Halloween 10-10-10 Relay 2016

First of all, you will all be pleased to learn that we understand Lizzette Yearwood was feeling much better after being treated by the medics who thankfully attended to her so quickly after she was suffering from the effects of the very hot conditions. We never like to see an ambulance being called out but at the same time are extremely grateful when they do attend when required. The medics on scene were fantastic and very professional and deserve huge credit. We sincerely hope Lizzette is back to full health very quickly and hope to see her running again soon.

The relay race sets off the same time as the individual runners participating in the 30k solo run and if you have read the post for that race you will see our comments regarding the conditions and how tough it was this day.

That said, the first leg started off with the two runners to the checkpoint smashing the previous Leg 1 time. Individual 30k runner Chadwick Webster set the pace and lay the gauntlet down for the teams, which unfortunately cost himlater in his race, but for the first leg, it made for a competitive race.

Leg 1 – The first to reach the 10k checkpoint was ‘345 Athletic Club A-Team’ led by Carifta medallist Dominic Dyer in a new record time of 36:10.0.Just over a minute behind in a time of 37:21.6 was Jason Saunders of ‘J.P.B. Team’, with last years defending champions ‘Third Place’ almost living up to their name with their runner Stuart Bray fourth place in 40:30.2 only to be bested by Aaron Walker of the ‘Vienna Circulars’ in 40:00.5. – BTW, 30k solo runner  split these three in a time of 37:25.2 which also would have broken Chadwick’s previous leg record of 38:55 from the 2015 race. Dom also has the leg 2 record from 2014 (39:14).

The fastest female at the 10k mark was from ‘345 Athletic Club – MDR Gurls’ team runner Kiara McLaughlin 48:29.7, a good few minutes ahead of Blaire Lindsay-Cooke (52:22.1) of the ‘Ghoul Friends’ whilst Lisa Kehoe (52:39.2) of ‘Girls in Limbo’ in third.

Leg 2 – it was already a walk in the park for ‘345AC A-Team’ as Victor Magalhaes running the quickest time of the day for this leg in 39.44.7 and it was already in-the-bag taking the pressure off the last leg runner. The next fastest runner over leg 2 was Phil Thompson (42:34.2) who was trying hard to ensure the defending champions has a chance, however, the ‘Third Place’ team remained in third place as Paul Williams also ran a decent time of 44:51.2 as ‘J.P.B. Team’ were still in second place. The only other Blackburn Rovers fan in the world other than me is Jamie Fearn who showed that he is not the only Lancastrian who can run as his time of 47:33.2 moved ‘The Boo Bs’ up the pecking order, however it was 12 year old Levi Superville of ‘345 AC Road Runners’ who ran a tremendous time of 42:38.9 being the third fastest of the day. To be that close to a runner of Stuart Bray’s calibre just shows how good this young man will be in the future.

The quickest lady on leg 2 was Jill Litrenta (47:34.4) of ‘Ghoul Friends’, Claire Lloyd-Hickey of ‘Girls in Limbo’ and Marlena Williams of ‘345AC MDR Gurls’ ensuring the top female teams competition remained close going into leg 3. Gill Comins posted the second fastest female on Leg two but was in a mixed team so well done Comins:)

Leg 3 – the win for 345 AC A-Team was never in doubt, but could they break the course record, set by the same team in 2014 (2:06.55)? Not only did they beat their time, but demolished it and smashed the 2 hour mark winning in a very impressive 1.57:11.96, which means each leg averaged less than 40 minutes for 10k. In this heat, this is very impressive.

Whilst William Edwards romped home comfortably for the winning team, Matt Volkwyn was doing what he could to earn second place for defending champions ‘Third Place’ (stay with me now – they did it on purpose. So yes, second place was Third Place; oh forget it. In third place was Brue “Lee” Mangatam for ‘J.P.B. Team’. Tobias Muchene has been getting fit again and earned this quickest leg 3 moving his ‘Team Inferno’ into fourth overall. Well done Vienna Circulars team which had Tom Gammage running leg 2 and 3 and they still came in fifth place, and it was 13 year old Juan Pablo Valerio who brought his team ‘345 AC Road Runners’ home in sixth overall

The quickest female leg 3 runner of the day was 12 year old (yep another one) Molly Kehoe (just like mum) who romped home for the ‘345AC MDR Gurls’ who have now won this race 5 years out of six, losing only once in 2014. Michelle Bailey brought ‘Girls in Limbo’ home second whilst Mylene Menard brought ‘Ghouls Friends’ home third.

KPMG won the Corporate team, the Westin second and my dentists, the Ivory Coasters third.

Thanks again to sponsors KRyS Global, to the hosts Morritts and to all race volunteers

 PosnTeam NameOverall timeRunner 1Leg 1 TimeRunner 2Leg 2 TimeRunner 3Leg  3 Time
1345 AC – A-Team1.57:11.96Dominic Dyer36:10.0Victor Magalhaes39:44.7Will Edwards41:17.3
2Third Place2.03:07.52Stuart Bray40:30.2Phil Thompson42:34.2Matt Volkwyn40:03.1
3J.P.B. Team2.15:42.17Jason Saunders37:21.6Paul Williams44:51.2Bruce Mangatam53:29.4
4Team Inferno2.20:23.17Marco Miranda47:36.4Fabian McCallum47:56.0Tobias Muchene44:50.7
5The Vienna Circulars2.21:17.79Aaron Walker40:00.5Tom Gammage48:26.9Tom Gammage52:50.4
6345 AC – MDR Road Runners2.21:41.12Tommy Kehoe47:24.9Levi Superville42:38.9Juan-Pablo Valerio51:37.3
7345 AC – MDR Gurls2.35:34.57Kiara McLaughlin48:29.7Marlena Williams55:55.5Molly Kehoe51:09.4
8Team Gordon2.40:37.94Jamie Blake55:24.9Gill Comins50:52.9Richard Gordon54:20.1
9The Boo B’s2.41:23.85Jonathan Crawford1.01:28.61Jamie Fearn47:33.2Mike Almendarez52:22.1
10Breakaway Squad2.42:00.39DJ Evans45:53.7Dan Cummings1.00:16.04Vazzer Abdular55:50.7
11Girls in Limbo2.42:39.75Lisa Kehoe52:39.2Claire Lloyd-Hickey54:04.8Michelle Bailey55:55.7
12Ghoul Friends2.45:48.60Blaire Lindsay-Cooke52:22.1Jill Litrenta47:34.4Mylene Menard1.02:52.10
13Lusitanos2.48:41.34Rui Baptista53:50.4Manuela Alves57:29.0Goncalo Alves57:21.9
14KPMG Oldies2.52:49.11Dan Jones58:56.7Craig Morgan1.00:45.94Micho Schumann53:06.4
15345 AC – Good Godfrey2.58:45.56Ava Hider1.04:15.48Adam Godfrey54:40.1James Crooks59:50.0
16Tam Bay Fam3.00:28.40Alta Wolff54:57.5Tara Schmarr1.08:38.32Mark Bakker56:52.6
17Crossfit Halfers3.00:30.78Aoife Molloy57:41.7Jacqueline Thomson1.00:23.20Alexandra Woodcock1.02:25.9
18Westin3.01:32.76Gabriel Simon54:38.0Kristina Unkuri1.03:11.32Zoltan Gorocs1.03:43.44
19Ivory Coasters3.09:33.20Angeline Li-Liang57:16.9Kamilla Szypulska1.07:44.89Rachel Van Beek1.04:31.39
20Hugtoinks3.10:14.85Jeffrey Gonzales1.02:35.83Rhegie Danan59:53.8Rolan Ramos1.07:45.24
21Team Bruce3.18:01.07Cadean Anderson1.05:21.22Khalesiah Barboram1.10:43.02Natalie Mallinson1.01:56.83
22Beers at the End3.23:2093Tina Leswal1.06:54.77Toni Harris1.05:31.98Brian Eden1.10:54.19
2326.2 Minions3.44:37.30Liz Harrington1.13:46.26Liz Weber1.22:39.33Kelly Watson1.08:11.71
DNFAegisDNFRobert Powell48:11.4Lizzette YearwoodDNFJohn LeeDNS