SDA Conference 10k 2018

Perfect conditions for good times this morning for the Seventh Day Adventists’ annual Conference 10k run / walk with a cool breeze and a cloud blanket keeping the temperatures lower, which is type of good news one is hoping for when preparing to race hard for upwards of 40 minutes.

The route starts on Walkers Road near Windamere Street with walkers and runners heading up Walkers Road and turn left to South Sound and head towards the East. Turning left on to Old Crewe Road and left again on to the Linford Pierson By-Pass [note we placed an extra antenna to capture those passing as they go on to the By-Pass]. To the end of the By-Pass, turning right on to Bobby Thompson and left at the lights to Smith Road and follow all the way to the SDA Conference Centre.

A little confusion at the start with many not having their numbers but once issued the walkers were on their way at 6.20am with the runners starting at 6.30am. In the run, a group of Cayman’s good distance runners formed a pack at the front with Levi Superville, Marius Acker, Gregley Gayle, Abraham Whittaker and Victor Magalhaes setting a decent pace as they pulled away from the rest. Soon after the veteran Marius Acker pushed the pace with Victor Magalhaes in tow and after 3k it was Levi who started feeling the pace and dropped back a little. The runners pulled further away along South Sound as Gregley Gayle took his place at the front and by the turn onto the By-Pass, Gregley had a 10 second lead over Marius and Victor with Abraham 5 seconds further adrift. The top four continued hard and fast down the By-Pass with Marius trying to chase after Gregley and putting a bit of space between him and Victor but not closing on the finish Gregley had held off any challenges and finished with a super time of 37:28, with Marius also running a good time 37:58 for second. Victor was third in 38:16 and Abraham also run under the 40 minutes so well do to these guys.

In the ladies run, Ava Hider was just getting off the bus as the race started and gave everyone a 25 second head start. She is clearly running with confidence, but that is just showing off! By the split antenna Ava had caught all female runners and was just ahead of Jennifer Coleman who was holding second spot ahead of Emily Harrison. The positions stayed this way until the end with the ladies earning the top three spots.

Well done to Merle Answer-Watkins and the team at SDA for organising this event, and thank you to all those who volunteered to help in one way or another, from the catering, water stations or marshaling. 

SDA Conference 2018 Results
10k Runners
PlaceBibNamem/fAge GroupAG Rank5.8k Split4.2k splitTimeClub
1.221Gregley GaylemMale 31-40120:27,617:01,037:28.66 
2.187Marius AckermMale 41-50120:36,017:22,637:58.68345 AC
3.190Victor MagalhaesmMale 13-20120:37,317:39,438:16.77345 AC
4.105Abraham WhittakermMale 21-30120:42,418:46,039:28.43345 AC
5.121Colm DawsonmMale 31-40224:16,920:21,044:38.02 
6.118Paul WilliamsmMale 51+124:50,121:44,546:34.68345 AC
7.195Wyatt BoddenmMale 13-20224:42,521:56,546:39.09345 AC
8.189Levi SupervillemMale 13-20322:41,424:00,746:42.18345 AC
9.111Gavin GreymMale 41-50224:50,821:55,646:46.47 
10.219Aaron BernardomMale 31-40325:54,522:03,047:57.61 
11.246Ava HiderfFemale 13-20126:37,021:59,148:36.27345 AC
12.229Marco MirandamMale 31-40426:21,022:58,949:20.01345 AC
13.247Jennifer ColemanfFemale 41-50127:22,122:19,149:41.33 
14.104Martin DaviesmMale 41-50326:25,223:17,149:42.38 
15.112Cornelis GouwsmMale 41-50427:14,323:31,450:45.87 
16.225Steve DurksenmMale 51+227:52,224:51,852:44.07 
17.213Emily HarrisonfFemale 41-50228:23,725:29,553:53.29 
18.218Aaron BrownmMale 41-50527:52,727:49,955:42.69 
19.249David CohanmMale 31-40529:09,926:32,855:42.81 
20.222Danielle BaileyfFemale 13-20229:34,326:30,856:05.18 
21.193Rhegis DananmMale 31-40630:45,725:35,956:21.73 
22.224Hugh EllismMale 41-50630:16,826:48,557:05.39 
23.124Daniel CardenasmMale 51+332:36,128:29,01:01:05.20 
24.103Roger DaviesmMale 51+433:39,027:32,71:01:11.76Hash House
25.250Ferdinand ZingwiromMale 21-30231:09,732:24,31:03:34.05 
26.188Gary RedfernmMale 41-50733:34,230:12,41:03:46.71Hash
27.123Paul ColzadomMale 51+533:10,031:23,91:04:33.97 
28.108Owen KnightmMale 31-40733:00,531:45,31:04:45.95 
29.227Jelani HallmMale 13-20430:51,434:46,81:05:38.29 
30.122Joel BeltranmMale 13-20535:38,830:37,51:06:16.44 
31.186Sami PeenefFemale 13-20332:40,433:58,71:06:39.15345 AC
32.191Christianette AmidofFemale 31-40133:10,334:14,61:07:25.04 
33.114Melbourne WilliamsmMale 51+633:40,033:50,21:07:30.28 
34.220Conception McCoyfFemale 51+136:14,131:43,61:07:57.73 
35.194Esther ForbesfFemale 31-40236:23,832:08,41:08:32.34 
36.212Charlie NixonmMale 13-20636:17,533:28,01:09:45.59 
37.196Colindra RodenckafFemale 13-20439:47,429:58,61:09:46.07 
38.210Marvin GordonmMale 31-40837:16,932:53,01:10:10.01 
39.228Rohan GiscombemMale 12 and under135:32,935:25,31:10:58.26 
40.199Jonathan WoodsmMale 13-207  1:16:02.92 
41.198Alan CubasmMale 13-208  1:16:04.35 
42.197Jhanna WilliamsfFemale 13-20540:29,735:46,31:16:16.04 
43.217KC GordonfFemale 13-20640:31,436:43,51:17:15.00 
44.110Antonette LyonsfFemale 31-40342:16,235:17,11:17:33.38 
45.209Natalie DykefFemale 31-40440:32,940:07,61:20:40.67 
46.244Franklin GrantmMale 51+742:28,839:34,21:22:03.09 
47.192Donato AmidomMale 51+843:27,338:40,91:22:08.37 
48.50Hemming DaniellefFemale 21-30146:51,540:34,81:27:26.32 
49.215Kai MowattfFemale 31-40546:05,545:24,91:31:30.52 
50.214Omar MarshmMale 31-40946:27,945:02,51:31:30.52 
51.226Neheni camachomMale 31-401045:09,846:35,21:31:45.11 
52.245Roxy GiscombefFemale 12 and under153:02,742:19,31:35:22.09 
53.109Jolen WhytefFemale 31-40653:01,152:31,21:45:32.49 
54.211James GearymMale 21-30357:13,252:09,81:49:23.18 
55.216Annakey MillerfFemale 21-30264:42,948:25,21:53:08.24 
56.223Florence SolomonfFemale 51+261:37,453:35,41:55:12.88 
SDA Conference 10k Walkers
PlaceBibNamem/fAge GroupAG Rank5.85k Split4.15k splitTime
1.13Keevle KnightmMale 41-50136:11,632:04,51:08:16.11
2.7Devon GiscombemMale 41-50237:29,832:15,01:09:44.91
3.14Dr. Kenrick WebstermMale 51+138:46,331:40,01:10:26.43
4.15Christopher EwortmMale 41-50339:10,436:03,21:15:13.74
5.6Lennox DennismMale 51+240:22,635:19,51:15:42.18
6.42Jeffrey GonzalesmMale 31-40140:39,535:22,41:16:01.95
7.43Lyndon NelsonmMale 51+343:19,535:36,91:18:56.51
8.3Fenslie SmithmMale 41-50442:56,737:16,41:20:13.23
9.2Icoln KerrfFemale 51+142:50,337:31,21:20:21.62
10.115Donna McDougalfFemale 51+243:40,439:44,11:23:24.68
11.48Patricia BlakefFemale 41-50144:50,540:47,41:25:37.99
12.125Kirk SutherlandmMale 41-50550:16,136:45,31:27:01.49
13.12Thelma BarnesfFemale 31-40146:19,240:54,11:27:13.41
14.1Ranolph ScottmMale 51+447:24,540:59,31:28:23.90
15.11Carl BarnesmMale 51+547:54,940:59,01:28:54.03
16.47Kem-Ann CampbellfFemale 41-50249:22,640:06,31:29:28.91
17.31Audrey MorganfFemale 51+349:17,740:56,31:30:14.17
18.116Sandra WilliamsfFemale 51+449:18,840:57,11:30:16.05
19.46Marcia SmithfFemale 51+550:16,342:05,11:32:21.43
20.4Christopher EwortmMale 41-50650:18,342:03,21:32:21.56
21.119Beatrice GaylefFemale 41-50354:03,739:07,81:33:11.62
22.8Robert SwabymMale 41-50750:50,644:43,21:35:33.90
23.40Rhenez FajardomMale 21-30151:33,344:39,21:36:12.65
24.113Johanna VermaakfFemale 31-40252:23,044:43,01:37:06.19
25.41Bianca CruzfFemale 21-30152:38,645:17,11:37:55.85
26.5Doreen ChindsfFemale 51+651:19,147:09,61:38:28.83
27.10Mario GallowaymMale 41-508  1:40:00.67
28.9Beatrice GaylefFemale 41-50454:11,645:49,11:40:00.76
29.49Daisy GalindofFemale 51+756:26,643:52,21:40:18.91
30.44Janette HenryfFemale 41-50553:59,746:37,81:40:37.63
31.21Selina GiscombefFemale 41-50654:02,146:35,91:40:38.10
32.30Carla MclaughlinfFemale 51+855:05,146:58,61:42:03.77
33.16Federico GrantmMale 51+657:02,545:16,81:42:19.39
34.36Adelina ReyesfFemale 51+955:41,847:52,61:43:34.46
35.37Magdell BurkefFemale 31-40356:18,948:06,51:44:25.55
36.39Juvianne ClementefFemale 21-30254:45,550:31,01:45:16.64
37.33Allison WoodsfFemale 13-20156:40,949:34,41:46:15.44
38.29Cira OlmofFemale 41-50757:02,751:54,31:48:57.11
39.32Sheila WoodsfFemale 51+1059:40,755:06,41:54:47.24
40.35Ronata BridgefortwFemale 51+1164:43,453:19,91:58:03.42
41.17Unknownm 167:25,753:41,42:01:07.21
42.45Neville HenrymMale 41-50967:24,955:17,92:02:42.87
43.34Claudette RobinsonfFemale 51+1267:26,355:16,62:02:43.04
Kiddies Race 1
1.62Omari Marshm04:31.95
2.59Unknown 04:32.73
3.63Kevin Mcleanm04:45.97
4.55Celicia Ewartf04:46.73
5.58Henry Kenardeniom04:47.46
6.57Chelsie Amarif04:48.49
7.66Unknown 05:33.77
8.60Unknown 06:04.05
9.68Unknown 08:24.06
Kiddies Race 2
1.65Kylen Mcleanm13:16.91
2.53Joseph Smithm13:23.03
3.64Roger Alexm14:51.07
4.54Hartwel Mcfienm16:23.41
5.52David Smithm16:24.70
Kiddies Race 3
1.69Unknown 15:56.33
2.56Unknown 16:05.87
3.61Kacia Marshf16:19.83
4.67Unknown 18:53.83