CUC 5k 2020

Excellent conditions this morning for the CUC 5k with cool temperatures and a gentle breeze seemed perfect for new personal best times, which was just as well as a number of the track stars were present in the hopes of boosting their confidence ahead of the Carfita trials next week, and a good performance today would be perfect timing.

The start-line looked good with the likes of Gregley Gayle, Wyatt Bodden, Levi Superville, Marius Acker and Juan Pablo Valerio looking fresh with Ava Hider hoping to defend the ladies title she won last year. The course had changed as it was a little long previously, so with gps devices the course was remeasured at least 4 times and was an accurate out-and-back 5k this year.

When it comes to helpers I am always the first person to thank volunteers for getting up early and giving their time for the good of others and if not for these people the races could not happen, and generally speaking they all do a great job as they did this morning. Unfortunately, the volunteers at the turn (Conch Point to Anderson Rd) did not appear to realise that their only responsibility was to point the leading runners in the right direction so they would not get lost and the chasing pack would follow suit; job done! That simple.  However, I am advised by the leading runners that the volunteers at this location just stood there and did nothing to guide or direct the leaders and consequently they kept on going to Rev Blackman Road and into the abyss – race ruined. The next runners just followed suit and until one of the volunteers switched on and [I am informed] started to call them back, but it was too late for the leading runners who were out of ear shot and kept going. If there is one thing that grips my colon is someone who either has no idea what they are doing, or are so oblivious to their surroundings that their actions or lack thereof end up ruining a race. After all the excellent work done by the staff of CUC and the CIAA it just took one simple thing to mess it up. I don’t know who you are and no doubt I will be unpopular for bringing this up, but come on, if you are going to get your backside out of bed and help, the least you can do is point runners in the right direction.

That said, the runners who were pointed in the right direction did not complain and quite unexpectedly it was Mike Beck who powered home in first place so well done to Mike. No doubt he will be looking for the volunteer to add him/her to his Christmas card list. Well done to Ava who won the ladies title again

Well done to all participants, especially those who ended running around 8-9k, and well done to CUCC/CIAA for organising a super fun event and hope to see y’all next year. 

Full results below

Place Bib M/F Place Name Time Pace Club
15841Mike Beck19:01.333:48 
25502Jeromini Kimario19:46.193:57 
34093Enrico Carmassi19:52.113:58345AC
45864Jamie Hughes20:17.974:03 
55325Edward de Serpa Pimentel20:35.924:07 
64851Ava Hider21:06.064:13 345AC
74916Luke Dodson21:19.454:15345AC
85877Daniel Bryer21:48.464:21 
95648Sean Leon21:53.244:22345AC
105969Marius Acker21:53.364:22345AC
1156210Randy Andrew22:00.944:24345AC
1259211Mohammad Alaidah22:30.224:30345AC
1359112Marco Miranda22:32.714:30345AC
1450713Ricky Crisontomo22:40.704:32 
1550414Paul Pauly23:13.624:38 
1645715Deepak Yadav23:17.904:39 
17434*Lupo Andrea23:18.504:39 
1858516Jeffrey Jakubiak23:21.014:40345AC
1943617Jackson Thuo23:34.904:42 
205582Jennifer Coleman23:50.224:46 
2146618Rah’shawn Gardner23:54.344:46 
2243919Paul Njogu23:59.044:47 
2343320Massimo Tirotta24:00.654:48 
2440821Alex Martinez24:20.004:52 
2544522Corey Miller24:35.104:55 
2642823Jesus Rivas24:49.854:57 
2758224Nish Vora25:01.255:00 
285653Emily Harrison25:02.235:00 
295524Genevieve Georgiades25:04.955:00 
3059025Paul D’aloisio25:10.035:02 
3139926Jim Chalmers25:11.045:02 
32431*Bonfante Andrea25:44.475:08 
334655Sharmin Durant25:49.345:09345AC
345726Jhenie Corpuz25:49.705:09 
3542727Julian Davidoff25:58.955:11 
3641028Johnny Marcussen26:08.805:13 
3753529Richard Hew26:09.205:13 
384867Maria Leonce26:29.015:17 
3946930Lucas Christian26:54.025:22 
40429*Radames Tognazzo26:56.265:23 
414738Carneth Thomas27:19.935:27 
4250031Ephantus Thumbi27:30.215:30 
4352232Alvin Calub27:30.275:30 
4459333Paul Romelewski27:39.535:31 
4558034Kurt Mckenzie27:40.015:32 
4655335Marvin Gordon27:47.735:33 
475819Gemma Cowan27:54.975:34 
4852936Roger Davies28:48.095:45 
4954110Caroline Warnock-Smith28:48.435:45 
5053137Raymond Stewart29:05.335:49 
5156111Karan Andrew29:05.535:49345AC
5259838Courvite Montana29:27.025:53 
5349012Alyssa Dodson29:31.565:54345AC
5448939Matthew Dodson29:31.585:54345AC
5544713Aneike Wilson29:33.655:54 
5643040Vico Testori29:39.325:55 
5750114Elizabeth Thumbi30:01.116:00 
5853441Carlos Pimentel30:19.036:03 
5953642Ken Salcena30:41.026:08 
6044443Daniel John30:53.946:10 
6150944Elaine San Nicolas30:54.376:10 
6255145Barry Yetton31:14.236:14 
6349515Renee Ebanks31:15.836:15 
6449316Richelle Ebanks31:20.956:16 
6540117Sandra Rowe31:27.666:17 
6651646Craig Tennyson32:11.016:26 
6755418Pa Dawson32:13.616:26 
6857047David Shibli32:46.566:33 
6958319Annalisa Shibli32:46.686:33 
7057720Marylyn Camargo32:49.486:33 
7157121Josephine Linton32:50.456:34 
7255748Juan Pablo Valerio32:54.376:34345AC
7348822Celia Hydes33:22.446:40 
7447623Marita Superville33:35.426:43 345AC
7551349Gregley Gayle33:35.996:43 
7657924Elise Cimino33:38.086:43 
7752825Lisa Broadbridge33:47.916:45 
7847550Levi Superville33:51.246:46 345AC
7952726Elizabeth Weber33:56.316:47 
8056727Corazon Fernandez34:12.476:50 
8158951John Caballero35:00.997:00 
8254452Randy Mellaneo35:14.847:02 
8359453Shawn Myles35:14.857:02 
8451228Urika Mcfield36:01.327:12 
8553029Laura Willighan36:14.047:14 
8657554Joshua Lewis36:36.187:19 
8749930Heidi Anderson36:38.647:19 
8849831Joyce Wangari Ndonye37:19.507:27 
8959555Wesley Heistand37:21.3385:28 
9053332Fiona Pimentel37:30.867:30 
9140333Lynn Joseil Parrocha37:30.957:30 
9240256Emelson Principe37:31.077:30 
9347857Wyatt Bodden38:54.037:46345AC
9440634Maria Cocco38:59.647:47 
9540758Piero Carmassi39:00.347:48 
9656635Mara Navaroo45:08.799:01 
9750636Raeanne Stewart45:16.299:03 
9850559Tyler Stewart45:16.839:03 
9945860Carlos Archibald47:14.409:26 
10051761Sean Glidden49:41.699:56 
CUC 5k Walkers
15101Kenrick Webster34:01.256:48 
24411Luraine Dunkley39:44.687:56 
34402Yvette Haynes41:47.548:21 
44773Sarah Orrett41:49.098:21 
54052Matthew Ebanks42:44.648:32 
64003Desmond Graham43:07.048:37 
74644Georgiannaha Birch43:07.048:37 
85785Belinda Blessitt-Vincente43:44.498:44 
94326Ann Marie Webb44:11.148:50 
104727Veryll Seymour44:17.278:51 
115024Franz Manderson44:18.878:51 
12354*Roberto Clemente44:42.588:56 
134848Joy Simpson44:44.918:56 
145085Tommy Ebanks45:00.339:00 
155269Charlotte Wright45:41.169:08 
164516Kevin Brandon46:48.379:21 
1746110Judith Bennett46:48.499:21 
1852511Heather Sherwin46:57.179:23 
1952412Elaine Graham46:57.359:23 
2043713Tamara Cohen47:11.239:26 
2148314Corrine Ebanks47:51.719:34 
22435*Fabio Andreazzoli47:56.129:35 
234387Sudhakar Manirajan47:57.729:35 
2448715Maria Blandford48:16.179:39 
2554916Lalira Young48:36.989:43 
2646017Marilyn Jackson48:37.079:43 
2752118Esnida Ebanks48:48.059:45 
2848119Anna-Lise Wisdom49:32.789:54 
294048Hilton Wood49:55.849:59 
3045220Suzanne St Thomas50:05.8910:01 
314499Henry Smith50:05.9210:01 
3249721Britanny Powery50:32.1010:06 
3345322Romaine Edman50:33.5010:06 
3446210Joshua Ebanks50:40.9910:08 
3554023Adonza Harrison51:07.9210:13 
3651824Denise Clarke51:35.4310:19 
3748025Farrah Miller52:29.8010:29 
3846326Julie Brown52:48.2210:33 
3952327Julie Hunter52:48.5410:33 
4051511Sacha Tibbetts52:58.7610:35 
4151428Paige Smyth52:59.2310:35 
4257329Melissa Maize53:14.7010:38 
4344830Stephanie Rattan53:22.2810:40 
4454531Wendy Mellaneo53:40.6910:44 
4559732Tabitha M’goo54:03.5210:48 
4645933Sharla Powery54:09.8410:49 
4746834Kimberly Voaden54:09.9010:49 
4844635Aimee Gilman54:10.4410:50 
4951136Brittany Rose54:19.6710:51 
5054737Claire Stafford54:33.0710:54 
5154838Kimberley Kerglake54:33.6610:54 
5254639Giovanna Stafford54:34.6010:54 
5354312Geddes Hislop56:32.5711:18 
5454240Suzette Hislop56:33.5111:18 
5549241Lise Corbin56:53.2711:22 
5649413Omari Corbin56:53.5811:22 
5755642Lorita Lawrence56:55.2811:23 
5855514Lewey Ebanks56:56.9811:23 
5953943Dionne Nmai56:59.9911:23 
6053744Markita Ebanks57:02.0311:24 
6145545Julie Kandler57:53.0011:34 
6245646Breana Welds57:53.0211:34 
6345447Finita Ebanks57:53.0911:34 
6444248Rose Kasyoka58:55.7011:47 
6544349Tabitha M’goo58:56.6211:47 
6655915Spencer Turner59:00.1511:48 
6757650Julea Lewis59:10.3586:18 
6847951Mariah Webb59:19.2711:51 
6947452Cassandra Bodden1:01:01.2712:12 
7046753Courtney Yates1:01:01.4712:12 
7153854Katheryn Whittaker1:01:54.2312:22 
7256355Natalie Baldwin1:01:54.4012:22 
7356016Brad Baldwin1:01:55.2412:23 
7452056Sadie Jurgens1:03:45.4912:45 
7548257Jodie Ebanks1:03:46.3012:45 
7647158Shari Smith1:06:00.3713:12 
7747059Erlita Ebanks1:06:09.1113:13 
7856917Sylvester Coleman1:10:49.0214:09 
7956860Estefamia Coleman1:10:49.7414:09 
8059961Debra Bodden1:11:24.4114:16 
8160462Neisha Powell1:11:25.6614:17 
82496*Samuel Kanyi1:27:32.60  

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