Halloween 10-10-10 and the 30k solo run 2019

Overnight rain left an overcast and breezy morning which was much appreciated by those who were up before the roosters and ready to run the 30km route, and those who were breaking the distance into 3 legs of 10k each.  As we had moved the start and finishlines, this year was the first time we were running the course in a clockwise direction.

Leg 1 – Runners started on Queens Highway next to Fosters supermarket and headed towards Tukka, passing through to Gun Bay, then through East End, where the first water stop (Daryl and Dana Rankine) was located opposite John McLean Drive. Leg one continued along Austin Connolly Drive passing the Blow Holes where the first 10k (6.2 miles) was completed, the checkpoint being manned by Marcelo Magalhaes and Ronaldo Custodio.

So, on to the race itself. Right from the start it was last year’s winner Abraham Whittaker who wanted to prove 2018 was no fluke and he set the pace whilst the other runners backed off a little and allowed him to do his thing. By the end of Leg 1, Abraham was the first solo runner passing in 41:25 and well ahead of the next runner Jay Harihar (45:04). Hugh Anderson and Graham Blyth crossed 10k together in 45:51 with Conrad Proud a further 16 seconds behind. In the Ladies race Martine Fitzgerald was first past in 53:44 with Charlotte Cloette next in 54:21. Pam Abbott was third through in 56:26.

In the 10-10-10 relay, James Crooks (345 AC A-Team) was clear of the rest and through in 40:46. Abraham was also leg 1 runner for 345 AC Ace Squad who were next through with Barry Phelan (Mover for Life Inspiration) third though. Laura Hicks (345 AC MDR Gurls) was first female in 46:07.

Leg 2 – The relay runners handed over the baton to Leg 2 runners whilst the 30k runners continued through. Leg 2 headed in the direction of Bodden Town. Another Water stop (Rosa Ritch) around 13.7k would have been welcomed before runners turned right up Frank Sound Road. Passing the school where Ashley McLean owned the 17k water stop and continued for 3k to the 20k checkpoint when leg 2 ended and of course the leg 3 runners began. Marita Superville and Theo Kelly controlled this checkpoint.

Abraham continued his dominance and although Theo confirmed he did pass through the checkpoint, for some reason his chip did not record and we do not know his split. Graham had the official quickest leg 2 in 44:51, which was a minute quicker than leg his first leg. Conrad also took a minute of his first leg time as he went through in 45:01 for leg 2. Hugh Anderson’s first two legs were virtually the same keeping them him in contention. Martine extended her lead in the ladies race with Charlotte keeping fairly close order in second with Pam still in third.  

The quickest Leg 2 was Levy Superville (39:55) who was the person to break 40 minutes in any leg today and extended the lead of 345AC A-Team. The second quickest time was Tiffany Cole (41:59) who not only extended the lead for 345AC Gurls, but broke her own leg 2 course record. Brandon Dale (Easier Said than Run) had a decent run in 43:24. Not sure what happened with Paul Williams handover to Winston Sobers but the baton did not record so am unable to confirm their splits, although they were very much in contention.

Leg 3 – the course continued up Frank Sound Road and turned right to Queens Highway and grateful the water stops were much closer together thanks to help from Pat McCallum, Mike and Sarah Godfrey, Yendy Gonzales Antanika Ebanks, Lindsay Blair and other members of the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps who also assisted as the race safety marshals and mush appreciation goes to Major Levy and his team of eager volunteers. The last leg is often the toughest as it is hotter and this morning runners were pushing into a strong head wind, so no records expected on the last leg today. Finishline assistance from Zayda Rankine and Michelle Bodden.

No problems for Abraham (2:11:50) who not only won by 4 minutes, he smashed his time from 2018 by almost 5 minutes. Very impressively, Conrad continued to run quicker and at first glance I believe he is the only runner to have ran faster each 10k, which confirms he paced his run perfectly as he came home in 2:15:54, a time that would have won last year. Graham found the last leg a bit tougher going but held on for third place in 2:19:45. MartineCharlotte and Pam maintained their places in the ladies race for first to third respectively.

In the team race, Juan Pablo Valerio had the fastest time for 345AC A-Team as each of this team had the quickest run of each leg and easily won in 2:03:42. Second fastest Leg 3 was Wyatt Bodden for 345AC Ace Squad (44:04) but not able put his team on the podium as he came in fourth although it was close for 2nd to 4th as Easier Said than Run were second thanks to Tom Cowling (45:58) and Winston brought home Inspiration for third spot.

Ava Hider moved 345AC Gurls further ahead as they romped home in 2:19:09, which breaks their own course record from 2018 so well done to Laura, Tiffany and Ava. Next all-female team was Movers Conquerers (Mercyline ChemutaiMegan Webb-Sanders and Melanie Johnson). The Ivory Coasters were third place so well done to Angeline Li-LaingCatherine Clarke and Peeta Sandhu. The Ivory Coasters were also third corporate team as they all work at Smiles Dentist. Intertrust (Vikram DookhyLeon Rhule and Brian Eden) were second whilst Bacaro Restaurant employees were first corporate team.

Adam Godfrey and Charlotte Kerr won the 5k so well done to them. The full results are detailed below. Thanks as always to the sponsor KRyS Global with support from Morritts and CayBrew (Red Bull and water). Huge thanks to all those who volunteered and I have mentioned many above – apologies to anyone I missed, but you can give yourself a pat on the back.

KRyS Global 30k Solo Run 2019 Results
PlaceBibNameAGAG PlaceSex PlaceTimeAve 1k PaceLeg1Leg2Leg3Club
1138Abraham WhittakerM20-29112:11:50.134:2341:25.12  345 AC
2287Conrad ProudM40-49122:15:54.464:3146:08.3345:01.7844:44.36345 AC
3190Graham BlythM30-39132:19:45.404:3945:52.3844:51.9749:01.06 
4195Hugh AndersonM30-39242:21:42.824:4345:51.7345:55.7249:55.37 
5292Jay HariharM30-39352:37:57.465:1545:04.1852:59.1859:54.10 
6180Mark ReedM40-49262:38:26.085:1651:32.9752:45.2854:07.84345 AC
7178Mike KennaM40-49372:44:57.315:2949:28.0154:05.181:01:24.13 
8285Josh WeaverM19>182:48:02.465:3652:49.4856:45.5858:27.42345 AC
9296Martene FitzgeraldF30-39112:48:39.215:3753:44.5955:58.7458:55.89 
10175Warren KeensM50+192:51:34.515:4354:21.7757:20.4659:52.29 
11179Charlotte CloeteF30-39222:51:34.515:4354:21.9157:20.2659:52.36 
12191Rogerio PittaM30-394103:01:50.456:0356:15.0958:28.851:07:06.51 
13284Piotr SokolukM40-494113:03:30.976:071:00:53.261:01:25.831:01:11.90 
14193Pam AbbottF30-39333:04:51.256:0956:26.941:01:03.591:07:20.73 
15139Paul SchreinerM40-495123:04:51.626:0956:27.021:01:03.421:07:21.18 
16187Scott StricklandM30-395133:07:53.576:1556:51.641:01:44.771:09:17.17 
17196George JackM50+2143:11:39.686:2354:55.7359:21.601:17:22.35 
18181Simon ArtuchM50+3153:18:51.446:3758:34.141:02:41.231:17:36.08 
19293Mark MirandaM30-396163:23:46.486:4759:13.831:05:33.561:18:59.10 
20182Evert BrunekreefM50+4173:25:33.896:5154:59.451:11:58.541:18:35.91 
21176Denis OlarouM30-397183:25:34.006:511:07:58.921:10:27.381:07:07.70 
22185Jose ContrerasM30-398193:30:40.547:0159:10.701:08:52.581:22:37.28 
23183Robyn LarkinF40-49143:33:27.207:061:01:13.131:09:17.711:22:56.36 
24220Sharmin DurantF30-39453:35:44.027:111:04:36.231:09:28.661:21:39.13 
25192May NazF30-39563:38:27.717:161:03:58.821:10:59.221:23:29.68 
26198Maria LeonceF50+173:41:22.357:221:01:46.861:14:14.731:25:20.77 
27288Lenin PerumalsamyM40-496203:47:12.027:341:02:46.701:12:40.371:31:44.96 
28186Michelle VeldhovenF30-39683:48:00.837:361:05:45.991:15:39.351:26:35.50 
29194Heather FrancisF40-49293:48:46.117:371:00:49.881:23:09.411:24:46.83 
30184Yensi ContrerasF30-397103:48:59.717:371:07:45.231:20:04.691:21:09.80 
31289James RobinsonM20-292213:51:19.617:421:06:22.341:13:27.611:31:29.67 
32140Carol MckenzieF40-493113:53:21.137:4658:23.031:15:57.711:39:00.40 
33200Claire MurrayF20-291124:05:20.628:101:04:39.201:23:12.151:37:29.27 
34174Anna McallisterF40-494134:14:43.898:291:09:59.071:28:29.051:36:15.78 
35199Shena EbanksF30-398144:20:40.428:411:13:14.261:27:53.011:39:33.17 
36177Patricia MuschetteF40-495154:22:51.838:451:10:50.211:34:58.721:37:02.91 
37188Claire DeenyF30-399164:26:24.468:521:16:44.661:32:05.541:37:34.27 
38197Celia HydesF40-496174:28:38.398:571:15:44.451:33:04.781:39:49.17 
39189Maria BlandfordF40-497184:42:23.939:241:15:47.931:40:03.491:46:32.51 
40283Samantha SokolukF20-292194:54:47.219:491:22:38.391:31:52.692:00:16.14 
DNS286Tony MendezM40-49**DNS0:00    
Halloween 10-10-10 Relay 2019 Results
170345ac A-Team *12:03:42.974:0740:46.0839:55.0043:01.90Open
269Easier Said Than Run *22:14:01.904:2844:39.5443:24.0545:58.32Open
363Movers For Life Inspiration *32:15:45.784:3142:06.60  Open
455345ac Ace Squad *42:16:53.974:3341:25.4451:23.9244:04.62Open
576345 Ac Mdr Gurls *12:19:09.694:3846:07.1741:59.5451:02.99All-Female
671Wnrc 1 *52:21:56.174:4352:12.2644:42.3745:01.55Open
759Goose Bumps *62:27:57.194:5549:28.0950:25.2548:03.85Open
868Bacaro *72:32:40.305:0554:51.5944:26.5953:22.13Corporate
956Movers For Life Conquerers *22:35:06.675:1048:59.9950:26.3555:40.33All-Female
1077Movers For Life Motivators *82:35:12.675:1044:11.4753:27.8657:33.35Open
1173345ac Plus A Jock *92:41:12.615:2257:14.6953:27.9250:30.01Open
1272Movers For Life Kenya *102:52:35.695:4557:53.6354:46.1559:55.92Open
1361Intertrust Pacers *112:57:48.085:5553:00.621:01:42.301:03:05.16Corporate
1467Two Canucks And Yank *123:03:11.406:0656:51.581:10:56.3055:23.52Open
1565Movers For Life Referees *133:05:40.656:1158:57.871:09:51.4056:51.39Open
1680Ivory Coasters *33:11:31.516:231:01:23.771:00:08.741:09:59.00Corporate
1764Movers For Life Espanol *43:14:04.346:281:02:20.571:02:52.731:08:51.04All-Female
1866Relay It On Me *53:20:34.646:411:07:45.481:08:31.341:04:17.83All-Female
1979The Sexy Hungarians *143:24:02.976:481:04:59.701:09:32.101:09:31.18Open
2057Sole Survivors *153:24:56.936:491:09:59.321:18:12.2456:45.37Open
2178I’ve Got The Runs *163:29:41.386:591:06:22.651:22:33.521:00:45.22Open
2260Gholish Spectrum *173:33:01.627:061:11:27.771:17:24.341:04:09.52Open
2375Triple L *63:34:51.547:091:11:09.131:17:14.991:06:27.43All-Female
2474Da Munensters *183:43:20.967:261:44:57.7957:35.261:00:47.91Open
2562Runners Delight *193:47:26.047:341:13:37.111:22:45.741:11:03.20Open
2658Movers For Life Need For Speed *73:53:06.167:461:10:50.631:02:13.801:40:01.75All-Female
DNS81Fartlekkers **DNS0:00   Open
East End 5k 2019 Results
PlaceBibNameTimeave 1k PaceSex Place
1201Adam Godfrey23:43.674:441
2315Onyema Ugorji25:12.775:022
3202Charlotte Kerr25:17.115:031
4297Steve Ali27:13.995:263
5294Adam Barrie28:58.795:474
6298Steve Barrie33:56.786:475
7295Fraser Barrie35:19.877:036
8291Karla Lavigne48:02.869:362
9290Julie Ashley48:03.089:363
DNS318Jenesis ThomasDNS0:00*
DNS127N.n. 127DNS0:00*
DNS299James MurphyDNS0:00*
DNS316Danny KishDNS0:00*
DNS317Danya ThomasDNS0:00*

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