Another great relay organised by 345 Athletic Club and sponsored again by local law firm McGrath Tonner and with 14 more teams than last year this race is building in popularity and there an increase of 70 more participants.

The relay has three divisions – an ‘All Female’ division (16 teams), a ‘Corporate’ division (16 teams) with all other teams being placed in the ‘Open’ division (26 teams). The race starts outside the Boxing gym and runs clockwise around Leguinea Circle, turn right on Olympic Way, passing the Swimming pool, making a u-turn outside the Truman Bodden Sports Complex and up the path between the pool and track back to the start line.  

Lap 1 – Carifta athlete Victor Magalhaes takes the lead from the get-go and stays there from start to finish and heads home in the fastest time of the day (5:00.0) giving his team ‘345AC Dreadful’ a solid 35 second lead ahead of fellow Club runner Josh Weaver (345AC The Avengers) who powered through in 5:35.1. A close battle for the next few positions with Matt Volkwyn (345AC Blazers) and Enrico Carmassi (Catch Restaurant) fighting it out for 3rd and 4th respectfully. Immediately following was fastest female runner of the day Ava Hider (345AC Gurls) in 5:49.5 who placed her team ahead in the Female division.

Lap 2 – taking over from Victor was another Carifta athlete Levi Superville who finished within 2 seconds of Victor’s time to not only be the second quickest of the day in 5:01.8 but placed 345AC Dreadful well ahead of the rest and the race was almost won after just 2 miles. Wyatt Bodden worked his team (345AC Blazers) into second place with a decent time of 5:35.0, with Robert Szalk time of 5:35.3 moving Movers for Life Inspiration up the pecking order. Kyra Rabess was fastest female leg 2 runner who took the baton from Ava and extended the 345AC Gulrs’ lead in the Female Div.  

Lap 3 – Aldene Skyes (Movers for Life Pata Team) recorded the quickest time but made an error and cut the lap short. Sorry to advise that you did NOT break the female world record for the mile as first thought. In fact it was Jack Paolini (CISs), Abraham Whittaker (345AC Dreadful) and James Crooks (345AC Blazers) all ran the third mile within 4 tenths of a second of each other for the fastest three spots. Michelle Vinton (Harmonic 2) was fastest female leg 3 runner in 6:34.0.

Lap 4 – saving a huge mishap, it was clear after three laps that 345AC Dreadful were very unlikely to be caught as Abraham, Whittaker handed the baton to Island Games hopeful Tiffany Cole who ran the second fastest female lap of the day being just 2 tenths of a second away from Ava’s lap 1 time. Quickest lap 4 time went to Javier Perez who cemented 345AC Blazers second spot with his time of 5:39.0 whilst Catch Restaurant’s Shemar Brady’s time of 5:48.7 ensured this team was in a prominent position in the Corporate division.  

Lap 5 – no surprise that Island Games hopeful Sherlock Brooks kept 345AC Dreadful way ahead of the rest as he clocked thrird quickest time of the day in 5:08.5. Carifta athlete Juan Pablo Valerio secured second place for 345AC Blazers with a fast time of 5:12.5, whilst Daniel Cargill’s time of 5:23.8 for Harmonic 1 ensured the corporate division would be an exciting finish for the top spots. The fastest three females on the last lap were three who had already ran one leg, Kyra, Ava and Tiffany.

Open Division – 345AC Dreadful (Victor Magalhaes, Levi Superville, Abraham Whittaker, Tiffany Cole and Sherlock Brooks) were streets ahead of the rest winning in a time of 26:37.6. Second was 345AC Blazers (Matt Volkwyn, Wyatt Bodden, James Crooks, Javier Perez and Juan Pablo Valerio) in 27:48.2, whilst Movers for Life Inspiration (Paul Williams, Robert Szalk, Winston Sobers, Jeromoni Patrice and Yazzer Abdullah) were an impressive thrird in 29:26.3

All Female division – 345AC Gurls (Ava Hider, Kyra Rabess, Charlotte Kerr, Daoireann Lynch and Tiffany Cole) were a long way ahead and winning in 31:28.4. Second team home was ‘Don’t Underestimate the Old Birds’ (Emily Harrison, Jenny Coleman, Elaine Anderson, Rebekah Brooks andDoris Avalos) completed in 35:44.9 and ‘Movers for Life – Conquerers’ third (Cara Henessy, Tracey Walker, Mercyline Chemutai, Sayda Hernandez and Melanie Johnson) in 36:24.2

Corporate Division – was won by Harmonic 1 (Alex Johnson, Killian Everard, Ian Ballard, Jason Keating and Daniel Cargill) who were also third place overall in 29:25.8. Catch Restaurant (Enrico Carmassi, Alex Martinez, Ricky Crisontomo, Shemar Brady and Raheem Bennet) proved their worth in second in 30:21.5 with Deloitte FAS and Furious third in 33:04.6.

Thanks as always to our volunteers who take car of refreshments, marshaling, registration and timekeeping. A huge thanks to the title sponsor McGrath Tonner for covering race costs and sponsoring the event for the third successive year, to the Boxing Gym who allowed us to use the facilities and to all those entities who provided raffle prizes such as Godfrey Enterprizes, the Squash Club and the Lobster Pot.

PosnTeamBibTimeLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5
1345AC Dreadful 3026:37.605:00.005:01.805:37.405:49.705:08.5
2345AC Blazers 2427:48.205:43.905:35.005:37.605:39.005:12.5
3Harmonic 1 5029:25.806:05.205:46.406:05.606:05.105:23.8
4Movers For Life Inspiration 529:26.305:56.405:35.306:00.706:01.205:52.5
5345AC The Avengers 3630:20.905:35.106:06.106:04.506:33.306:01.7
6Catch Restaurant 2830:21.505:45.406:20.206:27.505:48.705:59.8
8345AC Mdr Gurls 2531:28.405:49.506:07.206:38.406:34.906:18.6
9Deloitte Fas And Furious 3533:04.606:10.306:36.607:04.607:34.605:38.7
10Crossfit Muscle Beach 1 4533:38.906:15.307:14.007:11.906:15.406:42.1
11Harmonic 2 5134:01.806:46.406:34.406:34.007:04.507:02.7
12Football Hooligans 2634:52.907:35.706:16.507:25.006:54.006:42.0
13Red Sail Sports 4 4035:16.108:21.206:10.806:27.607:53.706:22.9
14Knockout Chicken 4235:18.306:15.906:19.707:30.907:41.907:29.6
15Red Sail Sports 2 3835:31.107:11.707:07.307:29.808:10.105:32.3
16Team Ritz 5835:36.306:20.308:25.906:57.407:24.106:28.8
17Crossfit Muscle Beach 3 4735:44.306:16.807:12.308:07.207:53.206:14.7
18Red Sail Sports 1 3935:44.306:23.507:33.008:56.206:58.805:53.1
19Don’t Underestimate The Olds Birds 4335:44.906:41.807:09.607:19.407:22.007:12.3
20South Sound Squash Team 2936:06.306:57.507:05.108:56.606:26.806:40.1
21Movers For Life Conquerors 1836:24.206:57.407:14.506:45.508:17.307:09.8
22Red Sail Sports 3 3736:36.906:01.607:38.509:43.506:52.206:21.3
23Rcips Alpha Stride 5636:47.007:04.909:06.106:42.906:25.907:27.5
24Movers For Life Empowerment 636:54.605:58.706:46.411:09.606:46.706:13.0
25Brother Band 4837:13.205:53.508:58.706:50.108:45.206:45.5
26Crossfit Muscle Beach 2 4637:14.107:48.207:03.108:30.306:33.707:18.5
27Trunki Army 3137:26.507:17.007:56.708:15.507:01.006:56.1
28Cayman Prep 2 5437:44.708:04.709:06.207:18.606:06.607:08.4
29Movers For Life Bootcamp 1 938:07.407:47.807:32.607:36.308:09.707:00.8
30Movers For Life Excellence 1639:29.706:13.508:26.107:46.210:21.006:42.7
31The Speedy Sloths 3439:41.007:31.307:26.207:58.308:59.607:45.8
32Cayman Prep 1 5339:54.108:20.906:12.709:28.508:05.207:46.5
33Fabulous Five 4940:21.108:08.107:49.109:31.907:28.107:24.1
34Movers For Life Why Not 840:45.107:16.607:55.308:43.008:40.508:09.6
35The Speedy Sloths 2 3240:46.907:59.308:08.110:03.007:52.406:43.9
36Movers For Life Pata Team 2041:51.408:22.809:54.6*03:50.9*10:55.808:47.5
37Wnrc Girl Power 2742:10.707:59.808:51.909:32.908:19.607:26.7
38Wonder Women 2142:20.208:38.607:54.708:46.807:29.309:31.0
39Movers For Life Imagination 742:26.207:56.807:52.408:23.209:04.609:09.1
40Mcgrath Tonner B 243:02.607:55.708:58.609:05.107:33.808:09.4
41Movers For Life Bayas 443:31.907:03.309:02.610:08.410:17.706:59.7
42Mcgrath Tonner 144:00.609:31.508:08.307:53.209:50.108:37.7
43Movers For Life Scotia 1544:33.307:37.309:07.409:18.009:41.008:49.4
44Movers For Lifeneed For Speed 344:53.407:27.709:13.609:53.909:10.809:07.2
45Team Aus 3345:24.208:57.508:08.710:16.310:23.907:38.2
46Road Warriors 2345:43.108:29.809:38.309:06.209:59.408:29.7
47Century 21 Movers And Groovers 5245:54.007:55.309:35.110:56.208:35.008:52.6
48Chicken Feet 4146:28.207:38.409:51.808:56.810:28.509:33.0
49Rcips Charlie Stride 5546:47.106:43.110:37.309:26.711:52.808:07.4
50Team 321 2247:08.908:26.411:41.210:07.910:03.206:50.0
51Movers For Life Universal Fitness Runners 2 1447:11.509:40.409:10.309:35.808:53.409:51.9
52Movers For Life Bootcamp 2 1049:51.206:47.508:18.908:45.412:56.813:02.4
53Rcips Bravo Stride 5753:02.613:03.708:44.012:32.408:55.409:47.4
54Movers For Life Universal Fitness Runners 1 1354:11.011:37.610:59.710:48.711:10.509:34.7
55Movers For Life Bootcamp 3 1156:20.609:55.514:18.510:34.113:10.708:22.0
56Movers For Life We Will Get It Done 1756:40.809:05.609:34.411:26.311:00.915:33.9
57Movers For Life Don’t Count On Us 191:04:39.113:48.612:54.413:35.414:34.309:46.2
58Movers For Life Universal Fitness Walkers 121:12:05.716:20.716:38.612:39.213:30.612:56.8
Leg 1Lap 1
Victor Magalhaes05:00.0
Joshua Weaver05:35.1
Matt Volkwyn05:43.9
Enrico Carmassi05:45.4
Ava Hider05:49.5
Matthew Penner05:53.5
Paul Williams05:56.4
Delroy Nisto Ow Forbes05:58.7
Chase Young06:01.6
Pierre Sokohl06:05.0
Alex Johnson06:05.2
Jason Deamer06:10.3
Christopher McKenzie06:13.5
Aaron DaCostz06:15.3
Cesar Aparil06:15.9
Sam Young06:16.8
Tobias Muchene06:20.3
Andries Marias06:23.5
Emily Harrison06:41.8
Joseph Anglin06:43.1
Nish Vora06:46.4
Callroy Harris06:47.5
Cara Hennessy06:57.4
Cameron Staford06:57.5
Luraine Wheatley07:03.3
Lesroy Clarke07:04.9
Chris Torrie07:11.7
Stattie Downs07:16.6
Dylan Jakubiak07:17.0
Courtney Waugh07:27.7
Clara Byrne07:31.3
Patrick Duggan07:35.7
Takeyce Palmer07:37.3
Mayeth Naz07:38.4
Paul Puckering07:47.8
Chantal Cominos07:48.2
Alex Wood07:55.3
Phil Brown07:55.7
Donjae Blake07:56.8
Luke Higgo07:59.3
Shelley Wilkinson07:59.8
Wills McMurtry08:04.7
Leila Kirkconnell08:08.1
Kelly Cowling08:20.9
Jodi Laderberg08:21.2
Nanet Amido08:22.8
Jamie McGee08:26.4
Maria Leonce08:29.8
Anna McCallister08:38.6
Zimmie McGrath08:57.5
Nicole Emmanuel Jones09:05.6
Sarah Mencner09:31.5
Soraya Hawkins09:40.4
Shaha Green09:55.5
Kim Miller11:37.6
Nathan Panton13:03.7
Gary Franklyn13:48.6
Nadine McBean16:20.7
Leg 2Lap 2
Levi Superville05:01.8
Culainn Lynch06:06.1
Wyatt Bodden05:35.0
Alex Martinez06:20.2
Kyra Rabess06:07.2
Jonny Robson08:58.7
Robert Szalk05:35.3
Kevin Connolly06:46.4
Becky Caterall07:38.5
Mikayla Corin06:56.8
Killian Everard05:46.4
Kirsten Cellier06:36.6
Lisa Watler08:26.1
Louane Silva07:14.0
Rogerio Pita06:19.7
Andre Haughton07:12.3
Julie Rudeen08:25.9
Chantalle Blume07:33.0
Jenny Coleman07:09.6
Joel Schneider10:37.3
Dave Bennett06:34.4
Grenda Solomon08:18.9
Tracey Walker07:14.5
Jake Kelly07:05.1
Gwen McLaughlin09:02.6
Trudiann Williamson09:06.1
Katie CPS07:07.3
Chris Dingsdale07:55.3
Aleena Dater07:56.7
Patricia Muchette09:13.6
Milly Hoffman07:26.2
Breannach Lynch06:16.5
Cleon Davis09:07.4
Iraisis Munoz09:51.8
M. Rankine07:32.6
Laurence Mercier07:03.1
Amber Yates09:35.1
Claire Neikan08:58.6
Zenobia Badley07:52.4
Kaija Danter08:08.1
Caroline Courtis08:51.9
Nick Yale09:06.2
Alex Owen07:49.1
Tessa Jones06:12.7
Carly Young06:10.8
Riva Tiempo09:54.6
Charlotte Wright11:41.2
Emely Belo09:38.3
Yensi Contreras07:54.7
Lara Connolly08:08.7
Shena Ebanks09:34.4
Sue-Helen McConnell08:08.3
Paola Padilla-Fune09:10.3
Verryl Seymour14:18.5
Sybil Berry10:59.7
Vannessa Seymore08:44.0
Tangue Dunbar12:54.4
Welma Parchment16:38.6
Leg 3Lap 3
Abraham Whittaker05:37.4
Joshua Weaver06:04.5
James Crooks05:37.6
Ricky Crisontomo06:27.5
Charlotte Kerr06:38.4
Freddie Robson06:50.1
Winston Sobers06:00.7
Polocarpo Nunez Solorzano11:09.6
Carina Ecclefield09:43.5
Jack Paolini05:37.2
Ian Ballard06:05.6
Mike Green07:04.6
Stattie Downs07:46.2
Ram Johnson07:11.9
Mark Miranda07:30.9
Amy Hubble08:07.2
Luis Guillen06:57.4
Bec Swanston08:56.2
Elaine Anderson07:19.4
Amir Palmer09:26.7
Michelle Vinton06:34.0
Tatiana Allen08:45.4
Mercyline Chemutai06:45.5
Gabriel Martinez08:56.6
Delroy Nisto Ow Forbes10:08.4
Julie-ann Walters06:42.9
Morne Duploy07:29.8
Myron Blair08:43.0
Lila Higgo08:15.5
Eckerd McField09:53.9
Cayden Coles07:58.3
Dillion Phillips07:25.0
Tamara Cohen09:18.0
Yensi Contreras08:56.8
Reece Reasan07:36.3
Alan Prada08:30.3
Courtney Henderson10:56.2
Paddy McGrath09:05.1
Marcia Robinson08:23.2
Stella Seymour10:03.0
Suzette Pryce09:32.9
Kerrie Beattie07:18.6
Anna Owen09:31.9
Anna Boughey09:28.5
Fernando Lleon06:27.6
Aldene Skyes03:50.9
Liz Weber10:07.9
Priscilla Silva Martins09:06.2
Sueli Cook08:46.8
Tash Maefzdyen10:16.3
Paula Ford11:26.3
Mike Waugh07:53.2
Lucy Wood09:35.8
Annmarie Webb10:34.1
Dayana Bodden10:48.7
Karen Hornplein12:32.4
Berylann Clarkeson13:35.4
Charlotte Parchment12:39.2
Leg 4Lap 4
Tiffany Cole05:49.7
Culainn Lynch06:33.3
Javier Perez05:39.0
Shemar Brady05:48.7
Doireann Lynch06:34.9
Alex Gaze08:45.2
Jeromoni Patrice06:01.2
Derick Williams06:46.7
Dan Bond06:52.2
Charles Sokohl06:00.9
Jason Keating06:05.1
Brian Wong07:34.6
Paul Williams10:21.0
Colm Dawn06:15.4
Jojo Besana07:41.9
Sarah Jackson07:53.2
Ibrahim Odundo07:24.1
Dave Steemson06:58.8
Rebekah Brooks07:22.0
Georgina White11:52.8
Danny Santiago07:04.5
Nadine Davis12:56.8
Sayda Hernandez08:17.3
Daniel Murphy06:26.8
Jordon William McLaughlin10:17.7
Brian Earl06:25.9
Duke Sullivan08:10.1
Danillo Tatum08:40.5
Gavin Sunley07:01.0
Shena Ebanks09:10.8
Abi Anderson08:59.6
Breannach Lynch06:54.0
Marsha Eleweanya09:41.0
Riva Tiempo10:28.5
Orrett Thane08:09.7
Sarah Ryan06:33.7
Paul Dean08:35.0
Lily McGrath07:33.8
Joan Mburu09:04.6
Owen Franklyn07:52.4
Louise Warren08:19.6
Katie Devlin06:06.6
Teagan Nash07:28.1
Phill Thompson08:05.2
Nicci Paul07:53.7
Marie Suna10:55.8
Lisa Broadbridge10:03.2
Celia Cid09:59.4
Carol McKenzie07:29.3
Chloe Connolly10:23.9
Ann Marie Campbell11:00.9
Sarah Mencner09:50.1
Chantal Byrd08:53.4
Grenda Solomon13:10.7
Nicole Emmanuel Jones11:10.5
Wilston Bennett08:55.4
Andrea Franklyn14:34.3
Elizabeth Daniels13:30.6
Leg 5Lap 5
Sherlock Brooks05:08.5
James Crooks06:01.7
Juan Pablo Valerio05:12.5
Raheem Bennet05:59.8
Tiffany Cole06:18.6
Thomas Penner06:45.5
Yazzer Abdullah05:52.5
Christopher McKenzie06:13.0
Joe Paolone06:21.3
Ava Hider06:19.5
Daniel Cargill05:23.8
Jason Trautman05:38.7
Boyd E. Tatum06:42.7
Marz West06:42.1
Jonathan Clet07:29.6
Kyra Rabess06:14.7
Tobias Muchene06:28.8
Doug Anderson05:53.1
Doris Avalos07:12.3
Dale Parker08:07.4
Yehonatan Segal07:02.7
Ophelia Walters13:02.4
Melanie Johnson07:09.8
Sean Murphy06:40.1
Policarpo Nunez Solorzano06:59.7
Shamar Hayles07:27.5
Mark Tilley05:32.3
Carline Reid08:09.6
Paul Marineau06:56.1
Lisa Watler09:07.2
Libby Lindley07:45.8
Sean Leon06:42.0
Chris Loban08:49.4
Ma. Theresa Obispo09:33.0
G Johnson07:00.8
David Fuentes07:18.5
Brenda Martinez08:52.6
Richard Nash08:09.4
Sofia Hamilton09:09.1
Colby Jakubiak06:43.9
Kat Alexander07:26.7
Sandy Hew07:08.4
Rio Windsor07:24.1
Emily Harrison07:46.5
Gio Muller06:22.9
Julie Cuatero08:47.5
Woody Foster06:50.0
Maria Blandford08:29.7
Patricia Thomas09:31.0
Nikki Connolly07:38.2
Charmane Dalhouse15:33.9
Sue-Helen McConnell08:37.7
Lucinda Diaz09:51.9
Nicole Thompson08:22.0
Fiona Pileta09:34.7
Casey McLaughlin09:47.4
Patricia Muschette09:46.2
Raquel Rodriguez12:56.8

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