tionship5:37:27.90:55:041:11:530:38:330:47:061:15:050:49:43
15Cool Runnings5:41:09.70:53:421:19:520:48:430:31:541:02:221:04:34
16Chicken Feet5:41:16.01:02:241:25:310:56:510:35:410:52:010:48:46
17Last Minute Dot Com5:50:55.61:03:461:10:440:49:030:44:521:05:070:57:20
18Geenlight Ensures We Run6:00:33.50:57:391:18:060:52:280:53:571:10:050:48:16
19Best Position We’ve Ever Been In6:06:00.51:00:301:12:281:01:340:41:541:24:500:44:42
20The Incredibles6:07:52.10:55:031:22:061:09:100:43:371:12:530:45:02
21Purple Dragon Road Warriors6:11:10.51:03:161:06:351:06:060:38:121:24:400:52:19
22Good Cop, Bad Runner6:13:25.51:11:141:19:280:49:560:34:421:17:001:01:02
23Knockout Fitness6:17:13.51:02:471:25:061:02:560:39:001:19:340:47:48
24Team Mcfarland6:23:09.51:02:511:13:360:55:210:49:421:21:19e1:00:19e
25Run Or Not Run6:25:50.40:57:431:18:130:46:390:49:400:58:301:35:03
26Sol Road Warrior6:26:53.00:52:581:20:360:55:070:48:091:28:321:01:29
Team Corporate
1Intertrust #notlast4:19:25.50:47:590:54:510:38:220:26:240:52:080:39:39
2Kpmg Sparks Will Fly4:22:37.30:52:110:55:280:37:250:32:390:48:140:36:38
3Kpmg Lite The Fuse4:26:44.90:48:540:55:050:39:260:32:030:51:190:39:55
4Cayman Rugby 7’s4:38:00.00:52:100:58:210:38:390:30:310:56:090:42:07
5Red Sail Sports4:38:40.30:43:201:04:200:37:000:32:470:54:450:46:25
6Catch Restaurant4:58:21.70:46:241:01:140:40:170:42:131:04:110:44:01
7Deloitte Fas And Furious4:59:43.20:54:040:53:220:48:350:32:051:08:100:43:25
8Rawlinson & Hunter4:59:45.10:53:260:59:060:50:000:30:210:52:450:54:04
9Team Pappagallo5:07:38.50:57:131:09:130:44:360:34:490:57:060:44:38
12Hyperion Heroes5:15:56.60:56:051:07:530:45:390:38:241:08:360:39:17
13Kpmg Hivenotors 15:17:52.51:04:310:54:230:45:200:44:071:09:240:40:04
14Kpmg Fusion Elite5:17:57.50:54:481:10:100:39:390:43:491:03:370:45:52
15Team Ogier5:20:48.60:51:001:11:220:39:570:32:271:02:291:03:31
16Ritz Carlton Lions5:37:10.21:02:491:12:050:42:290:38:240:59:361:01:44
17Ritz Carton Runners5:39:04.50:51:521:07:450:46:250:39:541:11:311:01:35
18Advantage Insurance5:39:35.21:01:151:07:250:55:100:44:07e1:02:42e0:48:38
19Pwc Reservoir Jogs5:41:19.71:01:591:02:400:50:320:40:511:17:220:47:53
20Kpmg Hivenotors 25:49:58.61:03:021:10:590:42:361:05:421:05:440:41:52
21It Outsource Ltd5:52:19.90:47:311:03:470:52:050:49:191:14:451:04:50
22Kirk Market A5:54:20.21:02:271:25:210:53:520:46:101:05:020:41:25
23Mourant Ozannes6:09:42.70:54:401:24:151:10:480:51:201:06:390:41:58
24Pwc Cirque Du Sore Legs6:14:45.81:09:481:14:361:04:470:35:001:18:340:51:59
25Team Harneys6:15:30.11:00:291:15:250:57:490:39:420:58:131:23:50
26Team Tower6:16:01.11:09:081:30:210:50:400:37:201:24:210:44:08
27Kirk Market B6:23:09.61:07:201:20:340:51:590:47:581:23:210:51:56
28Team Maples6:25:26.41:01:301:22:360:57:130:44:561:17:561:01:14
29Kpmg Bright Sparks7:14:57.40:54:501:36:541:04:450:51:051:51:580:55:23
Team Female
1345ac Female Team Brown Rudnick4:39:33.10:54:111:04:150:39:140:33:220:47:240:41:04
2F45 Ladies4:40:46.20:54:370:54:390:41:210:36:380:51:340:41:54
3Girls In Limbo5:02:34.00:54:501:05:580:43:370:34:340:57:480:45:44
4Wnrc Miles To Martinis5:06:16.40:50:421:00:060:42:310:36:071:14:360:42:12
5Wtf “where’s The Finish”5:42:41.11:03:141:15:480:38:580:41:271:08:160:54:57
Abraham Whittaker0:38:20
Ben Strangeway0:39:29
Nick Rogers0:39:51
Marlon Crowe0:41:10
Chase Young0:43:20
Pierre Sokohl0:45:34
Enrico Carmassi0:46:24
Enrico Carmassi0:46:24
Ian Ballard0:46:49
Olivia Shanks0:46:54
Phil Reed0:46:54
Yazzer Abdulah0:46:56
Isabella McGeough0:47:17
Michal Segal0:47:24
Mike Kenna0:47:31
Mike Kenna0:47:31
Marco Miranda0:47:45
Jaco Smit0:47:59
Sandy Chinian0:48:11e
Dan Jones0:48:54
Claude Plamondon0:48:54
Jalene Cruz0:50:42
Jalene Cruz0:50:42
Joanne Huckle0:51:00
Doris Avalon0:51:52
Robbie Crib0:52:10
Andrew Schofield0:52:11
Maria Blandford0:52:58
Sam Young0:53:14
Mark Edmunds0:53:26
Anna Boughey0:53:42
Mike Green0:54:04
Shane Delaney0:54:08
Sami Peene0:54:11
Leanne Thorne0:54:37
Matthew Harkness0:54:39
Gemma Cowan0:54:40
Gerda Strydom0:54:48
Wendy Zhang0:54:50
Keith O’Shea0:54:50
Ben Vagniez0:55:03
Cynthia Hew0:55:03
Oddy Grullon0:55:03
Oddy Grullon0:55:03
Catherine Grundy0:55:04
Sharnelle Byles0:55:19
Shane Roberts0:56:05
Megan Dand0:56:24
Jesus Andres Rivas0:57:13
Antonia Furniss0:57:39
Nikolett Szoboszlai0:57:43
Daniella Shorwich1:00:29
Jamie Blake1:00:30
Liam Fleming1:01:15
Petrina Moore1:01:30
Emma Draffin1:01:59
Robert Szalk1:02:23
Jan Robinson Paderan1:02:24
Jan Robinson Paderan1:02:24
Yensi Contreras1:02:26
Liat-Leah Tebeka1:02:27
Raquel Santoyo1:02:27
Doug Anderson1:02:28
Nadine Gray1:02:39
Gavin Gray1:02:39
Denis Olarou1:02:41
Rogerio Pitta1:02:45
Yendy Gonzalez1:02:47
Yendy Gonzalez1:02:48
Alexandra Anitoaie1:02:49
Cesar Aparil1:02:49
Jody McFarland1:02:51
Declan Magennis1:02:53
Chantelle Erasmus1:03:02
Kerri Kanuga1:03:14
Kerri Kanuga1:03:14
Cathy Williams1:03:16
Sharmin Durant1:03:46
Sharmin Durant1:03:47
Jaclyn Jones1:04:31
Justine Plenkiewicz1:06:47
Raquel Santoyo1:07:20
Elissa Costello1:09:08
Kerri-Lee Saunders1:09:48
Evelin Mena1:11:14
Jason Trautman0:53:22
Van Zyl Fourie0:54:23
Lauren Hogan0:54:39
Vikram Dookhy0:54:51
Markus Kruger0:55:05
Annalet Meyer0:55:28
Levi Superville0:56:36
Joshua Clark0:58:21
James Crooks0:58:25
Tom Dillon0:58:43
Chris Smith0:59:06
Nicola Freeth1:00:06
Olivia Shanks1:00:40
Phil Reed1:00:41
Alex Garcia1:01:14
Kendall Ebanks1:01:31
Cullainn Lynch1:02:30
Scott Harrison1:02:40
Carolyn Maguire1:03:47
Mike Kenna1:03:49
Alex Johnson1:03:58
Tiago Rodrigues1:03:58
Yazzer Abdulah1:03:59
Kiara McLaughlin1:04:15
Chris Sutton1:04:19
Gio Muller1:04:20
Enrico Carmassi1:04:29
Ken Krys1:05:18
Rennie Khan1:05:32
Roy Ebanks1:05:32e
Sue Merren1:05:44
Michelle Bailey1:05:58
Lenin Perumalsamy1:06:35
Judy Wight1:06:56
Mark Mugglestone1:07:25
Ibrahim Odundo1:07:45
Chris Lennon1:07:53
Oddy Grullon1:07:54
Doug Anderson1:08:16
Sam Young1:08:50
Amadeo Sacco1:09:13
Matthew Harkness1:09:18
Niko Whittaker1:10:10
Ashley Gunning1:10:44
Craig Morgan1:10:59
Michael Robinson1:11:22
Denis Olarou1:11:24
Sharnelle Byles1:11:51
Patrick Moran1:11:53
Dexter Bangilan1:12:05
Jalene Cruz1:12:14
Rachael Gaunt1:12:28
Gavin McDougall1:12:48
Nadine Gray1:13:17
Gavin Gray1:13:17
Jody McFarland1:13:36
Jeremy Hadley1:14:36
Wolraad Euvrard1:15:25
Kerina McDermot1:15:48
Alex Leonard1:18:06
Viki Acsai1:18:13
Alan Parada1:19:28
Katie Devlin1:19:52
Ramjeet Johnson1:20:34
Myron Blair1:20:36
Shirley Wevers-Nakhwa1:22:06
Brennan Ebanks1:22:36
Ulrich Payne1:23:45
Justine Plenkiewicz1:24:10
Jaclyn Pascoe1:24:15
Yensi Contreras1:25:06
Tresha Hydes1:25:21
Yensi Contreras1:25:27
Raquel Santoyo1:25:28
Robert Szalk1:25:30
Cesar Aparil1:25:30
Raquel Santoyo1:25:31
Jan Robinson Paderan1:25:31
Rogerio Pitta1:25:35
Yendy Gonzalez1:25:47
Kerri Kanuga1:27:43
Sharmin Durant1:28:31
Declan Magennis1:29:42
Delano Myers1:30:21
Silvia Simion1:36:54
Matthew Volkwyn0:32:22
Wes Heistand0:35:05
Matteo Manfio0:36:54
Mark Tilley0:37:00
Mihali Grispos0:37:25
Charlotte Cloete0:38:22
Mark Grundy0:38:33
Edward Westin0:38:39
Phil Reed0:38:39
Olivia Shanks0:38:40
Charles Sokohl0:38:43
Gill Gordon0:38:49
Jennefer Coleman0:38:58
Charlotte Kerr0:39:14
Lara Butler0:39:26
Craig Pascoe0:39:39
Catherine Hayward-Hughes0:39:57
Vlad Blaj0:40:17
Andrew Peene0:40:37
Breda Meehan0:41:21
Gergana Lyutskanova0:42:29
Sarah Morris0:42:31
Rajesh Pinjani0:42:36
Toni Pinkerton0:43:37
Sandy Hew0:43:39
Nish Vora0:44:06
Andrea Bonfante0:44:36
Juan-Claude Delport0:45:20
Martin Cooke0:45:39
Angelo Solimando0:45:44
Trishana Osbourne0:45:53
Luis Gillian0:46:25
Erno Virag0:46:39
Matthew Harkness0:47:56
Cally Daly0:47:57
Jalene Cruz0:48:21
Brian Wong0:48:35
Kelly Cowling0:48:43
Sally Munro0:49:00
Claire Gunning0:49:03
Yazzer Abdulah0:49:43
Oddy Grullon0:49:50
Craig Robinson0:49:56
Sophia Smith0:50:00
Jamie Piper0:50:14
Sabine Schommarz0:50:32
Kirsty MacGeoch0:50:40
Ken Krys0:51:22
Tunde McDonald0:51:59
Sacha Allen0:52:05
Faramarz Romer0:52:28
Sharnelle Byles0:52:32
Doug Anderson0:52:46
Zacrae Cornwall0:53:52
Mike Kenna0:53:56
Denis Olarou0:54:09
Nadine Gray0:54:50
Maria Leonce0:55:07
Andrew Bellfield0:55:10
Bill McFarland0:55:21
Francis Omar0:55:40
Enrico Carmassi0:56:03
Ma Theresa Obispo0:56:51
Antonio Christian0:57:13
Sydonie Barratt0:57:49
Gavin Gray0:58:30
Kerri Kanuga0:59:16
Suzi Culbert1:01:34
Sam Young1:02:23
Rogerio Pitta1:02:30
Robert Szalk1:02:38
Raquel Santoyo1:02:45
Yendy Gonzalez1:02:47
Rogerio Pitta1:02:56
Jan Robinson Paderan1:03:01
Cesar Aparil1:03:14
Yensi Contreras1:03:38
Justine Plenkiewicz1:04:39
Jessica Lopez1:04:45
Kuda Chinake1:04:47
Mabel Dadal1:06:06
Matthew Hylton1:09:10
Sharmin Durant1:10:43
Andrea Forbes1:10:48
Declan Magennis1:11:26
Warren Keens0:26:24
Tommy Kehoe0:26:41
Javier Perez0:26:43
Jamie Hughes0:28:15
Michelle Vinton0:29:49
Kevin Huys0:30:21
Josh Brown0:30:31
Andrew Morrison0:31:31
Tom Cowling0:31:54
Charl Grobler0:32:03
Jason Deamer0:32:05
Daniel Hayward-Hughes0:32:27
Ross Webb0:32:39
Bill Edwards0:32:47
Marcus Rowe0:33:16
Doireann Lynch0:33:22
Phil Reed0:33:38
Olivia Shanks0:33:38
Steve Durkston0:34:26
Chantel Incledon0:34:34
Ed Catanduanes0:34:36
Sharmar Hayles0:34:42
Julian Davido0:34:49
Jesse Childs0:35:00
Marita Naz0:35:41
Rumyana Takova0:36:07
Amy Dyer0:36:38
Lucas Thompson0:37:03
Brydie Phillips0:37:20
Taylor Wight0:37:41
Jasmine Brown0:37:50
Gillian Belfonte0:38:12
Logan Graydon0:38:24
Richard Reading0:38:24
Jose Contreras0:39:00
Marcella Connolly0:39:01
Aniket Singh0:39:37
Clive O’Mahony0:39:42
Crystal Marshall0:39:54
Nathaniel Harlowe0:40:34
Jalene Cruz0:40:34
Kurtis Yorke0:40:51
Nadine Gray0:40:56
July Cumber0:41:27
David Gordon0:41:54
Georgiana Anicai0:42:13
Oddy Grullon0:42:24
Amy Hubble0:43:37
Doug Anderson0:43:45
Hiran Putta0:43:49
Bianca Brown0:44:07
Matthew Lawson0:44:07e
Alys Lindley0:44:52
Martina Boyle0:44:56
Sheena Esmeria0:46:10
Mike Kenna0:46:36
Yvonne Pemberton0:47:06
Denis Olarou0:47:08
Sharon Faner0:47:58
Celia Hydes0:48:09
Yazzer Abdulah0:49:09
Rachel Baxendale0:49:19
Aleksandra Joanna Kiec0:49:40
Sharnelle Byles0:49:40
Bill McFarland0:49:42
Robert Szalk0:49:49
Louise Warren0:49:57
Kerri Kanuga0:50:07
Justine Plenkiewicz0:50:21
Mutsa Mutsago0:51:05
Melanie Payne0:51:20
Matthew Harkness0:51:40
Enrico Carmassi0:52:07
Richard Stommer0:53:57
Declan Magennis0:55:37
Gavin Gray0:56:35
Sharmin Durant0:57:08
Angie Vogel1:05:42
Sam Young1:07:53
Yensi Contreras1:08:20
Cesar Aparil1:08:26
Yendy Gonzalez1:08:30
Jan Robinson Paderan1:08:55
Rogerio Pitta1:09:08
Raquel Santoyo1:09:12
Patrick Harfield0:38:53
Ava Hider0:47:24
Josh Weaver0:47:43
Adam McSharry-Downie0:48:14
Sarah Wium0:51:19
Jill Fawcett0:51:34
Jojo Besana0:52:01
Evert Brunekreef0:52:08
Martin Trott0:52:45
Marlie du Toit0:53:35
Goncalo Alves0:53:35
Javier Perez0:54:33
Joe Paolone0:54:45
Joel Clark0:56:09
Andrea Lupo0:57:06
Masia Weder0:57:48
Brad Johnston0:58:13
Henrik Butz0:58:30
Fabian McCallum0:58:56
Mickael Rous0:59:21
Tobias Muchene0:59:36
Phil Reed1:00:20
Olivia Shanks1:00:21
Derek Haines1:02:13
Josh Conan1:02:21
Tom Cowling1:02:22
Giorgio Subiotto1:02:29
Derek Stensen1:02:42e
Nitish Bajaj1:03:37
Fakry Fakry1:04:11
Aaron Bernardo1:04:19
Sonia McCreath1:05:02
Hugh Dickson1:05:07
Vaughan Guest1:05:44
Genevieve Georgiades1:05:57
Corey Stokes1:06:39
Brennan Vavra1:07:28
Jason Deamer1:08:10
Jean Crossan1:08:16
Gary Callaghan1:08:36
Taito Harrington1:09:24
Robert Linkley1:10:05
Gabriella ??1:10:06
Uli Hoppe1:11:31
Stephen Tabois1:11:53
Erick Arch1:12:53
Marion Pandohie1:14:36
Gavin Baxendale1:14:45
Mick Whyte1:15:05
Amir Palmer1:17:00
Jalene Cruz1:17:07
Pa Dawson1:17:17
Leandro Olivera1:17:22
Kareem James1:17:56
Mari-Lize Booyen1:18:34
Kristine Miranda1:19:34
Oddy Grullon1:20:30
Jody McFarland1:21:19e
Mike Kenna1:23:20
Rumone Stone1:23:21
Nadine Gray1:23:48
Parker Godwin1:24:21
Cheri Langston1:24:40
Roje Williams1:24:50
Doug Anderson1:28:19
Justine Plenkiewicz1:28:26
Emily Belo1:28:32
Yazzer Abdulah1:28:34
Kerri Kanuga1:34:02
Sharnelle Byles1:34:11
Enrico Carmassi1:35:35
Denis Olarou1:39:59
Matthew Harkness1:44:20
Declan Magennis1:48:16
Rogerio Pitta1:49:46
Raquel Santoyo1:49:54
Yendy Gonzalez1:49:58
Robert Szalk1:50:01
Sharmin Durant1:50:08
Jan Robinson Paderan1:50:17
Cesar Aparil1:51:33
Yensi Contreras1:51:40
Vishal Kumar1:51:58
Sam Young2:07:38
Gavin GrayDNF
Juan Pablo Valerio0:33:53
Gabe Rabess0:36:04
Justin May0:36:38
Phil Thompson0:37:28
Michael Ford0:38:32
Marck Chapman0:39:17
Jon Roney0:39:39
Jeramini Kimario0:39:55
Liandri Jacobs0:40:04
Kyra Rabess0:41:04
Ronan O’Keeffe0:41:16
Tom Shehan0:41:25
Kasun Abeysekera0:41:52
Gill Gordon0:41:54
Finn Howie0:41:58
Justin Wight0:42:07
Megan Webb0:42:12
Phil Reed0:42:31
Olivia Shanks0:42:31
Kirsten Cellier0:43:25
Brannagh Lynch0:43:46
Ricky Crisontomo0:44:01
Marc Halley0:44:08
Massimo Tirotta0:44:38
Robin Winters0:44:42
Louanne Martins Silva0:45:02
Renata Kecskes0:45:04
Pedro Da Silva0:45:14
Pat McCallum0:45:44
Delano Eksteen0:45:52
Andries Marais0:46:25
Mike Almendarez0:46:48
David Bennett0:46:55
Mark Miranda0:47:48
Hugh Turner0:47:53
Matt Grunewald0:48:16
Jimmy Dontas0:48:38
Jonathan Clet0:48:46
Phil Kelly0:49:43
D’Hani Bodden0:51:10
Shonari Gow0:51:56
Warren Goosen0:51:59
Bruno Deluche0:52:19
Jalene Cruz0:52:23
Kim Dennison0:53:02
James McGrath0:54:04
Alicia Robinson0:54:57
Nitin Kapoor0:55:23
Oddy Grullon0:57:02
Stephen Chin0:57:10
Hugh Dickson0:57:20
Kerri Kanuga0:57:36
Shena Ebanks0:58:22
Mike Kenna1:00:01
Jody McFarland1:00:19e
Trudiann Williamson1:01:02
Tara Thompson1:01:14
Corey Miller1:01:29
Julie Rudeen1:01:35
Raquel Moreau1:01:44
Nadine Gray1:02:08
Justine Plenkiewicz1:02:50
Kristin Sullivan1:03:31
Kerrie Beattie1:04:34
Simon Cruise1:04:50
Yazzer Abdulah1:06:18
Stephen Tabois1:10:30
Sharnelle Byles1:10:35
Denis Olarou1:11:22
Yensi Contreras1:12:26
Enrico Carmassi1:12:29
Cesar Aparil1:13:19
Jan Robinson Paderan1:14:42
Yendy Gonzalez1:15:01
Raquel Santoyo1:15:05
Rogerio Pitta1:15:06
Matthew Harkness1:15:16
Robert Szalk1:16:45
Doug Anderson1:18:35
Sam Young1:19:16
Sharmin Durant1:21:47
Brodie ??1:23:50
Declan Magennis1:24:58
Agnes Shiffer1:35:03
Gavin GrayDNF

Off The Beaten Track (OTBT) is an annual and charitable 50KM ultra-marathon designed to emulate the Marathon des Sables. It leads participants on a route along un-chartered, lush, tropical bush, on the sandy beaches and through unseen back roads. Relay Teams of 6 legs and Individual entry options available.

The 2019 OTBT takes place on Sunday 24th February.

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