Up before the crack of dawn for the drive to the whale’s head side of the island. Perhaps picking up your team mates along the way and discussing meaningless tactics, which are always thrown out of the window once the first bead of sweat trickles down one’s forehead.

The start is near Colliers Beach but was almost 300 meters nearer to East End as the starter had found an old startline on the road, which would have produced some very quick times had he not realised, but only after the team had laid all the batons on the floor ready to hand out (sorry bout that; it all helps with character building so I’m told).  Anyhow, the error was very quickly corrected and most team runners arrived early to minimise the risk of delay.   However, there are always  a couple of late arrivals showing up just when the race is about to start but this only delayed it a couple of minutes, and apart from the two muppets who failed to get their lazy backside out of bed in time, with 98 teams on the startline we were good to go, the timers were ready and we started the race at 6.04am.

Straight off the bat it was Chadwick Webster (Mourant Ozannes 1) who laid down the gauntlet as he set a quick pace, but only a couple of meters behind was a group including Matt Volkwyn (Sweat, Regret and Oxygen Debt), Andrew Keast (Team ASAP) and Will Edwards (345 AC MDR A Team) with many other notable runners breathing down their necks. After a while, Andrew, dropped off the pack leaving the other three to battle it out. On a relay, as much as it is important to get the fastest time possible to give your next runner a slight lead and most teams place one of their quickest runner on this leg; but leg 1 is often more about the bragging rights of who (not which team) came in ahead of the other runners; unlike the later legs, this one has everyone starting together and in effect it is a separate race within a race. So who would it be that earns the bragging rights for leg 1?  Chadwick would never give any lead up without fighting for every yard with all his effort, however he could never shake off Matt and Will and although this group stayed together for most of the leg, it was the track speed of Will Edwards who pulled away holding a 2 seconds advantage over Matt and Chadwick also only two seconds adrift. This was the closest start to the XIR that I can remember in the 13 years I have been in Cayman and I believe I have competed in all of them.

Leg 2 is a very tactical leg for the serious teams – do you place another fast runner to try gain a buffer between teams, or perhaps place a slower runner and place stronger runners later when the temperature starts getting hotter? oh the choices we have to make!  For the rest of the teams, leg 2 is probably the favorite because it has just turned daylight and the temperature is still cool, you can see where you are going and probably have a decent run.  Following the top three was Tommy Kehoe, Phil Thompson and Jason Saunders taking over respectively.  I must admit to being very impressed with young Tommy Kehoe who ran a very quick time of 24:33 and only lost around 30 seconds to the very experience Jason who must have been wondering where this kid came from; apparently it’s in the genes as all the family are very sporty. Phil commented how he was also impressed as he had no answer to Jason’s speed yet Tommy was able to hang in there to keep it very competitive as these runners had the three fastest times on this leg.  So at the end of Leg 2 the order had changed as the Mourant team were now in front with 345 AC in second place with the Sweaty team over a minute behind in third. Well done Beth Florek who ran the fastest female time of the day on this leg.

Leg 3 – Hayden Isbister must have been delighted to take the baton over from Jason in first place as the tall lean running machine aka Dominic Dyer (345 AC) standing next to him was warmed up and itching to burn up the tarmac. He might have less worried about Aaron Walker (Sweat etc…) who would have to wait almost 2 minutes before receiving his team baton. If Hayden wasn’t concerned before he started the leg, I am sure he soon was as Dominic burned passed him to take over the lead and completed this leg in style with a ridiculously fast time of 20:51.  When you are running as hard as you can and some goes past you like you’re standing still and there is nothing you can do about it, you should not focus on the other guy but concentrate on maintaining your form and in fairness to Hayden that is what he did and ended up with a decent leg and third fastest. Unfortunately for the Mourant team the runner with the second fastest time of the leg just happened to be Aaron Walker who realised he had to close the gap if his team was to remain in contention. By the end of this leg, 345 AC was back in the lead, Mourant second and Sweat… in third.

Leg 4 – Just when you might have thought the race was as good as sewn up when Sherlock Brooks took the baton, what you might not know is that Sherlock is a 400 meters runner on the track this season so to run out 4 miles at 6 minutes mile pace is a bit of a challenge but he agreed to do it so that his training partners could remain competitive.  Whilst he was churning out the 4 miles, the race behind him was between Mike Ridsdale (Mourant) and Ali King (Sweat etc…) who both had to run out of their socks if they were to challenge the young guns and both Mike and Ali ran under 24 minutes closing the gap to make the race very interesting.  I was not able to watch it, but looking at the individual times, by my calculations the results show that by the end of leg 4 there just 14 seconds between the three top teams and the lead had changed again.  For the first time it was the Sweat etc.. team in the top spot, just 9 seconds ahead of Mourant and 345 AC only a further 4 seconds adrift.  Now that is what this race is all about! Keeping it exciting throughout the race.

Leg 5 saw the ever present threat of Marius Acker (Mourant) show why he has dominated most of the races in the Cayman Islands for the past 12 years as he gradually eased past Levi Superville (345 AC) and ran alongside Conrad Proud (Sweat etc) for a short while before pulling away and creating some distance to give his last runner a head start. Conrad is no shrinking violet though and worked very hard to keep tabs with Marius but by the end of the leg Marius (23:13) was able to provide one minute advantage for his Mourant team-mate whilst Conrad also ran a good time of 24:20 to keep the Sweats in with a chance.  Levi had ran impressively, not overwhelmed by the other two he completed the leg in 24:44, which on leg 5 when it is not getting very hot, this is a very decent time for a 13 year old. The future is bright:)

Leg 6 – the elites were being friendly to each other and knowing the final battle was about to begin. Updates were trickling through to the final changeover point in dribs and drabs, we heard it was neck and neck with two miles to go between Conrad and Marius with the kids not far behind. Wow! it’s all to play for now.  The friendly banter turned in the thousand yard stare.  Juan Pablo eyeballing his coach was a little funny but at least showed he had his game face on and was well and truly focused on the job at hand whilst going through his warm-up routine.   We assumed Marius might just pull ahead of Conrad but didn’t know what the gap might be.  Andrew ‘Westy’ West (Mourant) hadn’t been feeling too well this week and knew he was at a similar level to Derek Larner (Sweat etc).  Marius came around the corner as we suspected and oh how good must Westy must have felt when he could not see Conrad and knowing he had a buffer. Westy took the baton and disappeared like brown sticky stuff off a shovel.  Conrad wasn’t far behind though and fought as hard as he could all the way and handed over to Derek. One glance could see the 345 AC kids were not within a minute so all focus had to be on trying to cut the gap to Westy.

Derek had no choice but to run fast to see if he could close the gap. First mile of 5.38 was way too quick but the gap was closing albeit slightly, 5.45 was the next mile and ridculous considering these miles are faster than his 5k pace; the gap closed some more but not enough. Two very quick miles done with two to go, but the fatigue had already started to take over and the gap remained too large and although continued to fight, the pace slowed to over 6 minutes for mile 3 and the last mile was more about holding it together rather than trying to get the top spot.  Juan Pablo realised when he got on the long stretch of South Sound that the gap was too large and with a 10 minute+ lead on the fourth team he was happy to cruise in a decent time to secure a podium spot.

The ladies race required little commentary because it was the Sole Sisters who took control from the very first leg and were never challenged, sorry ladies, you are just too good.  The next fastest all female team came from the 345 AC – MDR Gurls and WNRC Ladies 1 in third spot

Walkers running came 4th overall but were winners of the corporate team and Red Sail Sports second corporate with PwC 6 Pack third.

Big thanks to the Hash House Harriers for their event, the event sponsors Fidelity Bank, the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps for assisting with traffic control, the Cayman Islands Red Cross for medical support and to all the individuals who volunteer their time to help and support this race.

PlaceBibTeamDiv PlaceFinalResultLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Club
16Mourant Ozannes 112:23:56.0023:19.0400:23:59.2400:25:23.3200:23:55.6800:23:13.4000:24:05.35Open
251Sweat, Regret And Oxygen Debt22:25:05.0023:17.9000:25:52.2000:24:12.2200:23:06.7700:24:20.7000:24:15.23Open
393345 AC MDR A-Team32:27:51.3023:15.0000:24:33.5900:20:51.6600:28:02.8100:24:44.4600:26:23.81Open
423Walkers Running42:39:14.9027:58.7900:26:30.6000:26:41.9400:27:23.7900:25:21.2600:25:18.55Corporate
526FN Sports Sprint Team52:42:47.0627:19.4000:27:33.5900:25:34.2400:27:07.8500:28:46.7400:26:25.27Open
688Red Sail Sports62:45:12.6927:40.0900:28:02.7500:29:34.8300:21:16.9900:27:55.6200:30:42.44Corporate
77Sole Sisters12:46:02.9727:32.0300:26:23.2500:28:24.5900:27:52.0100:27:10.6600:28:40.45all Female
813WNRC Mens 172:48:04.6328:54.3900:27:23.9000:26:47.0300:27:09.1600:30:04.0200:27:46.17Open
995345 AC Mixed Bag82:52:39.3427:20.8600:30:27.9200:29:31.6500:29:48.4100:27:37.5000:27:53.02Open
1044PwC 6 Pack92:54:40.4631:08.2700:29:41.3700:29:48.7100:29:37.2500:25:32.1300:28:52.75Corporate
1140PwC S Squad102:56:38.9730:20.6700:26:42.1300:28:39.4000:29:31.5600:29:15.3400:32:09.88Corporate
134Team Hyperion122:59:50.9230:52.3900:29:26.4800:28:08.7500:31:46.4500:31:01.8600:28:35.01Corporate
1494345 AC MDR Gurls23:03:07.2531:31.0400:31:37.5300:36:54.0400:27:12.5500:27:29.1700:28:22.94all Female
1687St Ig Staff B143:05:38.2829:56.8200:29:20.0400:30:25.3900:30:36.4200:28:28.6300:36:51.01Open
1824F45 Cayman163:06:21.4832:01.9000:30:49.2600:32:38.7700:29:40.9900:31:27.5300:29:43.06Open
1911WNRC Ladies 133:06:24.8133:17.1400:33:03.1400:30:37.9300:29:52.8800:29:46.3600:29:47.38all Female
2014WNRC Mens 2173:06:37.8435:55.5000:30:20.5500:33:10.0900:28:58.7900:30:57.6500:27:15.28Open
2122Eh ‘Meruka183:07:33.3229:08.3200:26:42.8200:33:42.5700:33:57.2400:32:59.5800:31:02.82Open
2290KPMG Getting Busy193:09:56.8328:55.5800:32:39.1300:33:38.0700:30:33.4200:32:34.1500:31:36.51Open
2375Breakaway Squad203:10:54.3426:03.8600:31:21.2400:34:16.3200:31:37.0700:38:40.0700:28:55.80Open
2428Aegis HSA Won213:12:45.7133:25.0300:33:09.5400:32:58.6200:33:27.1500:31:16.2900:28:29.09Open
2562Beachettes43:13:47.7131:34.7000:33:10.7200:33:01.6400:31:09.6400:32:44.6300:32:06.40all Female
2683The Ritz Carlton Dream Team223:14:18.4926:31.8200:36:33.8200:36:45.6200:30:49.7100:33:34.2300:30:03.31Corporate
2755WNRC A233:15:11.1336:14.6500:34:30.1300:29:33.8000:28:49.8800:33:30.3700:32:32.32Open
2810Kensington Rockets243:15:46.9732:49.6500:28:46.66  00:35:09.6400:30:06.52Corporate
2971Intertrust Old And New253:16:51.2830:00.7700:32:46.5000:30:16.9900:37:48.2600:37:58.7300:28:00.05Open
3092Chafing The Dream53:17:39.0331:12.9000:29:50.5600:31:59.8600:33:58.9100:32:47.8200:37:49.01all Female
3173Girls On Fire63:18:21.1732:17.6000:37:30.2200:30:35.1200:30:50.4600:35:45.4300:31:22.36all Female
3345Deloitte 1273:18:50.7243:41.6500:35:14.2500:30:23.9900:30:21.3400:28:07.9700:31:01.55Corporate
3453St Ignatius Speedsters283:19:29.0630:25.2700:29:12.8900:30:18.2700:41:20.6600:34:26.4500:33:45.55Open
3599The Beach House Runners293:20:24.1329:40.6700:30:26.6900:38:31.6300:38:51.6000:31:43.2200:31:10.35Open
3678AM Races303:20:26.5728:52.1900:27:23.5100:31:31.4300:40:42.3600:40:27.1900:31:29.92Open
3760Kpmg Saffas313:20:39.9532:18.5700:32:02.3900:33:30.3000:25:57.3800:44:18.0800:32:33.25Corporate
38100Global Captive Management Ltd.323:22:31.1337:28.3300:38:35.2200:29:44.7700:31:01.4100:33:59.0400:31:42.38Corporate
402Team ASAP343:23:46.7024:59.6400:37:14.4300:37:32.0300:37:18.2800:36:28.2300:30:14.12Open
4143PwC Partners353:24:42.0633:39.3000:32:48.6200:42:39.8700:32:59.4300:31:27.5800:31:07.28Corporate
4686St Ig Staff A403:26:39.2237:21.0200:29:57.4600:28:38.6100:39:04.9000:35:35.3500:36:01.90Open
4718CUC Bolts413:26:50.5834:17.6700:36:59.5800:36:37.5300:34:55.1800:31:19.2400:32:41.40Corporate
4869KPMG We Thought They Said Rum423:28:27.1735:28.2700:39:59.7400:30:12.1600:30:11.1000:31:37.0500:40:58.86Corporate
4916Power Of Pink73:28:30.4534:53.8700:34:10.7200:36:29.9900:33:27.3200:35:59.8500:33:28.73all Female
5048MUFG Sake Warriors433:30:01.6026:33.5100:36:05.5900:31:37.0300:33:10.3700:36:00.8700:46:34.25Corporate
5158Your Pace Or Mine443:30:07.8940:56.8200:33:29.0700:35:32.1400:37:17.7100:29:06.4200:33:45.74Open
5246Rawlinson Runners453:31:43.9036:12.5000:36:55.7700:35:54.4800:27:33.4400:36:36.8500:38:30.88Corporate
5381Appleby Soon Come463:32:36.4638:23.1700:37:47.1900:39:38.8200:42:44.4700:25:51.7200:28:11.11Corporate
549GT “let’s Get Fiscal”473:33:04.3233:00.0900:34:56.6700:31:01.1200:33:19.6500:45:05.8500:35:40.97Corporate
5552Peanut Butter & Jelly Legs483:33:46.9830:54.5300:38:11.1200:33:25.3500:38:58.1500:38:38.0400:33:39.82Open
5667Mums On The Run83:34:02.5135:43.3300:36:02.3300:37:23.5300:32:56.0300:36:58.1900:34:59.12all Female
5780Are We There Yet493:34:31.4431:03.3400:39:56.0900:41:03.6300:33:50.6500:35:11.1100:33:26.64Open
5856Drinkers With A Running Problem503:34:37.1731:33.8700:38:57.1300:40:54.4400:33:04.2300:33:09.9900:36:57.52Open
5984The Ritz Carlton Running World513:36:54.0429:50.5100:45:36.8600:42:29.9800:34:38.6900:36:44.8200:27:33.20Corporate
6027Brits On The Rum523:37:11.9334:21.0800:42:31.1600:36:18.0100:38:06.3900:38:14.7000:27:40.62Open
6117Quick Steps93:39:17.4628:14.3500:33:22.6900:44:34.2900:41:26.3500:42:47.8400:28:51.96all Female
6230WTF Where’s The Finish533:40:45.6435:25.3800:37:18.8400:39:36.4200:34:46.6600:39:07.0500:34:31.32Open
6497Team Westin553:41:35.5134:48.8900:34:07.2300:44:47.0400:36:09.3200:39:40.7500:32:02.31Open
6539PwC Loss Runners563:42:07.6436:46.5300:31:39.6700:40:52.7700:38:50.7200:34:44.1200:39:13.85Corporate
6761Team Maples583:42:41.9733:22.9800:26:47.6700:45:44.4500:33:47.7300:42:06.8800:40:52.29Corporate
6832 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit593:42:42.0432:16.6800:41:02.4500:34:31.9700:38:12.2500:37:21.4200:39:17.29Open
6972Grumpy Old Men603:43:42.1439:30.3400:42:37.5800:36:38.9000:32:14.0400:32:47.4300:39:53.87Open
7170KPMG Slow And Steady623:45:02.0238:59.1600:33:04.0700:34:03.3400:45:49.9400:39:49.7000:33:15.83Corporate
7359Deloitte 2643:46:06.5635:39.4900:35:11.8900:41:06.7000:34:46.9800:39:19.3900:40:02.14Corporate
741Wunder Runners103:46:32.8942:12.6100:34:25.8200:38:07.7100:35:04.0900:42:00.5800:34:42.10all Female
7529Aegis HSA Too653:47:19.2441:17.8600:39:19.5000:40:12.2100:38:42.0100:36:37.3500:31:10.34Open
7612WNRC B663:49:06.2943:43.3400:34:39.6200:38:26.0100:44:30.7800:33:50.0000:33:56.57Open
7725Rock N Rollers673:49:12.5039:53.7900:45:34.2100:30:01.5800:45:21.1000:35:36.4100:32:45.44Open
7841PwC Buns & Guns683:49:45.0731:20.2900:35:45.5900:34:47.8900:51:57.5100:40:23.0300:35:30.77Corporate
7963Mourant Ozannes693:50:29.4943:17.2500:40:57.3000:34:09.0500:32:16.9200:42:36.7600:37:12.24Corporate
8138PwC Pink Panthers713:51:51.8541:58.6300:41:08.4500:38:46.7000:36:42.6800:39:12.5600:34:02.84Corporate
8332WNRC Ladies 2113:52:25.8836:45.1700:36:26.6800:41:50.7000:39:45.1300:42:39.4200:34:58.80all Female
8431Knockout Fitness733:52:30.8138:39.4400:44:07.5700:32:45.4900:32:37.4800:40:47.7400:43:33.11Mixed
8589Red Sail Group743:55:28.0938:10.9200:37:41.8100:42:51.6100:37:59.5400:40:13.8800:38:30.36Corporate
8642Pwc Not Fast, Just Furious123:56:01.1243:25.2400:43:04.1700:38:50.1400:36:02.5700:36:17.0900:38:21.94Corporate
8754Are We Nearly There Yet?753:57:19.5843:07.7600:39:42.7000:45:38.1800:42:12.7700:32:58.6000:33:39.60Open
8820Cirque de Sore Legs763:57:56.8246:45.6200:40:28.7500:35:18.4200:37:33.6500:33:56.5000:43:53.90Open
8998Team Bruce773:59:03.9430:05.8600:44:48.7900:42:20.2700:46:04.8300:42:04.6900:33:39.51Open
9076Run For Beer784:00:35.5142:03.8900:51:04.0800:37:32.4300:37:48.9200:32:23.1600:39:43.06Corporate
9174Winelovers.club134:01:49.9540:56.6700:36:22.2700:42:30.1000:36:50.5500:40:10.0900:45:00.29all Female
9233Intertrust Crossfit 7 Mile794:01:50.2928:16.6500:48:36.4300:42:45.4300:46:57.7000:41:29.7200:33:44.39Corporate
9349Mighty & Unbeatable Fitness Gurus (MUFG)804:01:58.3834:29.1700:38:46.3400:39:11.5300:51:20.6200:35:11.4500:42:59.30Corporate
9419CUC Transformers814:02:21.8938:09.9000:42:56.0000:44:41.2300:39:20.4200:37:55.3300:39:19.04Corporate
9521#CIperspires144:05:44.6637:38.1600:38:47.3000:38:37.6500:45:39.9100:38:21.0100:46:40.65all Female
9668We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside154:10:00.8649:42.2200:35:59.5300:43:02.5600:53:33.5800:33:09.9500:34:33.04all Female
9985Samson & Mcgrath844:23:11.421:00:31.3600:46:07.3300:48:29.7500:38:20.9000:39:10.4400:30:31.65Corporate
10066Red Hot Chilli Steppers164:31:51.6551:49.0200:38:49.3200:46:55.8600:37:51.8300:49:14.1500:47:11.49all Female

Following the race report and combined results, below are the individual leg times from fastest to Lastest.

The fastest overall leg was ran in an impressive time of 20:51 by Dominic Dyer performed on Leg 4.  The second quickest time of the day was ran on Leg 4 in a time of 21:16, which is a very good time when you consider it was ran by Dominic Dyer only a few minutes after running Leg 3; now that’s what I call an interval session. There were a bunch of runners under 24 minutes with Ali King next best and closely followed by Marius Acker, Will Edwards, Matt Volkwyn and Chadwick Webster

The fastest lady of the day was Beth Florek on Leg 2 in 26:23. Kym Bailey was second quickest in 27:10, which was only two seconds quicker than Kiara McLaughlin.

Race report on a separate web page

Run 1Leg 1
William Edwards23:15.00
Matt Volkwyn23:17.90
Chadwick Webster23:19.04
Andrew Keast24:59.64
Darrel Evans Jr.26:03.86
Vilas Kothawale26:31.82
Jason Windsor26:33.51
Nadine Gray27:19.40
Abraham Whittaker27:20.86
Jill Litrenta27:32.03
Chad Gilbert27:35.62
Doug Anderson27:40.09
Marius Deysel27:46.87
Hugh Anderson27:58.79
Dale Avery28:14.21
Nick Rogers28:14.21
Pam Abbott28:14.35
Ryan Schroeder28:16.65
Mark Reed28:52.19
Chris Sutton28:54.39
Dean Slabbert28:55.58
Michael Almendarez29:08.32
Dejen Idir29:26.19
Luca Minasola29:40.67
Tobias Muchene29:50.51
Mick Whyte29:56.82
Evert Brunekreef30:00.77
Bruce Mangatam30:05.86
James Ball30:20.67
Adam Godfrey30:25.27
Martin Cooke30:52.39
Karen Dyck30:54.53
Liam Sinclair31:03.34
David Lilley31:08.27
Jayme Farrell31:12.90
Hugo Van Rensburg31:20.29
Marlena Williams31:31.04
Michael Kenna31:33.87
Lisa Kehoe31:34.70
Leanne Thorne32:01.90
Jeremy Sehn32:16.68
Catriona McKinnon32:17.60
Ludwig Richter32:18.57
George Gorham32:49.65
Chad Smith33:00.09
Jason Perras33:04.88
Carole Stewart33:17.14
Jared Holgate33:22.98
Lizzette Yearwood33:25.03
Geoff Cornwall33:26.41
Peter Small33:39.30
Vincent Mosley34:17.67
Kelly Fiebig34:20.26
Alex Harriet Waterhouse34:21.08
Fortune Muhlanga34:29.17
Gary Redfern34:40.03
Kristina Unkuri34:48.89
Cyndie Suitor34:53.87
Oddy Grullon34:57.40
Jan Feik35:16.76
Karina McDermot35:25.38
Craig Pascoe35:28.27
Olesja Kromer35:39.49
Dawn Kirton35:43.33
Paul Belson35:55.50
Robbie Cribb36:12.50
Ronaldo Custodio36:14.65
Nicola Freeth36:45.17
Jessica Redhead36:46.53
Gordon Procter37:03.91
Courtney Waugh37:15.78
Jennifer Artuch37:21.02
Rachel Merril37:28.33
Jessica Reynolds37:38.16
Alice Ramos37:49.18
Randy Mellaneo38:09.90
Lisa Parish38:10.92
Wendy Clarke38:23.17
Yendy González38:39.44
Chantelle Erasmus38:59.16
Michelle Bolingbroke39:11.94
Marcelo Magalhaes39:30.34
Ronnie Cabusao39:53.79
Michelle Veldhoven40:56.67
Jane Logan40:56.82
Marsha Eleawanya41:17.86
David Walshe41:23.43
Cara Verhoeven41:58.63
Simone Whittaker42:03.89
Liesl Hope42:12.61
Simone Sheehan43:07.76
Phillip Bodden43:17.25
Marque Cloete43:25.24
Anthony Green43:41.65
Kerri Kanuga43:43.34
Amber Yates46:17.94
Andre Haughton46:45.62
Jodie Aiolfi49:42.22
Nasaria Budal51:49.02
Khylar Miller1:00:31.36
Run 2Leg 2
Jason Saunders00:23:59.24
Tommy Kehoe00:24:33.59
Phill Thompson00:25:52.20
Beth Florek00:26:23.25
Andrew Barker00:26:30.60
Julian Coetzer00:26:42.13
Brad Fisher00:26:42.82
Andrew Keast00:26:47.67
Marco Miranda00:27:23.51
John Glass00:27:23.90
Kendall Ebanks00:27:33.59
Will Edwards00:28:02.75
Mike Bonikowski00:28:43.25
Claude Plamondon00:28:46.66
Johann Prinsloo00:28:55.15
Oisin McGeough00:29:12.89
Gill Comins00:29:20.04
Shane Delaney00:29:26.48
Erik Fell00:29:41.37
Lisa Kemp00:29:50.56
Simon Artuch00:29:57.46
Tony Watts00:30:20.55
Neil Bandiola00:30:26.69
Fabian McCallum00:30:27.92
Louise Carroll00:30:49.26
Renata Kecskes00:31:18.99
Radz Abdulah00:31:21.24
Ava Hider00:31:37.53
Richard Wainwright00:31:39.67
Juan-Claude Delport00:32:02.39
Jack Leeland00:32:12.47
Liandri Jacobs00:32:39.13
Jaco Smit00:32:46.50
Damian Pentney00:32:48.62
Marion Pandohie00:33:03.14
Angie Vogel00:33:04.07
Takeyce Palmer00:33:09.54
Edel Andersen00:33:10.72
Ciara Aspinall00:33:22.69
Carolyn Maguire00:33:29.07
Alasdair Foster00:33:56.67
Zoltan Gorocs00:34:07.23
Cyndie Suitor00:34:10.72
Peter Huber00:34:17.27
Natalie De Freitas00:34:25.82
Manuela Alves00:34:30.13
Simon Garnett00:34:39.62
John Royle00:34:56.67
David Bennett00:35:11.89
Kyle Warr00:35:14.25
Chantal Cominos00:35:45.59
Ana Santos-Smith00:35:59.53
Jody McFarland00:36:02.33
James Kennedy00:36:05.09
Agueda Blake00:36:05.59
Carolyn Lum00:36:22.27
Caroline Courtis00:36:26.68
Maricor Pintal00:36:33.82
Amy Thompson00:36:55.77
Randall Scott00:36:59.58
Lizzie Kenny00:37:14.43
Robyn Banfield00:37:18.84
Alaina Devenny00:37:28.15
Quincy Clark00:37:30.22
Benedict Benito00:37:31.88
Steve Miller00:37:41.27
Becky Caterall00:37:41.81
Victoria King00:37:47.19
Karen Ford00:38:11.12
Jacqui Terry00:38:14.99
Carmela Sta Ana00:38:35.22
Maria Gramenova00:38:46.34
Emily Theriault00:38:47.30
Jacqueline McDonald00:38:49.32
Stephen Piper00:38:57.13
Gina Argenzio00:39:19.50
Martina Dobbin00:39:42.70
Lynda Galway00:39:56.09
Cally Daly00:39:59.74
David Anderson00:40:28.75
Jaclyn Mannheim00:40:57.30
Paul Wood00:41:02.45
Yen Yeo Wong00:41:08.45
Kimora Henry00:41:53.88
Jen Strangeway00:42:31.16
Russell Homer00:42:37.58
Andrew Carter00:42:56.00
Brigitte Shina00:43:04.17
Veronica Walshe00:43:36.22
Norman Bankfield00:44:07.57
Holly Aurora Parry00:44:48.79
Jetena Bodden00:45:03.35
Kathryn Cribb00:45:22.15
Florence Biteranta00:45:34.21
Alexandra Anitoaie00:45:36.86
Sharon Fear00:46:07.33
Josh Pawlik00:48:36.43
George Hider00:50:51.24
Gina Kettner00:51:04.08
Run 3Leg 3
Dominic Dyer00:20:51.66
Aaron Walker00:24:12.22
Hayden Ibister00:25:23.32
Jamie Hughes00:25:34.24
Rupert Bell00:26:41.94
Mark Hogan00:26:47.03
William Peake00:27:27.93
Ronan O’Keeffe00:28:08.75
Olivia Shanks00:28:24.59
Dan Bryer00:28:38.61
Steve Ferry00:28:39.40
James Crooks00:29:31.65
Goncalo Alves00:29:33.80
Bill Edwards00:29:34.83
David Fiebig00:29:44.77
Brian Munro00:29:48.71
Bernard Bagtas00:30:01.58
Markus Kruger00:30:12.16
Charlotte Cloete00:30:16.99
Tadeu golniick00:30:18.27
Craig Saunders00:30:23.99
Rich Gordon00:30:25.39
Gavin Gray00:30:34.32
Allan Shine00:30:34.62
Jennifer Coleman00:30:35.12
Jalene Cruz00:30:37.93
Johan Bjuro00:30:55.39
Michal Segal00:31:01.12
Nchane Jere00:31:21.77
Rajesh Buxani00:31:31.43
Paul Njogu00:31:37.03
Jessica Jackson00:31:59.86
Jeff Hart00:32:28.53
Leslie Daley00:32:38.77
Rogerio Pitta00:32:45.49
Robert Weekley00:32:57.49
Matthew Seegelar00:32:58.32
Graham Tully00:32:58.62
Claire Lloyd-Hickey00:33:01.64
Jason Deamer00:33:10.09
Michael Ivanchan00:33:25.35
Tavarist Fowler00:33:25.56
Gerda Strydom00:33:30.30
Jose Lete00:33:38.07
Sam Anderson00:33:42.36
Blaire-Lindsay Cooke00:33:42.57
Matteo Manfio00:33:47.82
Jordan Haye00:33:54.67
Louw Pretorius00:34:03.34
Jonathon Milne00:34:09.05
Dennis Senga00:34:16.32
Puspa Rumba00:34:31.97
Enda McMahon00:34:47.89
Alexander Ebanks00:34:54.59
Mark Cook00:35:18.42
Sean Lloyd-hickey00:35:32.14
Omar Grant00:35:54.48
Jessica Waller00:36:18.01
Jody Danter00:36:29.99
Phil Jackson00:36:37.53
Richard Johnson00:36:38.90
Crystal Marshall00:36:45.62
Phil Brown00:36:49.09
Mikaeyla Dacres00:36:54.04
Sarah Superfine00:37:23.53
Christine Gibbs00:37:32.03
Sophia Muller00:38:07.71
Kat Alexander00:38:26.01
Kina Solomon00:38:31.63
Cherilyn Sutherland00:38:37.65
Fran Leese00:38:46.70
Pa Dawson00:38:50.14
Paul-Martin Seguin00:39:05.86
Jennifer Cargo00:39:11.53
Atmari Barnard00:39:28.36
Cara Gibney00:39:36.42
Kristin Sullivan00:39:38.82
Brennen Vavra00:40:12.21
Iva Rozinkova00:40:52.77
Sacha Rodgers00:40:54.44
Janet Heiss00:41:03.63
Kate Bosman00:41:06.70
Ilona Devereaux00:41:50.70
Maikhail Chin00:42:20.27
Jennifer Raine00:42:29.98
Cori Mcguffie00:42:30.10
Bob Stanier00:42:39.87
Chris Bryan00:42:45.43
Lynne Graham00:42:51.61
Kathryn Rowe00:43:02.56
Rosie Dunsford00:44:34.29
Raymond Barnes00:44:41.23
Reysiel Tumali00:44:47.04
Sarah Godfrey00:45:38.18
Katherine Wilks00:45:44.45
Bianca Anderson00:46:55.86
Stephen Thomas00:47:10.91
David McGrath00:48:29.75
Anne Ingleno time
Run 4Leg 4
Dom Dyer00:21:16.99
Ali King00:23:06.77
Mike Ridsdale00:23:55.68
Marlie du Toit00:25:57.38
Paul Williams00:27:07.85
Paul Burke00:27:09.16
Kiara McLaughlin00:27:12.55
Chris Brett Young00:27:23.79
Kevin Huys00:27:33.44
Claire Critchley00:27:52.01
Sherlock Brooks00:28:02.81
Johann Werth00:28:33.72
Marco Miranda00:28:49.88
Matt Waterhouse00:28:58.79
Marc Halley00:29:31.56
Vikram Dookhy00:29:32.72
Tim Evans00:29:37.25
Riley Mullen00:29:40.99
Pierce Chandler00:29:48.41
Lauretta Bennett00:29:52.88
Annalet Meyer00:30:11.10
Hannie Van Huyssteen00:30:21.34
Jonathan Damons00:30:33.42
Karen McHuinness00:30:36.42
Theofilos Lakkas00:30:49.71
Rebekah Brooks00:30:50.46
James Trundle00:31:01.41
Michelle Bailey00:31:09.64
Daniel Cummings00:31:37.07
Martin Cooke00:31:46.45
Rumen Semkov00:31:52.98
Andrew Morrison00:32:12.98
Derek Haines00:32:14.04
Jonathan Moffatt00:32:16.92
Alyssa Dodson00:32:17.89
Mark Miranda00:32:37.48
Jane Magis00:32:56.03
Charles Bolland00:32:59.43
Michael Kenna00:33:04.23
Jason Wong00:33:10.37
Scharmarie Van der Vyver00:33:11.85
Alan Shek00:33:19.65
Richard Maparura00:33:24.22
Linden Swan00:33:27.15
Jodi McDonald00:33:27.32
Emma Sutherland00:33:47.73
Marita Superville00:33:50.65
Jonathan Crawford00:33:57.24
Angela Czarnoki00:33:58.91
Davina Tresidder00:34:26.93
Paul Claybourn00:34:31.85
Doris Avalos00:34:38.69
Jean Crossan00:34:46.66
Jeanne Bodenhorst00:34:46.98
Richard Hew00:34:55.18
Federico Vallarino00:34:55.59
Warren hartley00:35:02.75
Lara Kleine Punte00:35:04.09
Alta Wolff00:36:02.57
Anu Abraham00:36:02.85
Mike Marasigan00:36:09.32
Kerry Pearse00:36:42.68
Laila Dadkhah00:36:50.55
Richard King00:36:51.14
Leigh Hipkins00:37:17.71
David Mackintosh00:37:18.28
David Mungall00:37:25.19
Roberto Toffoli00:37:33.65
Clio Phelan00:37:48.26
Joel Factor00:37:48.92
Laura Bryson00:37:51.83
Charlotte Roslev00:37:59.54
Freya Burke00:38:06.39
Joey Avary00:38:12.25
Jonathon Hughes00:38:20.90
Cheri Langston00:38:42.01
Melanie Snyman00:38:50.72
Richard Saculles00:38:51.60
Nick Ebanks00:38:58.15
Nolan Shaw00:39:01.62
Ben Joannou00:39:04.90
Karan Andrew00:39:20.42
Sam Farrell00:39:45.13
Matt Southgate00:40:42.36
Daniel Magennis00:41:20.66
Katie Schwandt00:41:26.35
Declan Magennis00:42:12.77
Jeremy Snead00:42:44.47
Adriana Thomas00:43:11.04
Deborah Mitchell00:44:30.78
Jonathan Clet00:45:21.10
Ghita Benlarbi00:45:22.69
Robyn Kammer00:45:39.91
Wilson Lo00:45:49.94
Celia Hydes00:46:04.83
Ben Taylor00:46:57.70
Polina Sorokina00:51:20.62
Nitesh Rampukar00:51:57.51
Toyin Salako00:53:33.58
Tom Dillon No time
Run 5Leg 5
Marius Acker00:23:13.40
Conrad Proud00:24:20.70
Levi Superville00:24:44.46
Theo Lefkos00:25:21.26
Sean Lilley00:25:32.13
Lenny Verhoeven00:25:51.72
Kym Bailey00:27:10.66
Tiffany Cole00:27:29.17
Gabe Rabess00:27:37.50
Jamie Hughes00:27:51.40
Chase Young00:27:55.62
Steve Mitzel00:28:07.97
Guy Rogers00:28:28.63
Marlon Crowe00:28:46.74
Jeremy Superfine00:29:06.42
Ryan Dolan00:29:15.34
Kelsey Jackson00:29:46.36
Dave Bennett00:30:04.02
Matthew O’Keeffe00:30:57.65
Shane Delaney00:31:01.86
Ernesto Alcalde00:31:09.75
Josh Gosling00:31:11.78
Corne Gouws00:31:16.29
Jeremy Ebanks00:31:19.24
Andrew Dickson00:31:27.53
Simon Conway00:31:27.58
Tiaan Nauta00:31:37.05
Vero Poirier00:31:39.98
Daniel Aquino00:31:43.22
Sebastian Thomas00:32:20.61
Stewart Brown00:32:23.16
Jeromini Kimario00:32:34.15
Dominic Ross00:32:41.15
Claire Hughes00:32:44.63
Andrew Tyson00:32:47.43
Olivia Shanks00:32:47.82
Oskar Bjuro00:32:57.38
Noella Taruc00:32:58.60
Dan Lowry00:32:59.58
Dalton Watler00:33:02.40
Jasmine Brown00:33:09.95
Ryan Murray00:33:09.99
Rui Batista00:33:30.37
Jacopo Lachin00:33:34.23
Brad Marquardt00:33:50.00
Louane Silva00:33:56.50
Alanna Trundle00:33:59.04
Philip Mathura00:34:26.45
Jason Horton00:34:44.12
Genevieve Georgiades00:35:09.64
Dave Bailey00:35:11.11
Jessica Deegenaars00:35:11.45
James Hickey00:35:35.35
Raquel Santoyo00:35:36.41
Elaine Whitefield00:35:45.43
Andrea Kilam00:35:59.85
Paul Skinner00:36:00.87
Caitlin Mathiassen00:36:17.09
Mark Sweetman00:36:17.47
Julie Ridsdale00:36:28.23
Mark Edmunds00:36:36.85
Charlotte Kerr00:36:37.35
Leonidas Drogkaris00:36:44.82
Harvey Gowers00:36:54.08
Jamie Lilford00:36:58.19
Jeffery Robinson00:37:21.42
Tony Hancock00:37:55.33
Aoife Molloy00:37:58.73
Ian Dawson00:38:14.70
Rob Kammer00:38:21.01
Alexandra Ebanks00:38:38.04
Chris Bailey00:38:40.07
Julie Cumber00:39:07.05
Brianna Hydes00:39:10.44
Sherri Fleming00:39:12.56
Laura Abel00:39:19.39
Nick Dowletz00:39:40.75
Thivanka Thattil00:39:49.70
Carolynn Vivian00:40:03.83
Juliette Troke00:40:10.09
Dave Steamson00:40:13.88
Dolf De Wet00:40:23.03
Jaclyn Jones00:40:27.19
Habte Skale00:40:34.30
Neil Lavis00:40:39.03
Joseph Domingo00:40:47.74
Megan Babin00:41:29.72
Maria Zazzi00:42:00.58
Khalisiah Barboram00:42:04.69
Tara Thompson00:42:06.88
Jordyn Williams00:42:36.76
Carole Stewart00:42:39.42
Hannah Foreman00:42:47.84
Barlo MacLean00:43:36.17
Lori Jager00:44:13.42
Marelize Fourie00:44:18.08
Dara Keogh00:45:05.85
Aurora Yates00:49:14.15
Elizabeth Ebanks00:51:00.50
Felix Caserial Jr00:58:41.38
Run 6Leg 6
Andrew West00:24:05.35
Derek Larner00:24:15.23
Peter Kendall00:25:18.55
Juan-Pablo Valerio00:26:23.81
Alex Logvinov00:26:25.27
Tony Mendez00:27:15.28
Vials Kothawale00:27:33.20
Ben Strangeway00:27:40.62
Theo David Johnson00:27:46.17
Samuel Young00:27:53.02
Jon Roney00:28:00.05
Esmond Brown00:28:11.11
Molly Kehoe00:28:22.94
Simon Crompton00:28:25.75
Gregley Gayle00:28:29.09
Alex Claybourn00:28:30.26
Ronan O’Keeffe00:28:35.01
Michelle Lamont00:28:40.45
Aaron Bernardo00:28:46.17
Pam Abbott00:28:51.96
Ian Ballard00:28:52.75
Chris Smith00:28:55.80
Paul Smith00:29:28.05
Evelin Ritch00:29:43.06
Michelle Vinton00:29:47.38
Tobias Muchene00:30:03.31
Sally Collyer00:30:06.52
Mark Hall00:30:14.12
Ben Tonner00:30:31.65
Carly Young00:30:42.44
Nick Cooper00:30:54.34
Paul Vitale00:31:01.55
Jamie Fearn00:31:02.82
Colin Hanson00:31:07.28
Josh Dolan00:31:10.34
Pablo Brito-Ebanks00:31:10.35
Emily Harrison00:31:22.36
Oliver Close00:31:27.86
Dan Jones00:31:29.92
Christine Connor00:31:33.55
Richard Kerr00:31:36.51
Mike Scott00:31:42.38
Gabriel Simon00:32:02.31
Kirsten McMillan00:32:06.40
Alon Berger00:32:09.88
Marco Gaspar00:32:32.32
Van Zyl Fourie00:32:33.25
Stephen Baker00:32:41.40
Aurelien rouhaud00:32:45.44
James Elliott00:33:08.62
Giles Hobday00:33:15.83
Kim Jones00:33:26.64
Donna Graham00:33:28.73
Natalie Malinson00:33:39.51
Paul Mcgeough00:33:39.60
Cory Scruggs00:33:39.82
Clay Dupuy00:33:44.39
Kai Dobbin00:33:45.55
Claire Lloyd-hickey00:33:45.74
Seenivasan Ramasamy00:33:56.57
Liam Fleming00:34:02.84
Vlad Logvinov00:34:23.77
Radames Tognazzo00:34:31.32
Sarah Gavin00:34:33.04
Jacqueline Nguyen00:34:42.10
Kimberley Pallot00:34:58.80
Marlene West00:34:59.12
Scott Crytser00:35:30.77
Zach Sheridan00:35:30.88
Nick McMillan00:35:40.97
James Murray00:35:54.75
Antonio Manas Puertas00:36:01.90
Gareth Thacker00:36:51.01
Kevin Grybouski00:36:55.37
Gavin Baxendale00:36:57.52
Brennan Ebanks00:37:12.24
Alex Wood00:37:33.75
Joseph Barnwell00:37:36.66
Sandy McCoombs00:37:49.01
Luxi Zhou00:38:21.94
Jeff Varga00:38:30.36
Ed Ford00:38:30.88
Damian Pentney00:39:13.85
Anneka Greenway00:39:17.29
Sylvester Coleman00:39:19.04
Rodger Yeomans00:39:53.87
Sara Smith00:40:02.14
Michael Lockwood00:40:52.29
Charlotte Aguilar-Millan00:40:58.86
Dennis Mahomoc00:42:59.30
Saily Carbo00:43:33.11
Shirley Wevers00:43:53.90
Lauriane Bignon00:43:57.73
Sonya Carlesso00:44:00.50
Grecia iuculano Pulido00:45:00.29
Marline Williams00:46:05.09
Andrew Bowie00:46:34.25
Jessica Reynolds00:46:40.65
Shena Ebanks00:47:11.49