Early start again with Seventy Arunners wishing to be timed in the annual SDA Conference 10k run; the remainder of the participants were walkers that set off earlier and were not timed, and therefore are not included in the results below. The 10k race starts on Walkers Road near to the turning for Websters Estate with runners heading out and turning left onto South Sound. Before coming to the end, they turned left onto Old Crewe Road and turning left at the roundabout and down the Linford Pierson bypass. At the end of the bypass, turn right to Bobby Thompson Way, then left at the lights to Smith Road. Finally heading on to Walkers Road and finishing at the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Heading the pack today was teen sensation Levi Superville from 345 AC who was an easy winner with a superb time of 37:59 and a new personal best time for him. Gregley Gayle continues to perform very well with a decent performance of 40:18 for second place, whilst Alex Morrison, a visitor from Scotland came home third in 41:16. Abraham Whittaker also from 345AC ran a good time and finished in fourth place.

In the ladies race it was two Emilys who were jostling for the top spot but by the finish it was Ms Davies who won with Ms Harrison in second place.

SDA Conference 10k 2017 overall results
PlaceBibNameAGAG PlaceSex PlaceTime1k ave timeClub
19Levi SupervilleM12-141137:59.03:47345AC
224Gregley GayleM30-391240:18.14:01
376Alex MorrisonM30-392341:16.34:07
4299Abraham WhittakerM20-291442:15.54:13345AC
578Jason HodgesM30-393544:16.24:25
613Tony JamesM20-292644:47.54:28
710Norland BeckfordM20-293746:02.44:36
870David ShibliM50-591846:18.34:37345AC
980Gavin GrayM40-491947:50.14:47
1036Emily DaviesF30-391148:48.84:52345AC
11160Marco MirandoM40-4921051:24.95:08345AC
12288Emily HarrissonF40-491252:17.45:13
13295Ghandi IntryM30-3941152:44.65:16
14120Aaron BrownM40-4931255:12.25:31
1515Shane BlakeM20-2941355:47.15:34
1628Derek WilliamsM40-4941456:58.55:41
17238Takeyce PalmerF40-492357:08.55:42
1851Shian O’connorM20-2951558:59.35:53
19286Oasiris AlemanF50-591458:59.75:53
2055Raul FuenezM40-4951659:09.45:54
22297Kel ThompsonM50-592181:00:37.36:03
2372Mikaeyla DacresF12-14151:01:05.36:06345AC
2452Albert WalkerM20-296191:01:24.36:08
25156George CampbellM40-496201:01:58.76:11
2689Sandra RoseF50-59261:02:09.56:12
27158Kevin PinnockM40-497211:02:22.66:14
2862Pedro E CalzadoM50-593221:05:15.16:31
29113Maria BlanfordF40-49371:05:16.26:31
3095Dene BaileyM50-594231:06:29.96:38
31131Melbourne WilliamsM50-595241:07:04.16:42
32281Quintin MendezM40-498251:07:22.56:44
3377Patrick ThompsonM40-499261:07:33.96:45
34275Tia BernardF12-14281:07:37.46:45
3554Maria LeonceF50-59391:08:19.46:49
36172Maxine ThompsonF50-594101:09:46.76:58
3729Edgar BennettM30-395271:10:11.27:01
38140Marita SupervilleF40-494111:11:26.87:08345AC
3988Thelwell EllisaF40-495121:11:45.07:10
4060Isabelle MasonF30-392131:11:48.77:10
4156Celia HydesF40-496141:12:15.57:13
428Hugh EllisM40-4910281:13:14.97:19
43208Jose RomeroM30-396291:15:17.37:31
44291Liani RankineF12-143151:15:40.27:34
45124Yamsi RomeroF30-393161:16:15.07:37
4640Johnathon WoodsM15-191301:17:27.87:44
47116Allen CubasM15-192311:17:28.07:44
4832Janelle StyleF15-191171:17:38.77:45
49148Dennis HueM60+1321:17:52.97:47
50153Danielle HemmingsM20-291181:18:05.27:48
51123Hyacinth DoyleyF50-595191:18:09.37:48
522Concepcion MccoyF50-596201:18:40.17:52
53234Ramon MartinezM50-596331:19:43.07:58
54282Kacey ReidM20-297341:21:30.08:09
55300Lizan EbanksF50-597211:22:03.78:12
56106Franklin GrantM60+2351:22:03.98:12
57112Olukeni JamesF15-192221:25:49.18:34
58119Sherine StewartF40-497231:26:02.18:36
59203Kacey BordenF15-193241:27:32.28:45
6023Kayden SmithF30-394251:28:42.88:52
6127Dane AllenM20-298361:30:03.09:00
6269Andrew BryanM20-299371:30:15.69:01
6319Patrick ThompsonM12-142381:30:17.99:01
6453Pedro J CalzadoM15-193391:30:39.19:03
6511Marcia James SmithF50-598261:31:14.49:07
66280Daniela ShibliF0-111271:31:15.79:07
67110Dianna BrooksF50-599281:32:03.19:12
68165Barbara WrightF60+1291:32:39.09:15
69163Jewel MeikleF40-498301:33:00.59:18
70278Daniel MylesM12-143402:05:54.412:35

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