The final race in the Fidelity Series had various individual battles for age group prizes as well as the leaderboard.

Both Tiffany Cole and Will Edwards have maximum 20 points going in to the final race and it would take a monumental decline in performance for the chasing pack to knock them off top spot. Not only did both athletes but both demolished their personal best times with Tiffany being the first female for as long as I can remember to smash the 12 minutes barrier with a time of 11:48. Will also showed everyone that he is so far ahead of the field as he romped home in 10:17. At the start, he could not get his stop watch to set and therefore ran the race letting his body tell him what to do rather than his watch. Perhaps there is a message in this lessen!!!

In the last two races, Okeve Hamilton had taken second spot behind Will and therefore had 18 points with his nearest rival Levi Superville going into the last race with just 16 points and a lot of work to do if he wanted to leap ahead, although speaking with Levi beforehand he was more concerned about breaking 11 minutes and wanted to achieve that above position. As luck would have it, a case of bad luck for Okeve as he pulled a muscle within minutes of the start and it was all he could do just to complete the race, which he did but way back in 27th place. This left the door open for Levi to take advantage, which he not only secured second place but beat his target by 1 second (10:59), the extra 9 points moved him to second overall over three races.

Meanwhile, Ava Hider continued her awesome performances as she held off serious challenges from Kiara Mclaughlin and Molly Kehoe for second, third and forth respectively. Ava was also awarded second overall after three races and Molly was third overall.

Mustang’s Jermaine Brooks came third today behind Levi in a very quick time of 11:04 holding off Matthew Courtis who is more renowned for his swimming prowess; just get him on a bike and we may have a Triathlon champion. Others behind improved on their previous week’s showing as Sherlock Brooks, Juan Pablo, Brandon Dale and Abraham Whittaker improved by over 10 seconds.

Full results of race 3 immediately below, with age group points underneath. Thanks again to Phoenix AC for organising, to Fidelity Bank for sponsoring and to all volunteers who help in any capacity.

Fidelity 2 Mile Series 2017 – Overall Results
1.602Will EdwardsMMale 15-19345AC0:10:17.8
2.527Levi SupervilleMMale 12-14345AC0:10:59.0
3.710Jermaine BrooksMMale 20-29Mustangs0:11:04.2
4.688Matthew CourtisMMale 20-290:11:08.0
5.646Sherlock BrooksMMale 20-29345AC0:11:10.0
6.726Juan Pablo ValerioMMale 12-14345AC0:11:13.8
7.232Brandon DaleMMale 20-29345AC0:11:17.7
8.7Abraham WhittakerMMale 20-29345AC0:11:20.7
9.607Tommy KehoeMMale 15-19345AC0:11:21.2
10.277Alexander LogvinovMMale 15-19345AC0:11:38.0
11.264Tiffany ColeFFemale 20-29345AC0:11:48.0
12.225Oisin McGeoughMMale 12-14345AC0:11:58.2
13.195Rowan McLeanMMale 15-19345AC0:12:03.7
14.604Toby BowlesMMale 20-290:12:03.8
15.284Paul WiliamsMMale 50-59345AC0:12:12.9
16.227Adam GodfreyMMale 12-14345AC0:12:15.1
17.652JP HanekomMMale 40-490:12:15.2
18.651Josh WeaverMMale 15-19345AC0:12:34.6
19.741Simon DignanMMale 15-19345AC0:12:35.1
20.630Radz IntrepidMMale 30-390:12:36.9
21.252Fabian McCallumMMale 20-29345AC0:12:40.9
22.727Jeavhon JacksonMMale 15-19Mustangs0:12:50.7
24.649Edward WestinMMale 20-290:12:52.6
25.636Ava HiderFFemale 15-19345AC0:12:58.8
26.335Goncalo AlvesMMale 50-590:12:59.9
27.633Okeve HamiltonMMale 20-29345AC0:13:11.3
28.745Kiara McLaughlinFFemale 15-19345AC0:13:16.6
29.606Molly KehoeFFemale 12-14345AC0:13:20.3
30.71Charles SokohlMMale 15-19345AC0:13:20.3
31.531Pierre SokohlMMale 15-19345AC0:13:21.7
32.729Chris SuttonMMale 60-69345AC0:13:27.5
33.375Ronaldo CustodioMMale 40-490:13:30.0
34.634Nadine GrayFFemale 40-490:13:40.6
35.730David FiebigMMale 30-390:13:40.6
36.50001Shane DelaneyMMale 30-39345AC0:13:42.6
37.254Michael SmikleMMale 15-19Mustangs0:13:46.0
38.274DauJaughn MurrayMMale 15-19Mustangs0:13:46.5
39.662Martin DaviesMMale 40-49Hash House0:13:48.4
40.731Marco MirandaMMale 40-49345AC0:13:59.4
41.502Robert PowellMMale 50-59345AC0:14:00.5
42.749Emily DaviesFFemale 30-39Hash House0:14:05.8
43.628Andrew PeeneMMale Under 12345AC0:14:06.3
44.648Jennifer ColemanFFemale 40-490:14:07.1
45.257Gabriela ZilioFFemale 30-390:14:14.3
46.678Sian HawkesFFemale 30-390:14:20.9
47.759Donjae BlakeMMale 15-19345AC0:14:26.3
48.603Emily HarrisonFFemale 40-490:14:32.0
49.611Mikaeyla DacresFFemale 12-14345AC0:14:32.4
50.704Richard MansiMMale 40-490:14:35.8
51.772Jacob KellyMMale 12-140:15:04.7
52.645Luke DodsonMMale Under 12345AC0:15:10.0
53.610Evin JohnsonMMale 12-14345AC0:15:19.8
55.723Rianna RankinFFemale Under 12Mustangs0:15:22.5
54.614Phillip MathuraMMale 12-14345AC0:15:22.5
56.693Michail MichelinMMale Under 12Mustangs0:15:30.8
57.358Simon GarnettMMale 40-490:15:32.8
58.333Matthew GodfreyMMale 15-19345AC0:15:36.3
59.25Joshua HaydenMMale Under 12345AC0:15:39.2
60.701Kat AlexanderFFemale 50-590:15:48.5
61.63Isabella McGeoughFFemale Under 12345AC0:15:52.4
62.775Errol SmithMMale 12-140:16:03.6
63.656Thomas PennerMMale 12-140:16:03.8
64.737Ana LazgareFFemale 30-390:16:20.4
65.765Richard JohnsonMMale 40-490:16:30.1
66.714Rashaad PoweryMMale 12-140:16:31.8
67.642Gavin GrayMMale 40-490:16:31.9
68.626Kassidy ForresterMMale Under 12Mustangs0:16:38.1
69.255Roberto ToffoliMMale 30-390:16:46.7
70.528Carol MckenzieFFemale 40-490:16:52.1
71.686Ben LeungMMale 40-490:16:53.1
72.657Mike PennerMMale 50-590:17:00.3
73.638George HiderMMale 12-14345AC0:17:06.0
74.251Samantha FarrellFFemale 30-390:17:07.2
75.677Mark EdmundsMMale 60-690:17:12.0
76.740Aaliannah AndersonFFemale Under 12Mustangs0:17:17.8
77.653Toni PinkertonFFemale 50-590:17:14.4
78.663Janet GardnerFFemale 50-590:17:25.9
79.732Stephen WatsonMMale 12-140:17:32.2
80.637Linden SwanMMale 50-590:17:33.7
81.724Najae GordonMMale 15-190:17:35.7
83.767Gabrielle SmithFFemale Under 120:17:40.1
84.687Caroline CourtisFFemale 60-690:17:45.6
85.748Claudina MorganFFemale 15-19Mustangs0:17:52.9
86.718Micah LeonFFemale Under 12Mustangs0:17:56.1
87.307Max McGeoughMMale Under 12345AC0:18:03.6
88.639Rodger YeomansMMale 60-69Hash House0:18:14.7
89.668Ivan JonesMMale 40-490:18:20.3
90.62Paul McGeoughMMale 50-590:18:24.4
91.716Rasario JefferesonFFemale Under 120:18:26.1
92.629Kaden HiryokMMale 12-14345AC0:18:29.0
93.258Kristine HankinsFFemale 30-390:18:49.7
94.781Lisa StrachanFFemale 30-390:18:59.7
95.665Maria LeonceFFemale 50-590:19:09.7
96.618Shayana WindsorFFemale 12-140:19:10.8
97.619Rio WindsorFFemale Under 120:19:11.3
98.742Yvonne PembertonFFemale 50-590:19:17.9
99.530Marita SupervilleFFemale 40-49345AC0:19:36.7
100.680Sherdene BentFFemale 40-490:19:46.6
101.747Cleveland StewartMMale 40-490:19:47.1
102.754Vanessa AllardFFemale 40-490:19:53.0
103.695Olivia SamuelsFFemale 20-29Mustangs0:20:19.4
104.627Rahzaria SeymourFFemale Under 120:20:35.7
105.757Alexandra BartlettFFemale 20-290:20:41.6
106.717Daniel HiryokMMale 40-490:20:46.3
107.615Avatar MathuraMMale 40-490:20:59.0
108.320Simone SheehanFFemale 50-590:21:00.9
109.736Jasmine FreynFFemale 30-390:21:03.6
110.776Joan ManzanoFFemale 20-290:21:05.0
112.696Nakiyah SairsinghFFemale 15-19Mustangs0:21:12.8
113.709Christine PabloFFemale 30-390:21:39.0
114.616Brett HillMMale 50-59Hash House0:21:49.2
115.635Amber YatesFFemale 50-59345AC0:21:57.0
116.676Jazmin RobinsonFFemale 12-14Mustangs0:21:59.6
117.622Abigail StoddartFFemale 20-290:22:03.9
118.621Andrel HarrisMMale 20-290:22:04.6
119.763Raven HilliardFFemale Under 12345AC0:22:09.3
120.762Kelly DarlingFFemale 30-390:22:13.5
121.670Kate FranklinFFemale 30-390:22:15.1
123.755Jacqueline ReidFFemale 40-490:22:19.4
124.395Diego BertolazzoMMale 30-390:22:22.4
125.738Dane PaulMMale 30-390:22:36.3
126.735Amanda NeysmithFFemale 20-290:22:40.0
127.682Lily GammageFFemale 12-140:22:58.6
128.683Jack GammageMMale 12-140:22:59.8
129.769Patricia MuschetteFFemale 40-490:23:00.6
130.681Tom GammageMMale 50-59345AC0:23:02.2
131.617Cosabella WindsorFFemale Under 120:23:15.7
132.620Jason WindsorMMale 40-490:23:16.1
133.632Gayle SarrealFFemale 20-290:23:22.6
134.746Dorothy ChambersFFemale 50-590:23:34.2
135.766Rafael EliasMMale 20-290:23:46.2
136.768Patrick RamirezMMale 20-290:23:53.3
137.761Revins ConnorMMale 40-490:23:54.5
138.715Mary Jane ScottFFemale 30-390:23:57.0
139.650Elizabeth WestinFFemale 15-190:24:06.2
140.624Anne KirkwoodFFemale 30-390:24:09.1
141.719Lisa PassleyFFemale 40-490:24:09.3
142.260Kelly HaaksmaFFemale 40-490:24:14.2
143.349Micheal LockwoodMMale 20-290:24:14.3
144.666Kimberli MillerFFemale 20-290:24:56.7
145.733Janessa ItonFFemale Under 12Mustangs0:26:58.3
146.351Bernard EbanksMMale 40-490:27:01.8
147.780Simone WhittakerFFemale 40-490:27:02.0
148.739Tamar PaulFFemale 30-390:27:28.9
149.773Michael ShipleyMMale 60-690:27:48.9
150.643Alexander DaviesMMale Under 120:28:23.1
151.644Roger DaviesMMale 70+Hash House0:28:27.2
152.268Stephany ForbesFFemale 40-490:29:23.4
153.77Jeanne DurantFFemale 60-690:30:48.2
154.700Sue WaltonFFemale 40-490:31:09.2
155.370Anna JohnsonFFemale 40-490:31:12.5
156.605Joanne DelaneyFFemale 30-390:31:26.2
158.684Joanne GammageFFemale 40-490:32:25.8
159.760Jabez CambelMMale Under 120:33:50.0
1.756Greg MeakerMMale 30-390:12:28.3
2.679Jonathan HawkesMMale 30-390:14:42.2
3.659David JacksonMMale 40-49Mustangs0:19:29.1
4.758William StewardMMale 60-690:19:49.3
5.774Wayne FranklinM0:22:16.2
6.671Ems MellandFFemale 30-390:30:07.9
1.306John LeeMMale 50-590:14:00.7
2.753Rohan MarshallMMale 40-490:24:44.1
3.672Mo WebbFFemale 60-690:24:53.4
4.658Melanie Ebanks-JacksonFFemale 40-490:28:38.6
Fidelity 2 Mile Series – Age Group points
BibNameClubRace 1Race 2Race 3Total
Female Under 12
723Rianna RankinMustangs1021022
716Rasario Jeffereson88521
718Micah LeonMustangs96621
63Isabella McGeough345AC10919
740Aaliannah AndersonMustangs9817
627Rahzaria Seymour67316
619Rio Windsor7411
733Janessa ItonMustangs538
669Sophia Franklin358
767Gabrielle Smith77
711Ameilia Whyte44
617Cosabella Windsor44
613Nayeli Dacres345AC213
763Raven Hilliard345AC22
Female 12-14
606Molly Kehoe345AC10101030
611Mikaeyla Dacres345AC99927
618Shayana Windsor88824
676Jazmin Robinson77721
682Lily Gammage6612
Female 15-19
636Ava Hider345AC10101030
696Nakiyah SairsinghMustangs97723
650Elizabeth Westin86620
745Kiara McLaughlin345AC9918
748Claudina MorganMustangs8816
Female 20-29
264Tiffany Cole345AC10101030
695Olivia SamuelsMustangs88925
622Abigail Stoddart55616
692Danielle Hennings6713
632Gayle Sarreal7411
735Amanda Neysmith6511
702Kameshia Moreno99
721Samantha Taylor99
757Alexandra Bartlett88
776Joan Manzano77
666Kimberli Miller437
256Blake Clarke-Wint44
699Kasie Chisholm33
698Maia Muttoo22
Female 30-39
678Sian Hawkes1010828
257Gabriela Zilio98926
251Samantha Farrell86620
749Emily DaviesHash House91019
258Kristine Hankins75517
737Ana Lazgare7714
673Erica Lam639
624Anne Kirkwood448
267Jaqueline Bicudo527
781Lisa Strachan44
736Jasmine Freyn134
670Kate Franklin33
691Jodi Mcdonald22
709Christine Pablo22
762Kelly Darling11
605Joanne Delaney11
Female 40-49
634Nadine Gray10101030
603Emily Harrison98825
648Jennifer Coleman89926
654Alyssa Dodson345AC7714
528Carol Mckenzie66719
680Sherdene Bent53513
530Marita Superville345AC34613
754Vanessa Allard549
623Lisa Watler44
269Patricia Priestley224
755Jacqueline Reid33
769Patricia Muschette22
719Lisa Passley11
260Kelly Haaksma11
706Elizabeth Weber11
Female 50-59
653Toni Pinkerton109928
663Janet Gardner98825
665Maria Leonce76720
701Kat Alexander101020
675Renate Dowell8715
635Amber Yates64414
320Simone Sheehan53513
742Yvonne Pemberton5611
746Dorothy Chambers235
Female 60-69
687Caroline Courtis10101030
77Jeanne Durant77923
655Corrine Glasgow9918
674Cathy Frazier8816
Male Under 12
628Andrew Peene345AC991028
25Joshua Hayden345AC1010727
645Luke Dodson345AC88925
626Kassidy ForresterMustangs67619
693Michail MichelinMustangs7815
307Max McGeough345AC54514
625Ricardo RitchMustangs459
643Alexander Davies1247
743Benn Superville345AC66
690Mason Mcdonald33
609Aiden Johnson213
760Jabez Cambel33
Male 12-14
527Levi Superville345AC10101030
726Juan Pablo Valerio345AC99927
225Oisin McGeough345AC88824
227Adam Godfrey345AC77721
259James Crooks345AC6612
610Evin Johnson345AC55515
614Phillip Mathura345AC44412
656Thomas Penner2327
772Jacob Kelly66
714Rashaad Powery3115
775Errol Smith33
732Stephen Watson123
Male 15-19
602Will Edwards345AC10101030
277Alexander Logvinov345AC89825
607Tommy Kehoe345AC78924
631Rowan McLean345AC66719
254Michael SmikleMustangs97117
651Josh Weaver345AC55616
71Charles Sokohl345AC44311
531Pierre Sokohl345AC3227
741Simon Dignan345AC55
276Wyatt Bodden345AC235
727Jeavhon JacksonMustangs44
274DauJaughn MurrayMustangs112
Male 20-29
646Sherlock Brooks345AC99826
232Brandon Dale345AC88723
633Okeve Hamilton345AC1010222
7Abraham Whittaker345AC57618
710Jermaine Brooks41014
604Toby Bowles45514
661Marlon Crowe6612
688Matthew Courtis77
252Fabian McCallum345AC347
649Edward Westin1236
266Micheal Testori345AC33
265Kendall Ebanks22
621Andrel Harris11
608Theo EdmanMustangs11
Male 30-39
630Radz Intrepid871025
647Esmond Brown101020
50001Shane Delaney345AC46818
612Phill Thompson345AC9817
730David Fiebig3912
630Radz Intrepid1010
744Leon Barracks99
664David Stackhouse77
255Roberto Toffoli77
667Marius Deysel66
395Diego Bertolazzo66
720Piotr Sokoluk55
738Dane Paul55
226Derek Bolingbroke345AC246
685Michael Almendarez325
660Michael Green123
Male 40-49
652JP Hanekom9101029
375Ronaldo Custodio79925
662Martin DaviesHash House67821
731Marco Miranda345AC6713
358Simon Garnett33511
397Sergio Dorea5510
704Richard Mansi4610
49Andrew Keast345AC1010
355Rod Viggers88
728Mick White88
642Gavin Gray437
253Richard Jones224
765Richard Johnson44
668Ivan Jones1113
686Ben Leung22
Male 50-59
284Paul Wiliams345AC10101030
335Goncalo Alves98926
502Robert Powell345AC87823
657Mike Penner66719
62Paul McGeough45514
637Linden Swan7613
752Bill Edwards345AC99
713Rale Edwards55
616Brett HillHash House347
681Tom Gammage345AC235
Male 60-69
677Mark Edmunds109928
639Rodger YeomansHash House98825
729Chris Sutton345AC101020
712William Steward8715
773Michael Shipley77
Male 70+
644Roger DaviesHash House10103050

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