The Paradise Triathlon event went ahead in near perfect conditions on Sunday morning with a calm sea, light breeze and overcast. Sadly, the temperature soon changes as the sun rose up but the gentle breeze lasted, which is appreciated more by runners who tend to aim for parts of the course where there is some shade.

With three races staring simultaneously (Sprint and Olympic distances in the water and duathlon on the road) often makes it difficult for the onlookers to know what place athletes are in, well except the one in front.

Kendall Ebanks started the races with swimmers on the beach between the North and South Terminal, whilst runners in the Duathlon start on Harbour Drive. One swim lap for the Sprint Distance and two for Olympic. Unless a swimmer is wearing an illuminated swimming cap, it is almost impossible to determine where anyone until the swimmer exits the water. In lead on the first lap was the two youngsters Raya Embury-Brown and Kyra Rabess who quickly came out of the water jogged around the buoy and back around for the second lap. They were both swimming a leg for their team (‘Organized Chaos’ and ‘2 Buoys and a Gull’) and continued swimming together and exited neck and neck to the change-over; completing the long swim just over 20 minutes. Quite impressive when one compares to the quickest times for the sprint distance athletes who in fairness still had a bike ride and run to follow.

The first Individual who exited the water on the sprint course was Toby Bowles who was closely followed by Laura Hicks. The fastest swimmers in the Olympic distance were Stuart Bray, Jamie Hughes and Bill McFarland.

On the Bike, Laurent Weber made some distance back that he lost on the swim with the fastest sprint time of the day and in the ladies, Laura Hicks extended her lead with the quickest bike leg. The Olympic distance saw Jamie and Stuart scrapping for first and second as the time Stuart was ahead on the swim had been closed on the bike by Jamie. Out for the 10k almost neck and neck. In the Olympic team event, Organized Chaos had a minute lead coming off the bike and handing the chip over the to rising star Levi Superville you could say it ws in the bag.

Before then, the Sprint distance and Duathlon athletes were already on their final part of the run and battling it out as the temperatures rose to high 80s. In the Sprint distance it was Tom Parker who ran the quickest leg that moved right through the field and into third overall position at the finish line. In second place and also the second quickest run  was Toby Bowles, but the winner of the Sprint overall was Ian Smith so well done to him. Laura Hicks remained unchallenged for top spot in the ladies Sprint distance with Amy Strzalko second place and Alicia Proud (who advised me and a dozen others who asked the same question – she is not related to Conrad) came third.

Marlon Crowe won the Duathlon quite comfortably with Radz Intrepid second place and Robert Powell third, which is down to those 800 repeats he has been doing on Thursday mornings.

The ladies toughed it out also with Anita Warhurst taking the honours today, Louise Carroll second and Renata Kecskes in third. There were three teams in this event with Tobias Muchene anchoring his Jaguar team to the winning place, whilst Carmen Cagabcab earned second for Uncle Bill’s and Aurora Yates bringing home the bronze.

We left the Olympic distance with Stuart and Jamie leaving transition fairly close together for top spot with Levi ahead of another rising star Juan Pablo Valerio chasing him for the Team race honours. My money would normally be on Stuart in the individual race, but he has been having ankle problems recently so unlikely to be as quick as he usually is. The 10k distance was run over 6 laps, which has the advantage of seeing the runner either in front of, or the runners behind you at each turn.  Ali King is one of the best distance runners in Cayman (although the same cannot be said for his swimming or cycling prowess) who powered out of transition getting very quickly into a smooth but fast running cadence eating up the laps faster than anyone else, including the Team race runners. Ali had been just over 5 minutes behind the leaders coming off the bicycle but amazingly  clawed his way over taking all athletes ahead of him and eventually winning the race by a minute. Very impressive 🙂

Stuart held on for second with Jamie in third. In The ladies it was Sarah Gavin followed by Elzke Hoehler who came home first and second. Well done to everyone who took part especially some of the older peeps such as Chris Sutton, Brian Balleine, Laurent Weber, Martin Wilkinson, Mike Stevens, Geoff Cornwall, Bill McFarland and Celine Macken who can still put in a very good performance and prove that age is just a number.

Finally, well done to Kendall and Flashy Nation Sports and thank you to all sponsors and all volunteers who help make this a great event.

Sprint Triathlon
251.Ian Smith12:5600:2235:4000:2526:151:15:40.4
1502.Toby Bowles11:4702:0840:1000:2922:591:17:35.5
543.Tom Parker16:0601:0040:5001:2621:381:21:02.6
794.Laurent Weber18:2101:0033:5900:5327:161:21:30.4
765.Kevin Connolly15:2801:3535:3200:5728:181:21:52.6
496.Piotr Sokoluk17:0403:0736:4200:5425:001:22:49.6
2307.Martin Wilkinson14:3501:3940:2001:4424:321:22:52.6
1548.Jimmy Dontas14:0601:4239:0000:4227:351:23:07.3
189.Brian Balleine13:3901:3139:0500:5928:281:23:44.4
23410.Marco Miranda16:2901:1041:1501:2024:481:25:04.9
8511.Shane Delaney16:2901:0740:1800:5829:091:28:03.5
17212.Mark Miranda17:4702:4543:0600:3424:351:28:49.8
2913.Alex Wood15:1001:4243:1401:2027:531:29:20.9
1514.Aaron Haylock16:0401:5043:1402:5729:411:33:48.0
315.Robbie Cribb17:1402:5747:2200:2027:041:35:00.1
5316.Jojo Besana23:3702:2943:1401:0830:571:41:27.0
3717.Thomas Salzar23:1101:2944:5501:1831:281:42:24.2
2418.Gordon Procter17:1502:1447:2300:5837:361:45:28.1
701.Laura Hicks12:2900:4038:1200:3623:211:15:20.5
502.Amy Strzalko13:3701:0139:2500:4325:341:20:22.5
193.Alicia Proud12:5301:1540:1301:1026:261:21:59.4
94.Justine Plenkiewicz16:5700:4539:5200:4125:361:23:53.7
725.Celine Macken17:1801:0239:0201:5930:421:30:04.3
406.Farrah Sbaiti15:1302:2844:1700:3628:101:30:45.1
897.Genevieve Georgiades12:5001:2847:0301:1928:051:30:46.7
1628.Jalene Cruz21:4901:5642:2801:2728:051:35:46.3
829.Tina Nonato18:5502:0459:1701:0141:312:02:51.0
2710.Maria Kharitidi21:4002:3856:0100:5745:172:06:35.2
Olympic Triathlon
611.Ali King26:3900:301:07:5500:2835:412:11:15.2
712.Stuart Bray21:5300:311:06:2900:5642:412:12:32.2
693.Jamie Hughes22:3900:241:05:2900:3146:292:15:34.8
2044.Graham Blyth24:4401:011:11:0500:5150:272:28:10.3
2335.Gavin Gray25:3700:491:09:5700:5055:242:32:40.9
776.Chris  Sutton33:4100:591:09:3901:0247:412:33:05.2
887.Cesar Rico Aparil33:3301:121:14:0600:5048:172:38:00.2
128.Mike Stevens34:0701:201:15:1301:1951:572:43:57.9
429.Jeremy Superfine26:3502:011:20:4101:4055:162:46:14.5
6310.Johann Prinsloo23:4501:071:12:0000:451:08:412:46:21.2
8011.Geoff Cornwall29:5602:231:20:3701:4051:472:46:25.3
1112.Shane Gavin26:2101:021:18:4401:1959:282:46:56.8
6813.Sean Hill34:1501:061:19:1901:2353:092:49:14.3
16614.William McFarland23:4801:091:15:1602:141:08:212:50:50.6
5615.Denis Murphy33:4401:151:26:4101:071:04:573:07:46.5
16516.Rudolf Hoehler31:1703:481:30:5602:151:03:173:11:36.0
41 Jarladth Travers31:56    DNF
21.Sarah Gavin28:1401:201:25:3901:371:01:272:58:18.9
262.Elzke Hoehler30:0402:321:33:2401:431:03:003:10:45.9
Team Triathlon
911.Organized Chaos20:1300:251:04:5700:2436:092:02:10.4
382.2 Buoys and a Gull20:1200:341:05:5100:2341:202:08:22.3
Duathlon – Run Bike Run
BibPlaceNameRun 1T1BikeT2Run 2Finish
1561.Marlon Crowe12:2100:4436:0500:3722:181:12:07.6
1642.Radz Intrepid12:4300:5535:4100:4225:561:15:59.5
2283.Robert Powell13:2600:5237:4900:5024:251:17:24.6
654.Matteo Manfio13:3301:0142:1400:4225:421:23:14.4
175.Dennis Senga15:1300:5738:5900:5629:151:25:24.2
586.Andrew Morrison14:2501:0846:0401:2125:341:28:34.9
907.Ian Dilbert14:3000:4646:2702:2326:091:30:17.4
238.Neil Samson18:1300:4543:1500:4230:491:33:46.7
579.Gibson Edwards18:1802:1545:4304:281:03:302:14:16.6
8 Enrico Carmassi12:1800:32   DNF
BibPlaceNameRun 1T1BikeT2Run 2Finish
61.Anita Warhurst13:3300:4044:4700:3422:311:22:06.8
472.Louise Carroll14:1300:5245:2301:2923:301:25:30.5
283.Renata Kecskes14:1600:4047:2300:4025:341:28:35.0
Duathlon Team
BibPlaceNameRun 1T1BikeT2Run 2Finish
782.Uncle Bill’s15:2700:2837:2700:1625:071:18:47.7
1523.Fast like a Turtle20:5100:3541:2300:1939:381:42:48.4