Breeze Fusion 5k 2018

A very pleasant morning with a cool breeze greeted the early risers for this year’s Breeze Fusion 5k, organised by the Radio Cayman team. The race starts at Smith Barcadere and the route heads down South Church towards town then turns right on to Melmac and right again on to Walkers Road. The route continues all the way to the end of Walkers Road where it meets the junction of South Sound and South Church Street. Take a  right and head back to Smith Barcadere.

Most of the participants started at 6.30am for the walk whilst the runners registered to wear the timing chip for a 6.45am start. At the front was a good tussle between two of Cayman’s finest middle distance runners Michael Smikle and Victor Magalhaes who both competed at the Carifta Games, Bahamas in April and hope to do so again when the competition takes place in Grand Cayman next year.

The first mile was slightly slower with other runners clipping their heals but is was not long before they pulled away joined by Abraham Whittaker who was probably still recovering from being the winner at last week’s 30k. Running around 5.30 mins per mile it was Victor who made a break as they turned on to South Church Street with around 1km to go, but Michael went after him and they stayed together until the finish-line in sight when Michjael pulled ahead with a faster sprint finish. Well done to both who ran well under 18 minutes. Abraham remained unchallenged in third place with Paul Henry doing well to earn fourth spot.

In the ladies race another of Cayman’s Carifta performers was Ava Hider who was unchallenged and I am informed was keeping it “relatively easy” as she has a 10k in the Triathlon tomorrow. In second place was Carifta wannabe 12 year old Charlotte Kerr who ran a very impressive sub 23 minutes who pulled away from third place Amy Dyer.

the full list of runners only who chose to wear a timing chip. Big well done to the organisers and thank you to the main sponsors Yello

5k 2018
PlaceBibNameAGAG PlaceTimeAve 1k PaceClub
1126Michael SmikleM15-19117:42.733:32Mustangs
2138Victor MagalhaesM15-19217:46.593:33345AC
3103Abraham WhittakerM20-29118:29.893:41345AC
4115Paul HenryM30-39119:33.253:54 
5196Javier PerezM30-39219:56.293:59 
6222Levi SupervilleM12-14120:05.504:01345AC
7180Pierre-Louise SokohlM15-19320:05.804:01345AC
8179Ava HiderF15-19420:57.464:11345AC
9149Leo SchillingM12-14221:13.124:14 
10181Charles-Antoine SokohlM15-19521:54.874:22345AC
1139David HamilM30-39321:55.464:23 
124Adam GodfreyM15-19622:50.924:34345AC
13183Charlotte KerrF12-14322:53.314:34345AC
1493Amy DyerF20-29223:15.554:39 
15134Wesley HeistandM30-39423:17.054:39 
16122Alvin CalubM30-39524:45.514:57 
17171Emily HarrisonF40-49125:12.205:02 
18146Ivan JonesM50-59125:49.545:09 
19184Kirsten McMillanF40-49226:09.535:13 
20102James TrundleM40-49326:50.685:22 
2192Alana TrundleF30-39626:56.265:23 
22107Eric WilsonM30-39727:13.425:26 
23128Clive DawsonM50-59227:22.365:28 
24133Ryan FernandezM40-49427:53.375:34 
2567Janet GarcherF50-59328:11.105:38 
26167Jack ClarkM0-11128:17.715:39 
2743Heidi CumbyF20-29328:41.715:44 
28187James ShaplandM40-49529:16.105:51 
2944Tommy TiempoM20-29429:42.255:56 
30130Reynaldo YsaguirreM50-59429:55.025:59 
3134Andre HaughtonM20-29530:05.016:01 
32111Nicholas ScottM20-29630:13.166:02 
33169Corrinne GlasgowF60+130:27.446:05 
34136Tony HancockM60+230:38.126:07 
35182Tara ThomsponF40-49631:07.206:13 
36185Aaron KnapkM40-49731:33.816:18 
3787Rebecca GonezF20-29732:01.726:24 
38207Maria BlandfordF40-49832:13.456:26 
39191Celia HydesF40-49933:02.626:36 
40186Carmen MartinerF40-491033:02.676:36 
4145Marita SupervilleF40-491133:23.086:40345AC
42177Samantha RamirezF40-491233:24.876:40 
43174Avigail RamirezF15-19734:51.836:58 
4499Timothy ClarkeM40-491335:25.757:05 
45108Kesha Fraser-BrownF30-39835:40.607:08 
46188Wyatt JalimM0-11236:09.007:13 
47173Bruce JalimM30-39936:09.617:13 
48175Lucy BrewerF40-491436:51.747:22 
49170Zariyah DuranF0-11337:10.007:26 
50141Gabriella AshleyF0-11437:11.457:26 
51147Demitri SeymourM0-11537:11.957:26 
52176Jeremiah RamirezM12-14441:11.548:14 
53178Stafford BerryM40-491542:47.818:33 
54168Roman Rivers-BerryM0-11642:47.868:33 
55142Hayleigh SolomonF0-11745:27.919:05 
565Cassia JohnsonF0-11846:15.329:15 
57143Jacob Kelly-JohnsonM12-14548:56.999:47345AC