A very early start for runners attempting either of the two race distances that started at Public Beach. Three minutes before the start, the skies opened which had runners dashing for the nearest bit of cover, and a little problem for the starting systems as electronics are not fond of water and thus delaying the start time a few more minute. But around 6:10am, the rain eased back and the race was duly started with participants heading through the car-park and turning right on to West Bay Road and heading down 7-mile beach. The 5k turnaround was under the bridge near Deckers with the 10k runners continuing just beyond the Wharf and turning at the traffic lights were Eastern Avenue starts.

Many of the participants choose not to wear a timing chip so we are unable to confirm times for those individuals; the results below only show those who wore the ankle strap.

In the 5k Emily Davies led the way in a canter and barely broke a sweat. The next two ladies were Outi Ojala and Anna Krendzelakova. In the men’s group it was Jeremy Varlow a minute clear of Rashaad Powery and Abraham Powery a further minute later.

The 10k distance had the runners at the front much closer with Clifton Struiken getting the better of Chadwick Webster with just 8 seconds between them. Gregley Gayle was unchallenged for third place. Meanwhile in the ladies race it was the ever improving teen Ava Hider winning in a new personal best time. Amy Dyer was second whilst Mikaeyla Dacres showed that she is now moving into a higher level and smashed a good 6 minutes off her previous best time.

The full results are below. Please note that there are some individuals who may have completed one distance but shown in the other. The results system places individuals in either the 5k or 10k depending on what the registration volunteers recorded. We appreciate there might be some people who changed their minds and changed the distance. As good as the timing system is, it has not mastered the art of mind-reading and is unable to know when people do this; thanks to those individuals who did inform the timers and you should be listed in the correct race.

Finally, a big shout out to the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens and its many volunteers for putting on the race, and a big thanks to all those sponsors who help raise funds towards Breast Cancer Awareness in the Cayman Islands.

Brenda Tibbetts-Lund 5k
1.158Emily DavieswFemale 30-3926:25.30
2.78Jeremy VarlowmMale 30-3928:37.87
3.160Rashaad PowerymMale 14 and under29:31.20
4.282Outi OjalawFemale 30-3931:05.20
5.52Anna KrendzelakovawFemale 20-2931:14.06
6.47Abraham PowerymMale 15-1932:24.32
7.55Collette FoleywFemale 50-5932:25.24
8.105Shanti SinghwFemale 14 and under32:27.05
9.156David JacksonmMale 40-4932:56.07
10.42Corrine GlasgowwFemale 60+33:20.79
11.24Lorna MurphywFemale 30-3933:21.79
12.32Eilidh BridgemanwFemale 20-2933:38.85
13.152Samantha HenningswFemale 20-2933:38.89
14.131Janet DoylewFemale 40-4934:04.77
15.84Christian DubemMale 15-1934:16.14
16.97Reynaldo YsaguirriemMale 50-5934:35.79
17.228William StewardmMale 60+35:06.89
18.106Viviana EbankswFemale 40-4935:41.57
19.62Jeffery EbanksmMale 50-5935:41.82
20.88Adam StangmMale 30-3935:47.15
21.140April MoorewFemale 30-3937:42.47
22.295Aveana WatlerwFemale 20-2937:51.14
23.83Lucy Brewerw38:17.53
24.278Shawn ChungmMale 14 and under39:37.93
25.61Osmond AndersonmMale 14 and under40:35.91
26.40Charlotte BhardwajwFemale 30-3941:16.00
27.70Susan SumalapaowFemale 50-5942:49.05
28.116Glorieta EstillerwFemale 40-4942:52.78
29.117Victor SalgadomMale 30-3943:33.18
30.280Vanessa Allardw45:21.15
31.35Rebecca JordisonwFemale 40-4945:34.25
32.13Sersan Mankanw45:59.08
33.268Gary Franklinm47:50.04
34.208Joshua HaydenmMale 14 and under345 AC48:27.70
35.112Jacqueline Reidw49:00.60
36.89Magdalena PowerywFemale 40-4950:07.63
38.270Maria LeoncewFemale 50-591:12:50.59
39.296N.N. 296m1:28:25.38
Brenda Tibbetts-Lund 10k
1.56Clifton StruikenmMale 30-3939:41.76
2.37Chadwick WebstermMale 40-4939:49.00
3.281Gregley GaylemMale 30-3941:39.57
4.95Paul WilliamsmMale 50-59345 AC46:38.65
5.151Enrico Carmassim47:20.65
6.120Mark ReedmMale 40-4948:13.02
7.127James CrooksmMale 14 and under345 AC48:13.50
8.135Ava HiderwFemale 15-19345 AC48:58.95
9.38Keith DoylemMale 40-4949:59.29
10.272Amy DyerwFemale 20-2951:40.33
11.155David ShiblimMale 50-59345 AC52:50.48
12.300Mikaeyla DacreswFemale 14 and under345 AC53:10.62
13.145Justine PlenkiewiczwFemale 30-39345 AC53:34.29
14.19Yolande LopezwFemale 40-4957:43.85
15.27Lizette YearwoodwFemale 40-491:01:17.26
16.69Puspa RumbawFemale 30-391:02:10.27
17.2Jose Coretrorasm1:03:46.87
18.50James ShaplandmMale 40-491:03:50.10
19.74Samantha FarrellwFemale 30-391:04:19.11
20.238Helen Turner-ForbeswFemale 40-491:05:27.80
21.76Ian DawsonmMale 40-491:06:13.72
22.271Sophia WilliamswFemale 40-491:06:25.63
23.10Maria BlandfordwFemale 40-491:07:02.10
24.80Tara SchmarrwFemale 20-291:07:09.92
25.51Jessica WallerwFemale 30-391:07:43.83
26.36Jen StrangewaywFemale 20-291:07:44.41
27.114Joanna QuinnwFemale 50-591:07:57.20
28.63Gina ArgenziowFemale 40-491:09:13.59
29.60Lyneth MonteithwFemale 50-591:10:08.94
30.110Maggie TomlinwFemale 30-391:10:24.38
31.28Vetrivel DurairajmMale 30-391:13:38.05
32.297Anna McCallisterwFemale 40-491:13:45.27
33.123Zulu KettnermMale 50-591:15:15.05
34.154Simone WhittakerwFemale 40-49345 AC1:15:20.26
35.16Brandy SanchezwFemale 40-491:15:39.64
36.172Solvena MoorewFemale 50-591:18:10.43
37.148Yensi ContreraswFemale 30-391:20:06.77
38.291Celia HydeswFemale 40-491:20:06.86
39.274Bruce MooremMale 50-591:20:34.90
40.153Devlin KennywFemale 20-291:28:24.31
41.299Kerry Bennett-ReedwFemale 50-591:28:24.49
42.29Frank ReedmMale 50-591:28:25.34
43.72Jamie MulgrewwFemale 30-391:29:08.87
44.53Gina KettnerwFemale 50-591:33:29.59
45.119Tamarra DaviswFemale 30-391:47:21.79

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