Another win for Jason Saunders on the road with a very impressive time of 17:29 for the 5k distance, an average time of 3:29 per 1k. There were a group of young ladies visiting from Ireland who participated in this event and one of them, Ms Catherine Conway ran a very impressive 19:03 for second overall and first lady home. Well done to both our winners Jason and Catherine.

Very impressive in third overall was 12 year old and ever improving Levi Superville who is getting better with every race, with another 12 year old Adam Godfrey in fifth, being divided by veteran Paul Williams.

The Results divided into age groups is immediately below and the full list of results underneath.

Thanks to organisers at Radio Cayman and Breeze Fusion for putting on the event, to all the volunteers who help and to all those sponsors donating various prizes.

Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Female 12 & Under
154Rianna JonesF0-1240:44.758:08
2102Raya StewartF0-1241:43.998:20
341Ani EvansF0-1250:50.7910:10
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Female 13-15
149Ava HiderF13-1526:17.225:15
130Mikaeyla DacresF13-1528:49.935:45
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Female 20-29
160Victoria KingF20-2929:10.925:50
2141Jessica ToddF20-2933:01.416:36
382Gillian O’callaghanF20-2937:29.887:29
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Female 30-39
126Catherine ConwayF30-3919:03.783:48
217Carmen CagabcabF30-3925:32.385:06
325Caroline ConroyF30-3925:40.005:08
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Female 40-59
110Laurie BiloveskyF40-5925:35.485:07
296Bernice ShubertF40-5926:14.465:14
380Laura O’ RiorclainF40-5927:55.335:35
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Male 12 & Under
1107Levi SupervilleM0-1219:22.453:52
246Adam GodfreyM0-1221:57.334:23
164Chris LuijtenM0-1230:50.416:10
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Male 13-15
189Jude ReynoldsM13-1522:17.534:27
293Collin RobinsonM13-1523:35.564:43
145Matthew GodfreyM13-1525:21.625:04
3100Yohannes SolomonM13-1555:15.4311:03
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Male 20-29
168Tom MarksM20-2922:07.074:25
212Chris BoddenM20-2926:58.815:23
324Bradley ConnollyM20-2928:12.225:38
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Male 30-39
1137Jason SaundersM30-3917:29.923:29
2140Bruce MangatamM30-3922:53.144:34
3115James TrundleM30-3923:52.954:46
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Male 40-59
1134Paul WilliamsM40-5920:11.654:02
22Richard AspinM40-5925:27.075:05
340Anthony EnnisM40-5926:37.355:19
Breeze Fusion 5k 2016 Runners Male 60+
1135Gerry SantangeliM60+26:58.865:23
PlaceBibNameTime1k PaceClub
1137Jason Saunders17:29.923:29 
226Catherine Conway19:03.783:48 
3107Levi Superville19:22.453:52345 AC
4134Paul Williams20:11.654:02345 AC
546Adam Godfrey21:57.334:23345 AC
668Tom Marks22:07.074:25 
789Jude Reynolds22:17.534:27 
8140Bruce Mangatam22:53.144:34 
993Collin Robinson23:35.564:43 
10115James Trundle23:52.954:46 
1111Myron Blair25:04.385:00 
1245Matthew Godfrey25:21.625:04345 AC
132Richard Aspin25:27.075:05 
1417Carmen Cagabcab25:32.385:06 
1510Laurie Bilovesky25:35.485:07 
1625Caroline Conroy25:40.005:08 
17114Alanna Trundle25:55.975:11 
1896Bernice Shubert26:14.465:14 
1949Ava Hider26:17.225:15345 AC
2040Anthony Ennis26:37.355:19 
2112Chris Bodden26:58.815:23 
22135Gerry Santangeli26:58.865:23 
2355Richard Jones27:06.305:25 
24129Eric L. Wilson27:34.845:30 
2580Laura O’ Riorclain27:55.335:35 
2624Bradley Connolly28:12.225:38 
2714Andy Bonner28:16.245:39 
28117Kurt Walton28:26.365:41 
29109Emma Sutherland28:44.495:44 
3030Mikaeyla Dacres28:49.935:45 
3147Yendy Gonzalez28:57.515:47 
3242Haideh Fahy29:04.635:48 
3360Victoria King29:10.925:50 
3438Gary Ebanks29:25.645:53 
35138Tony Hancock29:43.175:56 
36105Kristin Sullivan30:24.826:04 
37130Tina Wind30:27.906:05 
3870Linburgh Martin30:37.436:07 
3964Chris Luijten30:50.416:10 
4062Shannon Lal30:55.866:11 
4173Carol Mckenzie30:59.756:11 
42124Madeleine Welham31:11.046:14 
4365Sinead Lynch31:26.606:17 
4457Jacob Jynu31:39.836:19 
4521Timothy Clarke32:02.436:24 
46141Jessica Todd33:01.416:36 
4733Lishelle Deschamps33:13.796:38 
48113Ruben Torres33:13.856:38 
4963Maria Leonce33:41.006:44 
5013Roxan Bolt33:53.336:46 
51108Marita Superville33:58.596:47345 AC
521Vanessa Allard33:59.356:47 
533Amini Awe34:18.946:51 
5423Jennifer Collins35:25.427:05 
5518Aideen Calnan35:25.457:05 
56136Jenny Smetters35:28.807:05 
57132Amber Yates35:48.727:09345 AC
5883Lisa Parks36:28.387:17 
5944Sarah Godfrey36:44.867:20345 AC
6016Lucy Brewer37:07.447:25 
6182Gillian O’callaghan37:29.887:29 
6279Michael O’ Connor37:30.017:30 
63131Melantha Wright38:04.877:36 
6461Blythe Kunderman39:38.837:55 
6595Misbah Shafiq39:54.167:58 
6659Mohammed J. Khan39:54.567:58 
67112Tara Thompson40:25.008:05 
6854Rianna Jones40:44.758:08 
6956Nadine Jones41:43.258:20 
70102Raya Stewart41:43.998:20 
71118Joshua Walters41:47.968:21 
7258Jacob Kelly-Johnson41:49.388:21 
73139Anisha Walters41:58.778:23 
7491Roman Rivers Berry43:37.098:43 
759Stafford Berry43:37.148:43 
76120Andrew Weber44:15.498:51 
7785Clayton Powell44:54.868:58 
7850Kaidon Iton48:13.919:38 
7941Ani Evans50:50.7910:10 
8099Leigh Smellie54:53.8610:58 
81100Yohannes Solomon55:15.4311:03