Off The Beaten Track 2018

The routes are now out

Please note the directions below for each relay Leg are to be used in conjunction with the maps, which can be found by clicking the respective weblink.

It is worth noting that we may have to make last minute changes to any leg as there might be objections raised between now and race day. With this in mind, all runners should check the maps again the day before race day to ensure they are aware of any changes.


Leg 1 – 7.2km The Beach leg

Route Starting near Tikki Beach head down the beach towards town.

          A lovely long beach stretch – welcome to OTBT 2018

Come off beach between South Bay Beach Club and Tamarind Bay (Water stop in this location)

TR on West Bay Road

TL to Marbel Drive and follow trail to Bypass

TR on Esterley Tibbetts and TR at Church, through car park to the Swamp

Follow map and weave through to Eastern Avenue

TL on Eastern Avenue and finish leg on Ebony Lane


Leg 2 – 8.8km Race Caribbean Leg designed by Marcelo Magalhaes

Route Start Ebony Lane go down side of warehouse to open ground bearing right at the end and between houses

          Follow around towards Diaz Lane and TL follow to end on to North Church Street

          TL and head through town on Harbour Drive to South Church Street

          TR through Don Fosters Dive centre and TL on to iron shore (you’ll love it)

          TL before you reach Sunset and back on South Church Street and take a right

          TL and dog leg around Point Four Street and TL again on Moxam Road

          Cross Walkers Road (Water stop in this location) and cross over to trail that skirts John Grey High School

          End of trail go left into the bush and follow flags to exit at Zeedah Cres and left on Coemer Dr

          TR and cut through towards East Blvd, on to Apollo Link and Hawkins Drive

Weave around July Street and TR on to Oak Mill St to Border Dr.

Now get you bunky into the bush and enjoy the next few minutes until you exit near the old container

TR  and TR again to the fields of Agape Church cutting across to Fairbanks Road

TL to Ithmar Circle, to Richmond Ct and follow the flags through the bush again until you exit on Vienna Circle

Almost there, TL on South Sound Road and finish at the Dock, Phew!!     


Leg 3 – 7.5km Island Heritage Leg designed by Olivia Shanks

Route head up South Sound Road to Cayman Crossing and follow the trail that skirts the complex

          On to Bel Air Drive and left again on South Church Street to Shamrock Road

          TR on old road that leads to Old Prospect Point Road, same as the Cayman Marathon route and Cross Island Relay

          Water stop along this road

TR at monument and onto the beach, TL and enjoy the difficult pebbly beach and come off just after Old Prospect Groves

          TR and pass Lantern Point. TL at end and cross over the roundabout then TR on to Mangrove Ave

          Easy so far?  At the end, TR and come off road and follow map route to exit at Poindexter Rd

          TL and TR to Windswept and follow to end


Leg 4 – 9.3km Tower Marketing Leg designed by Theo Kelly Jr

Route Head down trail and follow map to the clearing and cut across the lake and exit on Hirst Road then TL

          TR across open ground onto Royal Palm Dr the TR to cross bridge and follow through to Water Street.

          Follow to end the TR on Leeward Dr, TL on Southward Dr and TL again to Windswept Rd.

          Water Stop - TR down dyke road and TR towards the farm and prepare yourself as this might get interesting

          If you can read a map, or at least follow the signs then you will exit at Timerland Close. Follow the map through back to Hirst.

          Onto East West Arterial to finish


Leg 5 – 7.7km KRyS Global Leg designed by Scott Ruby

Route cross the open ground and hit Doubletree Lane TR then TL on to Chime St

          Head all the way down and TR onto Shamrock Road and TR on to Poindexter Road

          50k runners don’t get confused as you were here a couple of legs ago

          Run past the security hut and TR on Patricks Ave (Water Stop) then TL to Rosemary St and across at the end to open land

          Look carefully as this land has been developed over the past year so things may look a bit different

          Back in the bush and exit at Parrot Ave and TL on to Selkirk Dr

          TR and cut through to the rear of Grand harbor and the Skate Park and run to to end of leg


Leg 6 – 9.5km Brown Rudnick Leg designed by Ronan O’Keeffe

Route head out and follow tree line until you find the gap through to Forest Lane

          On to Legacy Dr to end and TR on to Crewe Road and pay attention to the map from here

          TL on unnamed road (opposite Navis Cl) and follow through the bush leading to back of house on Canal Lane

          Must stick to the lap as you cut around Windfern Cl and Alcan Lane and onto Linford Pierson Hwy at the new roundabout

Still paying attention I hope as you could get lost on this leg

          TL on to Halifax Road and follow to end and run around Campbells Welding – now the challenge begins as you got some bush coming

          Head South through the bush and follow through until you reach South Sound Road where you TR

          TR up Vienna Circle and cut through to Ithmar circle (deja vu for the 50k runners)

          TR on to Fairbanks Road and TL on trail after Agape Church

TL into the Bush near rusty container and follow through to Outpost St

TR up the banking (opposite Football field) that takes you to Leguinea Circle and follow out

TR and run past Truman Bodden Sports Complex

Almost there

Event Details

Feb 25, 2018

0600 hrs

50 Kilometers


Road, Sandy beach, Off-Road, Grass


Location - TBC

  • TBC