Introduction to running quicker

Whether you are a beginner, a recreational runner, intermediate or an elite runner, each of us have our own running goals.
A novice/beginner may see running as a way to lose weight, to get fit or fitter, or to reach a particular milestone such as running your first 5k without stopping.
An intermediate runner may be about getting quicker and running faster times, complete a marathon, and for the more accomplished amongst us to perhaps represent their country by achieving a qualifying standard and better still, winning a medal.

To achieve your goals, you must:

  • be committed and be prepared to dedicate time to running
  • be consistent and train each week
  • set up a training program in such a way that it gradually, yet progressively, builds your fitness to achieve your goal

But, it is not just what you do in training but that you are ABLE to continue to train without injury, allowing you to run farther and faster.

Many recreational runners start by slowly building up the mileage nice and easy. They keep it at an easy conversational pace and make significant progress initially; they gain the benefits of endurance training, improved cardiovascular efficiency and often lose weight. But this improvement soon tails off.
Ask yourself if your training is making you stronger, is it making you better able to cope with oxygen debt? and can you recover quickly after having gone beyond your anaerobic threshold?
More importantly, has your running technique improved and do you now have a more relaxed and efficient running style?
The answer to any of these questions is probably "maybe", but  in most cases, these benefits are marginal improvements.

According to former UK athlete and current coach Julian Goater, he believes that "these runners never experience the sessions that produce the training effects they really need. They don’t give themselves a chance because they think it’s about doing more miles than learning to run fast. Law of diminishing returns – train the same and you will race the same".

If you want to improve your running, perhaps training for the Cayman Islands Half or Full Marathon, Race Caribbean will be holding a runners workshop at 9am on Saturday 30th August. There is no charge but we need to know beforehand how many people will be attending. Interested? send an email to


Derek Larner - Coach

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Jul 27, 2014

Derek Larner