6am sharp was the start of the 45th Annual Cross Island Relay (“XIR”) with ideal conditions with a cool morning and very light winds. It seems that two teams did not get the memo about being on time as they failed to collect the baton and missed the official start – we did allow the rest of the teams’ leg runners to continue [it seemed the right thing to do] but could not place them in the overall results; at least some runners got their splits. A total of 24 miles with 6 runners completing the distance of 4 miles each is the order of the day.

In the XIR, runners are to carry a baton (which holds the race chip) and as it is handed over the to the next runners the timing mats provide individual leg times which are shown below (scroll further down for times by leg). If the baton fails to register over the mat the team of volunteers records the bib numbers of each team runner as they go through as a back up as it provides the position teams passed each checkpoint.  Therefore if your time has the letter “e”, it means the baton did not record at that changeover mat and the time is estimated based on the position through the checkpoint. There are two leg 1 runners who did not appear to cross over the mat nor did the timekeepers record their bibs leaving me to suspect they messed it up totally!  In this case there is no time recorded and it also affects the next leg runners as there is no start time!!!

Leg 1 – Starts a few hundred yards up the road from Tukka with runners heading through Gun Bay and handing over to Leg 2 the other side of East End. From the get-go it was Carifta athlete Victor Magalhaes (345AC A-Team) who set a blistering pace leaving the rest in his wake. Gregley Gayle (High Voltage) and Esmond Brown (MNRC JogFathers) were chasing Victor and had Conrad Proud (South Sound AC) breathing down their necks with the long snake of other runners working at their own pace and probably having smaller battles.

By the end of the first 4 miles Victor had a big lead and passed in 22:33. Esmond had pulled away from Gregley (the latter has been struggling through thigh injuries) and came through in a very respectable time of 23:17. Conrad and James Murray (Boys and Dolls) managed to pull ahead of Gregley for third and fourth respectively. In sixth place was first female through Tiffany Cole (345AC MDR Gurls) in 26:50. The next female was Elaine Anderson (Walkers Running) and Pam Abbott (Quick Steps) was third.

Leg 2 – heads up Sea View Road, passing Shetty Hospital and the Lovers’ Wall and completing 4 miles just before the turning up Frank Sound Road. Most runners favourite Leg as it has just turned light and the temperature is still low (compared to how it is going to be later) and not many vehicles on the road. Victor handed over to Abraham Whittaker, Esmond to DJ Evans, and Conrad to Phil Reed for the top three out of the checkpoint. What a run by Phil who in a time of 22:54 closed down to with 20 seconds of Abraham (24:26) and now the race was well and truly on as they had the fastest two times on Leg 2. Esmond had 14 minutes rest after leg 1 and took the baton a second time for Appleby and managed the third quickest leg 2 time in 24:34.  Fourth quickest was William Peake (Harneys) in 26:28 moving his team up the pecking order. The quickest female was another Carifta performer Ava Hider (26:53) and giving the 345AC MDR Gurls a long lead in the all-female team division (no Sole Sisters this year). Kyrstie Krypner (Walkers Running) was next quickest female and putting Walkers right up there with the Corporate teams.13 year old Isabella McGeough was third quickest female in 29:07.

Leg 3 – a straight run towards Bodden Town but completing near the EverGlow bar and before Moon Bay Condos. Abraham was just about ahead when he handed the baton to Sherlock Brooks whilst Phil handed over to Graham Blyth for the top two spots. Sherlock used his experience and was able to extend the lead by just over 20 seconds and earned the fastest Leg 3 of the day in 24:53, whilst Graham’s time of 25:17 kept South Sound AC well clear of third. Marlon Crowe (WNRC JogFathers) also had a good run and his time was only a second slower than Sherlock. Doug Anderson help move Red Sail Sports A up to a potential podium finish in the Corporate division, but most impressive on this leg was 10 year old Doireann Lynch (29:47) who was quickest female and extended the MDR Gurls lead by an unassailable margin. Charlotte Cloete (Intertrust) and Annalet Kruger (KPMG Running Free) were the next quickest ladies.

Leg 4 – another pleasant leg as runners head through Bodden town towards Savannah and this leg finishes with a turn off the main Shamrock Road (otherwise the checkpoint would have been located on a dangerous bend) for a chang of leg runners 4 to 5.

Ahead of the pack was 345AC A Team as Carifta athlete Levi Superville run a very quick time of 23:27 and placed his team in a big lead and by now the race was in-the-bag unless something awful happened. The other teams were jostling for positions with changes occurring each leg for the other places. Olivia Shanks of South Sound AC (fresh from winning the Stride Against Cancer Half-Marathon) ran a stormer and apart from being top female runner of the day put her team into a podium spot. Hugh Anderson of Walkers Running all but determined his team would be Corporate winners as his time of 25:50 was the third fastest leg 4. Next fastest females Jessica O’Neal(WNRC Miles to Martinis), Kirsten Cellier (Fartlekkers), Charlotte Kerr (MDR Gurls), Emily Harrison (Quick Steps)and Gergana Lyutskkanova (Ritz Carlton Lions) all within a minute of each other.

Leg 5 – arguably the toughest leg with the temperature now full-on and the route ain’t that pretty either as you don’t even get to see the sea; run passed Country side and follow to Propect Point and the marathon route for a bit and finishing were Durty Reids used to be. Juan Pablo “Pabbers” Valerio (who qualified for Carifta 2019 last week) was fastest time of the day and placed 345AC in dominant position as he handed over to a very good runner. Victor Magalhaes was running a second leg for one of the junior 345AC members (MDR Muppets) and his second leg of the day in 23:41 showed what strength he has, breaking sub 6-minute miles for both legs. Aaron Walker of South Sound AC secured second overall spot with third fastest Leg 5 of the day. Quickest female was Sarah Ryan (F45 Mixed) and Kyra Rabess (MDR Gurls) who is better known for her swimming prowess was second quickest female and Andrea Lupo (Team Pappagallo) third.

Leg 6 – Pabbers handing the baton to the safe clutches of Patrick Harfield who smahed the Stride Against Cancer Half-Mara a week earlier in a very quick time. Patrick could be excused for taking it easy with such a big lead but that is not how he rolls. Using all his experience and hammering a very quick time in the heat of leg 6 in 22:10 was the fastest Leg run of the day ensuring the 345AC A Team (Victor, Abraham, Sherlock, Levi, Pabbers and Patrick) won around 6 minutes ahead of nearest rivals in 2:20:46 (average paced under 6 minutes per mile for the entire team). Peter Kendall next best for South Sound AC (Conrad, Phil, Graham, Olivia, Aaron and Pete) secured the second place whilst Paul Hefferon hung on for his team WNRC JogFathers (Esmond, DJ Evans, Marlon, Matt “Sticks” Volkwyn, Paul Henry and Paul) for third overall.

In the all-female division it MDR Gurls (Tiffany, Ava, Doireann, Charlotte, Kyra and Kiara) who won again thanks to Kiara McLaughlin brining the baton home in 2:53:48 a good 8 minutes ahead of F45 Cayman (Jill Latrenta, Gill Gordon, Leane Thorne, Breda Meehan, Amy Dyer and Lauren Hogan) with WNRC Miles to Martinis (Oddy Grullon, Jalene Cruz, Carole Stewart, Jessica, Martine Fitzgerald and Rumyana Takova).

Huge thanks go to all the volunteers at water stops and checkpoints, at the finishline, the Hash House Harriers for organization and the Cayman islands Cadet Corps who help every year with safety marshals.

Finally, thank you from all runners goes to Fidelity bank who have sponsored this race for many years and we thank them for their generosity.

PlaceBibTeamTeam TimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Division
130345ac Mdr’s A-Team2:20:46.6522:33.1324:26.1324:53.0423:27.7223:16.4222:10.23All Male
233South Sound A.c2:26:25.7424:23.1422:54.7925:17.0024:30.2024:38.7824:41.86Mixed
375WNRC Jogfathers2:35:27.1723:17.2626:40.0624:54.7926:47.4725:39.8028:07.83All Male
484Walkers Running2:42:56.4727:41.0927:57.4228:20.9325:50.0727:25.4825:41.49Corporate
581Over Confident & Under Trained2:46:07.2927:03.5727:48.2130:10.3827:09.1027:57.4425:58.61All Male
632Rss A2:47:57.0227:22.5229:24.8226:39.4530:57.5628:00.7025:32.00Corporate
750Kpmg Running Free2:51:41.2528:54.7328:10.7830:34.0226:02.7330:56.4027:02.61Corporate
826345ac Mdr Gurls2:53:48.3026:50.7326:53.0329:47.6330:26.5330:39.8129:10.59All Female
947Movers For Life Inspiration2:54:22.55No readingno time29:14.5529:02.1032:06.4027:08.33All Male
114Pwc Mowzits2:59:11.9128:33.2328:25.4530:38.1131:19.6130:01.5130:14.02Corporate
1229345ac Mdr Muppets3:00:29.9627:29.7035:32.3331:41.1736:18.6223:41.7125:46.45Mixed
1339F45 Cayman3:01:30.3329:12.6130:03.4532:50.1630:56.2430:51.6527:36.23All Female
1470Intertrust +3:01:39.7328:46.9430:11.5929:59.1230:48.1129:19.8732:34.12Mixed
1578Wnrc Miles To Martinis3:04:48.3631:23.2830:36.7931:53.1929:27.4931:52.9329:34.71All Female
1643Wnrc Kiss My Assphalt3:06:59.3929:41.7531:32.9431:00.1533:23.1628:40.3932:41.02All Male
1760Quick Steps3:09:25.9428:24.8831:08.5832:30.4930:39.4636:07.3930:35.16Corporate
1920Kpmg Jagluiperde3:10:33.3028:42.3730:47.3733:53.7636:51.4433:04.3027:14.08Corporate
2061345ac No Idea3:10:41.4129:10.0432:01.0031:06.4237:51.5329:41.6430:50.80Mixed
2121Maples Dream Team3:10:44.4430:31.3932:59.9832:36.4931:24.8432:03.7531:08.01Corporate
2359Walkers Running A3:14:34.9929:37.5529:28.7139:33.9329:09.0428:37.1438:08.64Corporate
2537Ritz Carlton Lions3:15:03.7734:04.8138:09.4029:07.7030:42.6631:39.7731:19.46Corporate
2617Movers For Life Conquerors3:15:13.8129:54.8330:48.2635:56.7832:08.4131:48.9634:36.59All Female
2752Harmonic 13:16:06.3630:25.5738:06.3729:49.3434:35.2234:41.3328:28.56Corporate
2845Wnrc Worst Pace Scenerio3:16:44.0429:09.0229:06.3435:55.5636:21.6833:07.1833:04.28Mixed
2958Hyperion Heroes3:17:13.5134:02.5435:07.6832:19.79 e34:36.36 e28:36.5432:30.61All Male
3212High Voltage3:21:35.3726:08.4127:34.2744:46.8032:47.8340:20.3829:57.70All Male
3379Girls In Limbo3:21:47.1031:46.8433:42.2835:10.0434:24.3832:13.4934:30.10All Female
3536Knockout Fitness3:22:38.7631:47.6431:33.1132:00.4336:27.3534:11.6636:38.60Mixed
3689F45 Mixed3:23:00.2037:02.0528:23.6532:01.1540:54.2328:42.3935:56.76Mixed
3788Beer Gutz And Coconutz3:23:54.9840:38.2735:11.4234:29.9532:06.5631:32.5329:56.28Mixed
388Pwc Partners3:24:00.2538:28.1433:28.7533:27.4035:18.1231:00.3732:17.49Corporate
3969Grant Thornton 13:24:13.5230:51.6230:08.6135:32.7434:30.5839:27.3233:42.67Corporate
4080Team Pappagallo3:24:19.0833:33.0333:10.8535:35.9039:38.6630:43.2931:37.38Corporate
4134Boys And Dolls3:24:46.7625:59.0936:38.8839:06.9835:31.2434:36.6332:53.95Mixed
4211Lions3:24:56.3934:04.8136:05.3732:24.7931:53.3837:43.1032:44.96All Male
4342Maples Kiss My Asphalt3:25:31.2132:26.4929:38.8237:17.3037:50.5533:49.5834:28.49Corporate
4562Aon Team Red3:25:39.1634:58.3529:40.1834:13.9635:28.6435:52.8435:25.21Corporate
463Pwc A Dozen Scrambled Legs3:25:46.6429:59.4837:44.5230:58.1037:24.2840:01.2129:39.08Corporate
4774Rss B3:28:47.0734:48.6335:14.0333:34.8836:49.2729:22.9338:57.35Corporate
4846Wnrc Agony Of Defeet3:31:59.7736:54.6141:54.2129:14.6133:33.8534:23.5035:59.01Mixed
4944Wnrc Easier Said Than Run3:33:41.1735:00.8636:55.2536:24.6431:12.7735:00.4839:07.20Mixed
5053Harmonic 23:34:27.2043:00.5632:22.1135:02.1335:05.5337:53.2831:03.61Corporate
519230 Each3:35:53.5336:20.0332:17.5733:00.4051:00.7431:56.2931:18.53Corporate
5286Aon Team White3:35:55.0528:36.4330:47.1832:27.8245:35.0635:32.8842:55.72Corporate
5371Brits On The Rum3:36:31.5037:25.0134:53.1437:08.0843:52.2434:35.2428:37.82Mixed
5522Carey Olsen3:38:19.9736:24.8031:42.5331:29.9641:50.3046:21.2930:31.10Corporate
5638Ritz Carlton Runners3:39:12.5028:58.1135:46.5131:27.7338:55.1045:07.1638:57.90Corporate
5731Six Pack3:40:13.3235:17.5734:57.9940:42.9937:18.6137:25.6334:30.55Mixed
5827Grumpy Old Men3:40:22.8631:34.2239:32.2133:27.6136:57.2140:37.3738:14.25Open
5948Catch Restaurant3:40:28.1027:38.4346:02.4233:27.0041:21.4038:52.9233:05.96Corporate
6035Advantage Insurance3:40:34.9034:38.9040:12.3141:23.1032:58.2036:13.5035:08.90Corporate
611Pwc Easier Said Than Run3:42:31.3329:06.6836:27.1431:48.6348:37.6937:33.9638:57.26Corporate
6210The Jolly Joggers3:43:58.4741:59.6239:09.9541:13.9934:44.2934:02.18 e32:48.47 emixed
635Pwc Reservoir Jogs3:43:58.9637:33.4944:36.3236:41.4935:18.5932:41.0437:08.05Corporate
6451Thundering Herd3:44:03.2136:10.2533:42.8839:11.5141:16.3138:19.5435:22.74Mixed
6672The Irish Rovers3:46:24.2945:25.4029:07.8233:50.0545:53.3335:34.3836:33.33Mixed
6855Chicken Feet3:49:56.17 e34:01.6539:01.7036:35.5628:15.2734:51.5357:10.48 eMixed
6963Movers For Life (motivators)3:51:51.40 36:49.2736:16.9343:26.0433:46.2941:11.2440:21.64Mixed
7076Cuc Striders 13:52:20.7835:53.5739:30.1945:39.3432:26.7440:38.7338:12.23Mixed
719All And Sundry3:53:25.4027:49.2337:23.0545:00.1435:18.1740:07.7747:47.07Mixed
7254Team Ogier3:53:33.5433:03.2632:36.7351:06.3834:56.4244:16.3137:34.46Corporate
7318Walkers Running I3:54:04.9537:40.2037:42.1338:14.5435:03.3743:18.0042:06.73Corporate
7441Movers For Life Imagination3:55:44.0737:20.4339:07.1637:04.0041:30.1936:50.3743:51.94Mixed
7557Trident Titans3:56:32.5542:35.9543:14.2636:07.9243:29.8035:44.5035:20.15All Female
766Pwc Chafing A Dream3:57:13.2035:28.1540:31.8639:00.00 e36:46.88 e42:05.9943:20.34Corporate
7715Pata Team2/movers For Life4:02:55.3946:47.0942:53.6741:43.5836:52.2334:37.7040:01.14All Female
787Pwc Run Like The Wind4:04:03.8637:06.7544:34.2343:56.9740:57.4839:40.4037:48.04Corporate
7982Cool Runnings4:05:02.9833:32.8838:55.5443:29.9235:45.1445:42.6447:36.89All Female
8014Pata Team1/movers For Life4:05:08.5240:31.2540:17.7641:29.8340:39.0040:42.7141:27.99Mixed
8113Here We Go Again4:05:23.5841:54.1445:46.3943:51.8741:50.9538:24.7933:35.47Mixed
8291Maples Rapid Thigh Movement4:05:47.4637:22.4937:49.1238:50.9645:22.7749:33.2936:48.85Corporate
8325Intertrust Because Uber Was Busy4:09:21.34No readingno time38:34.5839:48.9652:06.5844:27.02Mixed
8440Movers4life Freedom Runners4:14:03.9638:27.5640:56.7240:13.0939:41.4050:39.9944:05.23Mixed
8587London Greens4:15:53.3546:46.5032:47.9444:25.7034:59.0745:05.5351:48.64Mixed
8690Cuc Striders 24:16:58.8133:51.7037:15.0250:33.9340:28.8544:33.4050:15.94Corporate
8777Grant Thornton 24:22:28.7136:13.4834:31.4042:37.8157:04.3552:02.2039:59.50Corporate
882Pwc Cirque Du Sore Legs4:30:45.0734:28.8350:07.1140:51.7137:39.0461:20.9046:17.51Corporate
8967Happy Feet4:56:19.1933:17.2544:54.4152:22.6664:57.8049:29.2751:17.82Mixed
*28Team McfarlandDNF40:26.4143:33.1545:40.09no timeno timeno timeMixed
*68Superior Drywallers3:45:14.89DNSno time41:35.5839:00.4431:11.0132:53.45Corporate
*85They Said Rum4:14:59.61DNS34:20.3446:01.5954:38.2843:12.6243:19.91Mixed

Leg 1

Victor Magalhaes22:33.13
Esmond Brown23:17.26
Conrad Proud24:23.14
James Murray25:59.09
Gregley Gayle26:08.41
Tiffany Cole26:50.73
Ben Strangeway27:03.57
Chase Young27:22.52
James Crooks27:29.70
Enrico Carmassi27:38.43
Elaine Anderson27:41.09
Paul Schreiner27:49.23
Nick Rogers27:50.83
Pam Abbott28:24.88
Edward Horne28:28.53
Tom Timoney28:33.23
James Kennedy28:36.43
Van Zyl Fourie28:42.37
Warren Keens Keens28:46.94
Marlie du Toit28:54.73
Tobias Muchene28:58.11
Scott Harrison29:06.68
Michael Marasigan29:09.02
Cullainn Lynch29:10.04
Jill Litrenta29:12.61
Andrew Barker29:37.55
Allan Shine29:41.75
Mercyline Chemutai29:54.83
Madeline Smith29:59.48
Michael Jankowski30:10.94
Alex Johnson30:25.57
Michael Oldfield30:31.39
Tristan Yelland30:39.86
Tom Redford30:51.62
Nathan Haus31:08.59
Oddy Grullon31:23.28
Eamon McErlean31:34.22
Michelle Bailey31:46.84
Rogerio Pitta31:47.64
Warren Hartley32:26.49
Sharnelle Byles32:44.04
Anya Park32:52.72
Michael Robinson33:03.26
Elvis Bush33:17.25
Anna Boughey33:32.88
Iulian Ignat Davidov33:33.03
Corey Miller33:51.70
Marita Naz34:01.65
Martin Cooke34:02.54
Genevieve Georgiades34:03.68
Ibrahim Odundo34:04.81
Jesse Childs34:28.83
Francis Donoghue34:38.90
Becky Catterall34:48.63
TOM Bridgewater34:58.35
Raquel Santoyo35:00.86
Amy Thompson35:11.82
Karina McDermot35:17.57
Sherr Fleming35:28.15
Alvin Calub35:53.57
Kim Dennison36:10.25
Aaron Power36:13.48
Chantelle Erasmus36:20.03
Peter Sherwood36:24.80
Jacqueline McDonald36:49.27
Mike Green36:54.61
Leo Kassam37:02.05
Jeremy Hadley37:06.75
Zenobia Bailey37:20.43
Daniel Cummings37:22.49
Rachel Gaunt37:25.01
Judith Colebank37:26.75
Amanda Schultz37:33.49
Jade Webster37:40.20
Marit Hudson37:58.04
Wendy Clarke38:27.56
Ann Jones38:28.14
Jody McFarland40:26.41
Gabriel Walker40:31.25
Kate Bosman40:38.27
Lizzette Yearwood41:54.14
Graham Robinson41:59.62
Aileen Valencia42:35.95
Pa Dawson43:00.56
Martina Dobbin45:25.40
Paul Samuel46:46.50
Rochelle Protacio46:47.09
David WalsheDNS
Dennis TinoccoDNS
Paul WilliamsNo reading
Padraig HoareNo reading

Leg 2

Phil Reed22:54.79
Abraham Whittaker24:26.13
Esmond Brown24:34.14
William Peake26:28.48
Darrel Evans26:40.06
Ava Hider26:53.03
Tony James27:34.27
Nick Yale27:48.21
Kirstie Krypner27:57.42
Markus Kruger28:10.78
Dave O’Driscoll28:23.65
Julian Coetzer28:25.45
Marco Miranda29:06.34
Isabella McGeough29:07.82
Bill Edwards29:24.82
Martin Davies29:28.71
Scott Somerville29:38.82
Adam Leak29:40.18
Mike Almendarez29:52.81
Gill Gordon30:03.45
Michal Segal30:08.61
Jon Roney30:11.59
Jalene Cruz30:36.79
Bryan Fitzgerald30:47.18
Sarah Wium30:47.37
Megan Webb Sanders30:48.26
Rhiannon Woodrow31:08.58
Jeff Short31:25.57
Dave Bennett31:32.94
Jose Contreras31:33.11
Graham Stoute31:42.53
Andrew Peene32:01.00
Mac Imrie32:06.70
Lara Butler32:17.57
Yehonatan Segal32:22.11
Giorgio Subiotto32:36.73
Alistair Law32:47.94
Mark Mugglestone32:59.98
Amedeo Sacco33:10.85
Kruger De Waal33:17.76
Jennson Wong33:23.02
Peter Small33:28.75
Toni Pinkerton33:42.28
Megan Johnson33:42.88
Emma Santiago33:44.76
Veronica Walshe34:20.34
Kevin Morales34:27.07
Jacqueline Greenard34:31.40
Guy Waller34:53.14
Radames Tognazzo34:57.99
James Grandage35:07.68
Jamie Lawlor35:11.42
David steemson35:14.03
Sami Peene35:32.33
Dexter Bangilan35:46.51
Lukas Reininger36:05.37
Warren Goosen36:12.21
Richard Jones36:16.93
Emma Draffin36:27.14
Joanna Grayce36:38.88
Caroline Courtis36:55.25
Raymond Stuart37:15.02
Dax Johnson37:23.05
Lesley Jefferson37:42.13
Jason Powers37:44.52
Deirdre Bell37:49.12
Richardt Nortier38:06.37
Alexandra Anitoaie38:09.40
Katie Devlin38:55.54
Ma, Theresa Obispo39:01.70
Maria Leonce39:07.16
Lex Robinson39:09.95
Maria Blandford39:30.19
Marcelo Magalhaes39:32.21
Andrew Bellfied Bellfied40:12.31
Karen Maxwell40:17.76
Marique Cloete40:31.86
Patricia Muschette40:56.72
Erika Lam41:54.21
Christianette Amido42:53.67
Gwen Mclaughlin43:14.26
Jody McFarland43:33.15
Nelmari Geldemugs44:34.23
Joanne Seminara44:36.32
Emily Belo44:54.41
Gina Argenzio45:46.39
Kelvin Villar46:02.42
Kerri-Lee Saunders50:07.11
Hannah Gethin50:31.83
Robert Szalkno time
Helen Dombowskyno time
Iran Lopezno time

Leg 3

Sherlock Brooks24:53.04
Marlon Crowe24:54.79
Graham Blyth25:17.00
Doug Anderson26:39.45
Martin Trott28:15.19
Tom Hagger28:20.93
Lukas Schroeter28:29.54
Alex Anitoaie29:07.70
Tracy Payne29:13.80
Winston Sobers29:14.55
Sam Young29:14.61
Doireann Lynch29:47.63
Jason Keating29:49.34
John Dabbs29:52.76
Claude Plamondon29:54.77
Charlotte Cloete29:59.12
Mike Scott30:10.38
David Lee30:20.77
Annalet Kruger30:34.02
Steve Ferry30:38.11
Tanner Manning30:58.10
Shonari Gow31:00.15
Ben Vagniez31:06.42
Doris Avalos31:27.73
Jarrod Farley31:29.96
Ava Hider31:41.17
Charlie Freeman31:48.63
Carole Stewart31:53.19
Daniel Foley32:00.43
Kristiina Unkuri32:01.15
James Elliott32:02.23
Chris Lennon32:19.79 e
Pedro Prado32:24.79
Howard Byrne32:27.82
Sian Hawkes32:30.49
Alison Palmer32:36.49
Leanne Thorne32:50.16
Hannington Taiti33:00.40
Alex Garcia33:27.00
Marlon Bispath33:27.40
Andrew Tyson33:27.61
Chris Torrie33:34.88
Paul McGeough33:50.05
Juan-Claude Delport33:53.76
Derek Shanahan34:13.96
Tracey Smith34:29.95
Mylene Maynard35:02.13
Jane Magis35:10.04
Ferdinand Zingwiro35:32.74
Andrea Bonfante35:35.90
Elina Zavala35:51.14
Anthony Ennis35:55.56
Sayda Hernandez McLaughlin35:56.78
Ravneet Kathuria36:07.92
shelly Wilkinson36:24.64
Raquel Santoyo36:35.56
Kurtis Yorke36:41.49
Joan Mburu37:04.00
Quincy Clark37:08.08
Nicole Gordon37:17.30
Julieann Jack38:14.54
Leon Rhule38:34.58
Nicholas Gatobu38:50.96
Jen Cargo39:00.00 e
Shanen O’Leary39:06.98
Stella Noyons39:11.51
Megan Hulme39:33.93
Lisa Watler40:13.09
Julie Cumber40:42.99
Darren Jack40:50.86
Semir Jandric40:51.71
Aspen Drew41:13.99
Claire Hutchinson41:23.10
Riva Tiempo41:29.83
Chris Richards41:35.58
Vernalyn Teh41:43.58
Gemma Henry42:37.81
Gordon Procter43:04.28
Tamara Cohen43:26.04
Lucy Baker43:29.92
Cleon Davis43:51.87
Amy Hayward43:54.76
Leanne Ritch43:56.97
Eleanor Graham44:25.70
Marlon Soriano44:46.80
Justine Plenkiewicz45:00.14
Anika Conolly45:39.34
Jody McFarland45:40.09
Nadine Maxner46:01.59
Careen Craig50:33.93
Kara Rankin51:06.38
Cindy Bush52:22.66

Leg 4

Levi Superville23:27.72
Olivia Shanks24:30.20
Hugh Anderson25:50.07
Adam McSharry-Downie26:02.73
Matt Volkwyn26:47.47
Phill Thompson27:09.10
Cesar Rico Aparel28:15.27
Jeromini Kimario29:02.10
Curtis Wilson29:09.04
Jessica O’Neal29:27.49
Kevin Huys29:28.77
Kirsten Cellier30:25.56
Charlotte Kerr30:26.53
Emily Harrison30:39.46
Gergana Lyutskanova30:42.66
Vikram Dookhy30:48.11
Breda Meehan30:56.24
Joseph Paolone30:57.56
Hannah Lunn31:12.77
James Ball31:19.61
Andrew Morrison31:22.72
Tapiwa Manyikwa31:24.84
Sandy Chinian31:53.38
Matthew Cilliers32:04.43
Jamie Fearn32:06.56
Sarah Morris32:08.41
Jeremy Ebanks32:26.74
James McGrath32:28.41
Niall Dodd32:45.83
Lucas Christian32:47.83
Jimmy Dontas32:58.20
Felipe Mejia33:23.16
Laurika Arp33:33.85
Everton Ellis33:46.29
Kim Jones34:24.38
Alan Shek34:30.58
David Bennett34:35.22
Shane Roberts34:36.36 e
Veronica Sneezby34:44.29
Emma Sutherland34:56.42
Jaskiran Madahar34:59.07
Andrew Howarth35:03.37
Nish Vora35:05.53
Sally Munro35:07.62
Damian Petney35:18.12
Garcia Kelly35:18.17
Ben Sheffield35:18.59
Gill McMahon35:28.64
Imogen Hall35:31.24
Kelly Cowling35:45.14
Brennan Vavra36:18.62
Jani Burger36:21.68
Christina Miranda36:27.35
Mel Shyman36:46.88 e
morne’ Du Plooy36:49.27
Lauren Nelson36:51.06
Gerda Strydom36:51.44
Julie Cuartero36:52.23
Ronaldo Custodio36:57.21
Jean Crossan37:18.61
Sabine Schommarz37:24.28
Sena Janric37:39.04
Peter Huber37:50.55
Lovernae Marriott37:51.53
Tara Thompson38:30.57
Crystal Marshal38:55.10
Carlton Richards39:00.44
Philip Alexander39:05.52
Jesus Rivas39:38.66
Grenda Solomon39:41.40
Brian Eden39:48.96
Vincent Mosley40:28.85
Benjomarie Suna40:39.00
Jeremy Snead40:45.13
Gigi Nikolaeva40:54.23
Michel Jacobs40:57.48
Cally Daly41:16.31
Georgiana Anicai41:21.40
Myron Blair41:30.19
Jan Golaszewski41:50.30
Cheri Langston41:50.95
Eva Moore43:29.80
Jen Strangeway43:52.24
Janet Brick45:22.77
Maggie Papadopoulus45:35.06
Declan Magennis45:53.33
Scott Crytser48:37.69
Mutsa Mutsago51:00.74
Carla Mueller54:38.28
Mika Hlungwani57:04.35
Vanessa Montoya64:57.80

Leg 5

Juan Pablo Valerio23:16.42
Victor Magalhaes23:41.71
Aaron Walker24:38.78
Paul Henry25:39.80
Colm Dawson27:25.48
Tom Cowling27:57.44
carl-lyle young28:00.70
Mark Chapman28:36.54
Sam Francis28:37.14
Matthew O’Keefe28:40.39
Sarah Ryan28:42.39
Matteo Manfio28:48.97
Thomas Dillon29:15.12
Evert Brunekreef29:19.87
Andries Marais29:22.93
Brian O’Malley29:26.52
Declan Van Dam29:41.64
Brian Munro30:01.51
James Birkett30:18.25
Kyra Rabess30:39.81
Adam Dolan30:42.61
Andrea Lupo30:43.29
Amy Dyer30:51.65
Ross Webb30:56.40
Charles Bolland31:00.37
Sergio Hernandez31:11.01
Michael Almendarez31:32.53
Berno De Villers31:33.15
Doris Avalos31:39.77
Melanie Johnson31:48.96
Rumyana Takova31:52.93
Nitish Bajaj31:56.29
Michelle Bailey32:03.75
Kevin Connolly32:06.40
Alanna Thomas32:13.21
Marsia Weder32:13.49
Hugh Turner32:41.04
Charl Grobler33:04.30
Niall Trimbel33:07.18
Dalton Watler33:49.58
Steve Surrey34:02.18 e
Mark Miranda34:11.66
Anya Park34:23.50
Jess Walter34:35.24
Laura McGeever34:36.63
Wilma Fernandez34:37.70
Danny Santiago34:41.33
Jojo Besana34:51.53
James Lunn35:00.48
Ghislain Ghyoot35:32.88
Paul McGeough35:34.38
Louise MacDougall35:44.50
Yohann Regnard35:52.84
Caoire Kennedy36:07.39
Matthew Lawson36:13.50
Donjae Blake36:50.37
Alicia Robinson37:25.63
Patrick Ball37:33.96
Aniket Singh37:43.10
Zach Sheridan37:52.35
Brii Hydes37:53.28
Alex Bartlett38:19.54
Marsha Eleawanya38:24.79
Samuel Martin38:52.92
Andre Haughton39:02.09
Stephen Chin39:27.32
Kuda Chinake39:40.40
Chris Schultz40:01.21
Elisabeth Schreiner40:07.77
Andre Barrett40:20.38
Rodger Yeomans40:37.37
Tony Hancock40:38.73
Reineil Nanez40:42.71
Boyd Tatum41:11.24
Mari-Lize Booyens42:05.99
Alex  Saunders43:12.62
Christine Ballantyne-Drewe43:18.00
Aveana Watler44:16.31
Katie Conway44:22.05
Raymond Barnes44:33.40
Stephanie Samuel45:05.53
Ashley Brooks45:07.16
Kerrie Beattie45:42.64
Bernadette Carey46:21.29
Marline Williams49:33.29
Eckerd Mcfield50:39.99
Manraj Singh52:02.20
Amanda Small52:06.58
Sebastian Said56:14.89
Vanessa Williams61:20.90

Leg 6

Patrick Harfield22:10.23
Pete Kendall24:41.86
Mark Tilley25:32.00
Vimbai Gurure25:41.49
Jason Trautman25:45.55
Levi Superville25:46.45
Chantal Incledon25:58.61
Justin May27:02.61
Yazzer Abdullah27:08.33
Mihali Grispos27:14.08
Lauren Hogan27:36.23
Martin Picard27:46.88
Vangie Raftopoulos28:07.83
Michelle Vinton28:28.56
Ben Strageway28:37.82
Kiara McLaughlin29:10.59
Marine Fitzgerald29:34.71
Jordan Mathers29:39.08
Chirs Duggan29:56.28
Corne Gouws29:57.70
Lauretta Bennett30:05.42
Ric Agrella30:14.02
Ivan Jones30:30.30
Denis Olarou30:31.10
Jenny Coleman30:35.16
Luke Dodson30:50.80
David Byrne31:03.61
Onson Mukwedeya31:08.01
Matt Rayner31:18.53
Tobias Muchene31:19.46
Massimo Tirotta31:37.38
Chris Smith31:45.74
Renata Kecskes32:07.07
Simon Conway32:17.49
Kai McGriele32:30.61
Jaco Smit32:34.12
Chris Sutton32:41.02
Eduardo Escobar32:44.96
Mike Fiebiger32:48.47 e
Luis Cruz32:53.45
Sastry Dookhy32:53.95
Dave Bennett33:04.28
Ricky Crisontomo33:05.96
Gandhi Inturi33:35.47
Wendy Lennon33:42.65
Jose Lete33:42.67
Wendy Zhang34:28.49
Cordell Gutierrez34:30.10
Maria Van Hamersveld34:30.55
Yendy Gonzales34:36.59
Liam Fleming35:08.90
Julie Proud35:20.15
Craig Pascoe35:22.74
Jaryd Moore35:25.21
Theo Lefkos35:56.76
Sharon Bello35:59.01
Graham Tully36:33.33
Yensi Contreras36:38.60
Marcelo Connolly36:43.68
Ernest Sokobe36:46.72
Sylvester Coleman36:48.85
Joshua Julian37:08.05
Emma Graham-Taylor37:34.46
Ryno Greyling37:48.04
Stephen Ta’Bois38:03.23
Helen Green38:08.64
Kelsey Jackson38:12.23
Roger Davies38:14.25
Trevor Dunbar38:57.26
Noel O’Connell38:57.35
Julie Rudeen38:57.90
Trishana Osbourne39:07.20
Tessa Jones39:59.50
Karen Rilveria40:01.14
Laura Connolly40:21.64
Elaine McGriele40:51.31
Solomon Solomon41:27.99
Nino Dilbert42:06.73
Jordan LaRue42:55.72
Brandon Dale43:19.91
Fran Leese43:20.34
Carline Reid-Willis43:51.94
Shena Ebanks44:05.23
Joel Ganeshan44:27.02
Stephon Wrights46:17.51
Gareth Pereira47:36.89
Toyin Saliko47:47.07
Paul Hefferon50:15.94
Eljay Vidallon51:17.82
chantalle blume51:48.64
Jonathan Clet57:10.48 e

The Annual Cross Island Relay, sponsored by Fidelity, organised by the Cayman Hash House Harriers. Starting at 6am at Gun Bay East End.

Register online  www.caymanactive.com/registrations 

Online payment required this year for all online registrations.

Mandatory Packet Pickup (and a chance for late registration) will be from noon to 4pm at Camana Bay on Saturday 2nd February near the Observation Tower. A representative from all teams must come to Packet Pickup to collect race numbers which must be distributed to each team member. No Packet Pickup or number collection on race day.

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