KRyS Global 30k Solo Run 2016

The 30k Solo run is a very tough endurance race that many of the Cayman Marathoners participate in as their last intense long run just before they start their tapering.  Sure the 30k is around 12k less than the full marathon distance but this race still requires runners to prepare in the same way and the winners will come from those who set the correct pace from start to finish, get their nutrition and hydration strategy right and be able to cope with the heat and humidity.

With all the cloud and rain we have non-stop all week, one might have expected similar conditions on Sunday morning and most runners would appreciate the extra cloud cover and cooler conditions it would bring, however, it was not to be. Instead, the heat was brutal from 7am and tough going for most of the competitors having to continuously take on water to remain as hydrated as possible.

But what a race it was!

Leg 1 - an amazingly fast pace set by defending champion Chadwick Webster who  took on the field (and the relay teams) from the start and completed the first third in a very  impressive 10k split time of 37:25.2, which is an average of under 6 minutes per mile. The second place runner Mike Ridsdale was also running well and trying to conserve his energy and posted 41:22.4 for his first 10k split, also a time most people would like to be able to match for a 10k . Not many others dared (although they are capable) to go so fast over the first 10k... perhaps they made the better choice today!

Very impressively, it was Scott Ruby and his training partner Nikki Christian who were flying through the checkpoint next and closely followed by Conrad Proud, Robert Powell, Kym Bailey and Sam Young.

Leg 2 -  the temperature increased very quickly and those who had gone fast in leg 1 to take advantage of the slightly cooler conditions soon had to make adjustments to their speed over leg two, and this can be clearly seen when reviewing the split times. Chadwick was still zooming along in front (43:12.8) and retained the fastest leg 2 albeit only marginally from Mike (43:14.4) who had settled into his rhythm. Conrad (48:53.1) was the next fastest, with fastest female at this stage Kym next with Barnabas Bako coming into the picture with two consistent legs.

Leg 3 - this is the leg that puts runners to the sword!  It is really hot now and if you got your race tactics wrong now is when you get to know about it. If you got it right, you will be able to maintain your stride pattern and moving along comfortably enough. If you got it wrong, you were probably already feeling the strain at the 20k checkpoint and knowing that there is another 10k to go really tests your mental strength.

Unfortunately for Chadwick he started cramping up and most serious runners have been in this place before and can emphasise with him. Chadwick is a very experienced runner and as a two-time winner of this race he would have prepared as he had done in the past and would have believed in his ability to maintain the pace he set over the first two legs but it was not to be. Mike on the other hand had played the patient game - not letting other runners efforts change his game-plan, he stuck to the planned pace and was very consistent throughout the 30k.  A few miles out he could see Chadwick was having trouble and knowing the race win was up for grabs would certainly incentivise one to concentrate on good form. Mike was able to do that and finish a very comfortable winner and new champion for this event.

Chadwick did not give up though and continued towards the finish. Unfortunately for him, another experience distance runner Conrad was also closing the gap and having completed a number of marathons he used his experience to run similar time splits and was able to move into second place, whilst Chadwick held on for third.

Talking of even paced running, Kym Bailey showed her experience to become the new female 30k champion, the win coming from behind on the final 10k. Nikki and Scott were amazing as always and so happy they were able to get a podium finish.

A very impressive performance by Sarah Lewis again all thanks to a strong leg 3 earning her third overall female.

Well done to all who took part in the 30k. This was as tough as we have had in the 6 years of doing this race and to complete the distance was not an easy task, as Chris Krohn discovered in the way of bad cramps and sadly had to withdraw around 13.5 miles.

Thanks again to sponsors KRyS Global, to hosts Morritts and to all the volunteers.

Posn Last Name First Name Sex Overall Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3
1 Ridsdale Mike m 2.08:51.97 41:22.4 43:14.4 44:15.1
2 Proud Conrad m 2.27:12.27 47:02.8 48:53.1 51:16.3
3 Webster Chadwick m 2.30:01.33 37:25.2 43:12.8 1.09:25.3
4 Bailey Kym f 2.31:43.44 48:45.6 50:37.4 52:20.5
5 Christian Nikki f 2.36:59.29 46:31.2 51:18.4 59:09.7
6 Ruby Scott m 2.37:00.46 46:31.2 51:18.6 59:10.0
7 Bako Barnabas m 2.39:44.87 49:18.4 50:48.3 59:38.2
8 Lewis Sarah f 2.43:16.10 50:05.3 53:26.2 59:44.6
9 Young Sam m 2.44:00.95 48:59.1 50:51.3 1.04:10.56
10 Powell Robert m 2.48:32.96 48:11.5 52:30.4 1.07:51.07
11 O'Connor Michael m 2.49:15.90 50:40.6 55:20.2 1.03:15.10
12 Jack George m 2.53:26.78 52:01.3 54:53.6 1.06:31.89
13 Douglas Anderson m 2.55:52.97 52:32.4 55:58.9 1.07:21.68
14 Superfine Jeremy m 2.57:38.70 55:45.3 59:51.5 1.02:01.95
15 Cornwall Geoff m 3.02:30.63 52:54.5 57:17.7 1.12:18.49
16 McCallum Pat f 3.06:35.88 53:51.7 58:35.7 1.14:08.43
17 Miranda Mark m 3.11:04.64 56:57.0 1.01:25.64 1.12:42.02
18 Reed Mark m 3.11:36.40 59:58.7 1.05:00.20 1.06:37.46
19 Freeth Nicola f 3.12:16.82 1.00:16.34 1.04:43.11 1.07:17.37
20 Grullon Oddy f 3.29:23.85 1.00:46.82 1.10:59.80 1.17:37.24
21 Cagabcab Carmen f 3.31:09.11 1.00:59.11 1.04:39.33 1.25:30.57
22 Kanuga Kerri f 3.33:10.24 1.04:07.76 1.15:38.29 1.13:2420
23 McDermot Karina f 3.35:31.82 1.04:18.75 1.15:29.64 1.15:43.44
24 Pitta Rogerio m 3.55:01.87 1.00:59.08 1.18:29.69 1.35:33.11
25 Gonzalez Yendy f 3.55:02.86 1.01:39.45 1.17:50.64 1.35:32.78
DNF Krohn Chris m DNF 1.00:52.48 1.19:43.78 DNF
DNS Du Buisson Carli f DNS DNS DNS DNS

Event Details

Oct 30, 2016

Cardinal Avenue

Location - Cardinal Avenue

  • Cardinal Avenue
  • George town
  • Grand Cayan